Label Me, Unpatriotic, PLEASE!


I am unpatriotic because I hate what America is doing to many Americans and because I hate what America is doing to the world. Label me, unpatriotic, PLEASE!

When I looked up the word, patriotic, this is the definition:

1. having or expressing devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country.

So, I am unpatriotic because I fail to express devotion and vigorous support for the elite fucks who are fucking up said country and not even stopping there, but fucking up the entire planet. Label me, unpatriotic, PLEASE!

Tell me, who in Washington is patriotic? How about our elected representatives? Those who have lined their pockets with bribes and kickbacks from the ‘corporations are people’ corporations? If they were so patriotic, they would not have bailed out the bankers that engaged in criminal activity to the point of causing an economic collapse. If they were so patriotic, they would have prosecuted those criminals and bailed out the American people. But instead, the banks were deemed too big to fail and the bankers that caused the economic collapse were deemed too important to jail. Not one banker that caused the collapse of the banking industry has yet to be prosecuted. Now, ain’t that just patriotic? Label me, unpatriotic, PLEASE!

When jobless benefits expired for over two million Americans on December 28th 2013, what did the patriots do in Washington? Did they promptly restore the benefits? Huh? What? I can’t hear you? I’ll look it up. Uh…no! They decided that it would cost too much to bail out those two million long-term jobless Americans because it was the patriotic thing to do. What happened next? Oh my bad! I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s step back in time to October 2013. What happened in October of that same year? Food stamps were cut because the 2009 stimulus bill expired, the stimulus that was intended to boost economic activity due to the economic collapse of 2007-2008 when the ‘depression’ started. Now, fast forward to 2014 and the long-term jobless are still jobless and without jobless benefits because guess what? The patriots in Washington think that it’s more fitting to prop up the economy of Ukraine than it is to prop up the economy of the country that they are paid to ‘vigorously support’ and you know…be patriotic to, and that would be, America.

It sounds to me like our Washington patriots are actually patriots of Ukraine because if they’re vigorously supporting Ukraine while hanging Americans out to dry, then they are Ukrainian patriots, not American patriots. What the fuck are they doing collecting a salary from U.S. when they are representing Ukraine? How the fuck is Ukraine the goddamn business of America’s congress? What goddamn business is it of despot Obama of what goes on in Ukraine? Ukraine has not threatened America. Ukraine was never once a part of America. Why is Ukraine more important than jobs or job aid for Americans? Why is Ukraine more important than food assistance for those jobless Americans? Why did our patriots in Washington spend $5 billion to assist in the destabilization of Ukraine? Why did our congressional patriots hand another billion over to Ukraine to prop up Ukraine’s economy? How ‘patriotic’ of them to help Ukraine while fucking over Americans.

So, throwing around the word, patriotic, means not a goddamn thing because the shits who strut around in Washington and who sport an American flag on their lapel, ain’t about shit when it comes to ‘expressing devotion or vigorously supporting’ America. How useless it is to call yourself patriotic when you’re doing everything in your power to bring a country to its knees and you’ve damn near succeeded? How patriotic is it to prop up another country’s economy and fuck up the one that’s paying your goddamn salary and paying for your goddamn designer health care coverage that most Americans can’t lay claim to? How fucking patriotic is that?

How many times have Americans been told by their piece of shit patriotic president, that they just need to work hard and good things will happen? When are the ‘good’ things gonna start happening? When are the patriotic bankers gonna get that epiphany and stop foreclosing on the homes of patriotic Americans who just happened to lose their job and their jobless benefits? When are the patriotic corporations going to start hiring American workers and stop outsourcing American jobs? When is it going to become patriotic to produce American made products that Americans will buy? When are Americans going to act patriotic and refuse to buy anything but American made products? Go ahead and wave that American flag to show how patriotic you are. You know the one, it’s made in China.

Oh, and one last thing! Label me unpatriotic, PLEASE!, because here in America, patriotism is nothing but pure, unadulterated, bullshit! You damn sure can’t eat it! You can’t live in it and like hell if it’ll keep your cold ass, warm! And when you get sick, take patriotism to the doctor and see how much medical care, it’ll get ya! Then come on in here and let me know how well that worked out for ya!

16 thoughts on “Label Me, Unpatriotic, PLEASE!

  1. America does not need the one billion dollars being given to the new Nazis in Ukraine, as it has no poverty, no homelessness, and its infrastructure of bridges and highways are in top shape. Oh, and the schools are the best.


    1. Lou, you are absolutely on the money! This here is the ‘land ‘o milk and honey’! Ain’t a goddamn crisis in sight. All is well and good. No one is hungry, homeless, jobless, broke and fucked up! It’s ALL good than a motherfucker here! I’ve got an app on my smartphone that tells me so! Those folks that are lined up at the soup kitchen ain’t hardly having a bad time of it, it’s the new version of ‘eating out’! Since we Americans just love to stand in long lines waiting on Apple products, we’ve gone and taken it one step further, we like to stand in long lines to get a free ‘apple’ to eat! We got it SO good! Let me tell you! Don’t you just envy us? Wouldn’t you like to beg a box and find a bridge? Or better yet, head on over to Las Vegas where the homeless are living in tunnels. And over in Hawaii, they’re attempting to get rid of the homeless by buying them a one-way ticket anywhere. New York City tried that too.

      We’re having a great time here, Lou! So, come on down. Enjoy the scenery. Yellowstone is about to blow and what a show, that’ll be. Earthquakes caused by fracking are shaking up Oklahoma and felt in Kansas. The shit is shaking up and we’re gonna party like it’s 1999! Oh hell ya!! Stuff yer backpack and come on down! It’s lovely! And we ain’t got a care in the world! We’ve got American ‘exceptionalism’ going on and never you doubt it!

      Thanks for stopping in Lou!


      1. Hahaha, if Sarah Palin would be here, she would say “at least we’ve got bridges to sleep under!”


    1. I love you too Skulz! And I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you continuing to keep the focus on how badly treated, the Palestinian people are, by Netanyahu. It ain’t hardly right and I feel for the Palestinians. I just wish that it was something that we could DO for them. They’re living a hellish nightmare. But I do thank you for continuing to shine a light on what is going on between Israel and Palestine. Bless your heart!


  2. Lou, you guys take Sarah Palin. Since she hails from Alaska while viewing Russia, near the Yukon, she’s all yours! Just sit that bitch down, strap her in a straightjacket, throw her ass in a cell and be done with it. We ain’t got the balls to do that and that’s what needs to be done to that dizzy bitch!


    1. I’d say we need to do that to ALL of our elected terrorists b/c for the last few months I’ve been seeing most of them act a helluva lot like that pitbull in lipstick!


      1. …and I’d say, “you’re right!” We should get at it. And that ‘pitbull in lipstick’ is just another dipstick in a skirt. That bitch should have just gone somewhere, sat the fuck down and shut the fuck up. Ain’t nothing she says worth spit. But that shit’s a sad reflection on us that ‘it’ got a run at vice president. Wow! Just fucking wow! The sad fact is that when you look at Sarah Palin, you’re looking at America! And that’s the goddamn truth!


  3. *sarcastic voice* You ungrateful witch! Black people are so ungrateful! After we gave you slavery,genocide ,Jim Crow,lynchings,murder and rape. We even gave you reparations with welfare but you’re still unhappy. We let you build up this country instead of being in that sh*thole Africa. We saved you darkies. You should be thankful instead of opening your big mouth. How dare you speak bad of this country when America has treated your subhuman race so kindly. You stupid black bastard! You don’t like here,go back to Africa!!! 🙂


    1. Hell and damnation! I just flipped the fuck out of being patriotic and turned it on its goddamn head. Now, it ain’t SO great to run around shouting to all and sundry, that you’re a fucking patriotic shit! The ‘in’ thing to do now is to LUUUUUUV America by claiming to be ‘unpatriotic’!

      What those useless patriotic fucks in Washington can do is PAY MY GODDAMN CLAIM! That fucking billion that they just handed over to Ukraine for doing not a damn thing for this country, would about cover it. My fucking bill for services rendered is long overdue and the goddamn interest alone would eat up the entire national debt that they CLAIM is OURS! I ain’t got no goddamn debt ’cause the motherfuckers in this here shithole is indebted to me and I’m filing a lawsuit for back wages for my great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandpa, grandma, aunts, uncle, nieces, nephews and because I’ve been mistreated because I’m descended from slaves and according to the fucking U.S. government, I is only three-fifths of a human AND ‘unedumacated’ too. Shit! What happened to my other two-fifths? Where the hell did they go? I’m all of a piece, I am, I fucking say!

      Now, Prince? Why did you have to come all up in here and get me started? You know I ain’t hardly trying put up with America’s shit. You see how fucking unpatriotic my ass is that I’m missing two-fifths of. Hell! I’m suing because I want the other two-fifths of my ass back, goddamn it! I must of fucking slaved it off building this fucked up shithole! Goddamn it to hell! I’m about to blow a gasket! Oh hell! That’s right! I ain’t got a gasket, I’m missing that too. Well, two-fiths anyway!

      Hell ya! It’s good to see ya Prince. You done gone and stirred up some shit now!


      1. Oh Lord! What have I done? I done set you off now!lol You better calm down woman. You best remember your place. Don’t go getting massa upset. You know how he get sometimes when you mouth off. Don’t you go sassing him now. You getting too big for your britches. We like it here on the planation. Massa done been real good to us. You uppity negroes make it bad for the rest of us. Now hush up now!!


  4. Prince, what the fuck is massa gonna do to me that he ain’t already done? They’ve stripped us of our heritage and our birthright. They took and they’re still taking and wondering why we ain’t fucking grateful. Some shit said that the Black folks over here in AmeriKKKa ought to be grateful that we’re over here and not in Afrika. Now, ain’t that some shit! Yeah, we’re supposed to be motherfucking grateful that we are here in this shithole dealing with racism, police brutality, an education that is worthless because our children are being groomed from first grade to head straight into prison. Unemployment in Black communities all across this shithole is in the double digits. Black people are just as segregated today as they were when desegregation was supposed to take place. They’ve fucking stripped the Voting Rights Act to shit! If Black people ain’t rapping about bitches and ‘hoes’, they’re in the goddamn football and basketball arena making billions for some asshole who only views them as a means to increase their profit margin and when their usefulness is over or they’re too fucked up to ‘play’ anymore, it’s fucking game over for ’em. Higher education for Black people is mostly a pipe dream, because when the shit hits the fan, Black people are always the first to get the shaft and try paying back student loans when you’re the first to be let go and that’s if you can even get a job that could even begin to pay for your needs AND loans.

    Massa can kiss three-fifths of my ass, but only from a distance ’cause I ain’t hardly gonna go THAT fucking route. We were once forced to do it, but not any goddamn more! To hell with that shit! I’m ONLY patriotic when it comes to MY ass and my ass says, “if you ain’t Black, get the fuck back!” And I ain’t hardly fucking playing!

    Prince, I told you that you’ve gone and done it! Hell if this shit don’t get my goddamn goat up!!


  5. I could have written this myself. The empire that is Amerika and the empire building that continues to go on is sickening. They have 662 bases around the world and more empty houses than homeless people in Amerika. Billions of dollars of food is tossed into a landfill every year and a “man” was just convicted of shooting a car, and skated on killing the Black young in the car. Lesson: you can kill niggers all day, but don’t be shooting up cars, people need those things, but who needs a nigger.


    1. HLJ, Black people need to realize that they ain’t never meant shit to this shithole and as far as I am concerned, this shithole ain’t never meant a goddamn thing to me! I have already stated and in no uncertain terms, that I would NEVER take up arms to defend this shit. Defend what? A continuation of racism directed at people who look like me? A continuation of the school to prison pipeline? A continuation of their boot on my fucking neck? To hell with this shit! This shithole can get blown off the face of this entire planet and it wouldn’t hardly fuck up my motherfucking day!

      They’d better be fucking glad that I was never ‘slaving’ away in some plantation kitchen ’cause they would have been eating my piss, my shit and my spit and I ain’t hardly fucking kidding! The motherfuckers would have been some shit eaters for sure if I’d a been cooking for their goddamn worthless ass. I ain’t prettying up a goddamn thing and don’t give a fuck who don’t like it. As I’ve stated before, massa can kiss my fucking ass, but only from a goddamn distance ’cause I don’t fucking play that. Our people were raped by those bastards when they were slaves, but let ’em try that shit with me now. Hell ain’t got no goddamn fury and that’s a goddamn fact, for sure!

      Black life ain’t never been valued in this shithole and it never will be. And Black folk had better not be forgetting that shit, not ever. Trust one of them motherfuckers? Not bloody likely!

      And thank you for your contribution HLJ! It’s a goddamn shame the waste that goes on when that food could be filling empty bellies that need it. Hell! Those goddamn white motherfuckers have always valued material things above every goddamn thing else. What else do they have to look forward to? The goddamn rapture? Hell will hesitate before opening to accept them motherfuckers, but open it will!


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