She Wants The Parasites OUT!


When the earth gets to shaking, she wants the parasites out.
She’ll heave and fuck us up; she knows what she’s about.

She’s tired of our nukes and fed up with fracking shit.
We just take and take and take, never knowing when to quit.

She gets torn all to pieces as we’ve got to dig so deep.
We’ll soon be a’ wailing or be dying in our sleep.

Oh, they say this ain’t the big one; she’ll calm down for sure.
Don’t worry unless they tell you to, your fright is premature.

When you’re feeling all secure, she’s gonna send your ass to hell.
If you think that she’s not had it, when she does, it’ll be farewell.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

….and by all means, keep fracking(hydraulic fracturing), ’cause it’s good for the earth see!

Ohio is setting new permitting conditions in earthquake-sensitive areas and has halted drilling indefinitely at the site of the March quakes.

COLUMBUS — State geologists in Ohio have for the first time linked earthquake activity in the Marcellus Shale basin to hydraulic fracturing, confirming the suspicions of activists pushing for drilling limits in the interest of public health.

State Oil & Gas Chief Rick Simmers told The Associated Press on Friday that a state investigation of five small tremors in the Youngstown area last month has found a probable link.

He said Ohio is setting new permitting conditions in earthquake-sensitive areas and has halted drilling indefinitely at the site of the March quakes.

Don’t stop now! Frack, baby frack!!!

9 thoughts on “She Wants The Parasites OUT!

  1. Shelby, Maybe you can explain the logic of all this abuse of the only home we hav. Do people think we can just walk away when we’ve ruined the planet? I do think our oblivious power elites believe they will blithely move on once they’ve fracked us all, and just leave the rest of us to suffocate, or maybe scrounge an abject subsistence in spite of everything — and who cares what happens to us low-lifes either way. But I’m not sure they have the timing right — they’re wiping out so much so quickly they may not have their getaway craft up and running in time.

    Like your poem, and the picture it gives me of our strong, patient little planet shaking off us irritating sand fleas. Thanks! – Linda


    1. Linda, the nearest I can figure is that they’ve actually found a way to get to another planet and we mere peons just don’t know about it or hell!, maybe that is the conspiracy theorist coming out in me. On the other hand, they could just be totally and irrevocably INSANE!! Look at how the rich are living it up! There are reports out that they have purchased islands that are a veritable paradise and are living like it’s the end of the world and who would know better than those who have been hell bent on ending it.


      1. Eat, drink and be greedy, for tomorrow we fly? Maybe so. Maybe they’ve found a wormhole (or would that be more of a rat hole?) to some nice exoplanet on the far side of the galaxy. Or … could it be something like Louis XIV-style total callousness — after me, who cares what the hell happens? For most of us, I fear it’s all pretty academic. Thanks again! – Linda


    1. Now, HLJ, I’m sure that they’ve ‘revised’ the situation and Yellowstone ain’t about to blow. Can’t have panic in the streets, doncha know! They would have to call out Homeland Security all on our ass, sooner than later. Yellowstone is not going to blow until they tell us so. When the video surfaced of the bison apparently attempting to run from their destruction, that was explained away as the bison getting, frisky. Now, when I get ‘frisky’, I don’t run away from my home, I frolic IN my home. I don’t run as though fearing that a catastrophe is about to erupt in my vicinity. Of course it means nothing, I’m sure, that it’s been stated that Yellowstone is long overdue for some major blow-up! We should all just remain calm, continue to play with our smartphones and watch our ‘escapecoms’ and all will right itself.

      Seriously! Who the fuck are they kidding with that, “everything’s fine,” bullshit. Fracking has caused so many earthquakes in Ohio, they’ve stopped handing out permits in certain areas. Now, would those greedy bastards lose out on some money if fracking wasn’t contributing to an uptick in earthquakes in a particular locale? Exactly! When we’re ALL toast, I guess we’ll finally get it! We fucked up and caused our own fucking demise!

      Thanks for stopping in!


  2. Fracking is of particular concern here in New Plymouth because our district has sold our soul to foreign oil and gas companies. There’s only a few people that get really rich off it – everyone else suffers. It’s ruining our dairy industry, owing to water contamination. And they’re building fracking rigs near homes and schools and the noise, fumes and toxic chemicals make life pretty unbearable for people who have to be near it 24/7.

    The only good news is that we have really strong support from local Maori because Tag Oil wants to drill a well on Mt Taranaki, which is sacred. There’s a strong tradition of civil disobedience here in Taranaki. It was the Maori iwi at Parihaka who first inspired Gandhi.

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    1. Good on the Maoir iwi and the ‘strong tradition of civil disobedience’, ’cause over here, we got a strong sense of ‘obedience’ and it don’t hardly matter if they’re fracking next door to a neonatal unit, we ain’t about to come up out of our apathetic ass fog and do a goddamn thing about it. We might send a tweet and then get it ‘favorited’ and retweeted and then someone may even post it on their Facebook page with the caption, “Wow! how fucking cool is that shit, I’m higher than a motherfucker, frack, baby frack!” That’s as far as we go with ‘civil’ disobedience. But seriously Dr. Bramhall, you cannot expect civility to come from savages. The savages have damn near killed off the civilized people, the Indians and so with only about 16 civilized people left over here, who’s to raise a hue and a cry? I mean, the Indians attempted to raise a hue and a cry hundreds of years ago, but we all know how well that worked out for them.

      So I ain’t hardly upset at fracking anymore because whatever these savages get, it would be too good for ’em. If the Obama don’t get their ass toasted for ’em over fucking with Russia and if Mother Earth don’t shake their ass completely on up outta here, then they’re gonna get it some other way, but get it they will. And they’re LONG overdue on gettin’ it! I can’t hardly wait, even though I know I’m gonna get it too!! All for a good cause and all, doncha know!

      You guys take care over there! I’ve got another fracking party to go to tonight. The university one county over from mine is hosting it. We’re gonna fracking party like it’s 1999. I hear Prince is comin’ ta sing it for us!! Yeah baby!!! LMAO!! As you can see, I’m fracking lovin’ it!!


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