No Hint Of Peace!

warmongers and killers

Will you look upon the faces of evil and turn away?
Or will you pick up a weapon and go after their prey?

When will you learn that their enemy is not yours?
Why must you take it upon yourself to settle their scores?

Who is threatening you and your way of life?
Why are greed, hypocrisy and corruption so rife?

Can’t you see that you fucking need a clue?
Do you think they actually care what happens to you?

How do you sleep at night, knowing what you’ve done?
You’ve just shot someone that you don’t even know with their gun!

One day, it will hit you hard and you’ll have nowhere to turn.
Your heart will race and your stomach will churn.

The innocent dead that you killed will prey on your mind.
And no hint of peace, even in your dreams, will you find.

Now you fucking think on that!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

2 thoughts on “No Hint Of Peace!

    1. ….yes Lou…if only they could…the monsters who start the wars and the monsters who fight the wars that the other monsters start. Sigh!!! ‘Twould be asking too much because it is all quite simple, really. Why would I fight an enemy that I don’t even have?

      And Lou, thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.


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