Run Wild And Free!


Search deep inside your soul.
Unlock the purity of your spirit.
Watch it spread its wings and soar,
as you let go of hate and fear.
Turn the tide and embrace love
And watch the darkness fade away.
Peace will be yours to know.
The light of love will begin to grow.
And the child you used to be,
shall once again, run wild and free.

This one forced its way out and I for one am glad that it did because it is needed FOR me. Recently, I have written much on hate and blame and the horrors of what many people are facing, but I must also realize that only ‘love’ can bring us all together. We must strive for love. We must look inside ourselves and find that purity that we were all born with. We were once so innocent and we were taught hate and evil and all things dark. We must somehow find our way out of the darkness. I know only too well that when we look around, all we see is darkness but it should not consume us. As long as we are alive, there is always a chance at new beginnings. If the rulers of this world refuse to look for love, then we will.

Peace and blessings to each and every one of you and please, try and spread love!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

8 thoughts on “Run Wild And Free!

  1. Shelby. Excellent and so true and Tubularsock knows how this balance must force itself out sometimes just because it is not only true but hella fun!

    Now that you have made me feel better I can get back to hate ……. best not to spend too much time in one place or the CIA and the NSA will figure where I am ……… fuck them!


    1. Tube, I gotta hurry and get this done! I’m in Guantanamo and I was forced to write this. It seems that I’ve been a bad girl with all of my previous postings and so, I’m to be taught a lesson and this was part of the punishment as they(CIA, NSA, FBI)know how filled with hate, I really am! There’re coming back!

      …and yes, love is in the air. Love, love, love!!!! Gotta love freedom and democracy and justice for ALL who are RICH!!!! OUCCCCHHHHHH!!!! GODDAMN IT!!!! Gotta GOOOOOoooooooo


      1. Shelby, not to worry. Tubularsock has “friends” at “high” places and as soon as they come off the Afghan-Delight and put their vaporizers away they’ll drop in under the cover of nightfall and rescue you from GETMO.

        Keep up the “love-ploy” until we get there. Hate is on it’s way……….. Hate trumps love, kick a dog for Christ!


  2. Excellent post Shelby. Your prior posts did passionately show your anger at the situation we find ourselves in now as a nation as well as racial prejudice and income inequality that you are personally able to discuss that I can not pretend to have experience with. These are justified views as far as I am concerned, but your poem and the associated commentary really struck home for me. People are not born with racist views or any other views for that matter, they are taught them and this teaching is what perpetuates this kind of garbage. Love really is the answer as you say although I’m not sure exactly how we can get everyone on board with it. Anyway, I “love” this post and I love the passion with which you voice your opinion. That is something that I can and do respect.


    1. Dom, I almost don’t know what to say. Your comment has really touched me just as all your other comments have touched me when I was raging about racism and police brutality and income inequality and everything else in between. You stepped into this here lioness’s den and with your comments, you let me know that though you have never been subjected to what I have, that you still do realize that I must have reasons for my rage and that racism and prejudice do indeed exist. You didn’t tell me to “get over it!” You have a unique ‘gentleness’, a gift and I hope that you know that. And even though I am not so naïve as to believe that hate and bitterness will cease to exist because ‘love’ has no place in some hearts, it seems including mine at times, that I do get it that everyone is not the enemy. But it is so hard to look around and see what has become of us and we’re just now wailing against it when there was a time when it could have been stopped but we did not want to look out for one another and instead, turned our back and left people to make it or not, as if they didn’t really matter.

      It just unnerves me to no end to now see the awakening that is coming too little, too late. I am not going to say that I will never again, become enraged and post it for all to see, but interspersed with raging, there will be posts like this. And I thank you for your kindness and for your respect and for your sincerity. Thank you!


  3. Tube, you are a mess and I love ya sweetie!!! And tell ’em to bring some of that Afghan-Delight for me when they come!!

    Sometimes, I love to hate and sometimes, I hate to love!!!


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