It’s All About ‘Supremacy’!


“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” he said. Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, “and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids — and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch — they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do.
“And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?” he asked. “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

Cliven Bundy

Don’t ever wonder why I go the fuck off on some racist ass hating ass white motherfuckers. This piece of shit was held up as a shining example of getting a revolution started. This piece of white filth that has been getting subsidized by the federal gummint had the goddamn audacity to state in essence that Black people who are getting a subsidy from the government would have been better off if they’d of still been caught up in slavery. Ain’t that just some goddamn bullshit or what? It is both bullshit and or what the fuck! And now, those who hailed this racist Nevadan piece of gummint teat sucking white trash as a hero are distancing themselves due to his racist rant in a New York Times article. As if they didn’t have any idea that this piece of shit wasn’t a goddamn stomp down racist from the get-go. If I fucking knew it, they sure as hell did!

When I first heard the story and saw how people were taking the side of this pompous, overblown racist blowhard, freeloading skank, I could smell the racism emanating from this skunk all the way from Nevada. And when his homeys, the ‘militia’ showed up, that sealed that fucking deal ‘cause every Black person in America knows what ‘militia’ is a coded word for; white supremacy groups. Oh yes, we can smell a racist rat from one end of this godless shithole to the other and I had the nerve, the unmitigated gall to post about ‘love’?? Love? What the hell is that? Here I am, attempting to find some sunshine and sunbeams and jellybeans and what the fuck do I get for my efforts? I get a piece of white trash filth quoted in the New York Times talking about how Black people that he saw sitting in a housing project, doing nothing, would be better off if they were slaving away in fields of cotton and of course taking care of his goddamn cattle while at it and warming his bed at night and those of his fellow good ole boys from the ‘militia’ group, his homeys. Well ain’t that about a nice ass wet dream for a hatin’ ass filthy skank motherfucking racist piece of shit named Cliven Bundy?

I don’t want to hear no shit about not letting this filth ruin my goddamn day! My fucking day was already fucking ruined before I even read about that racist shit. You see, my day was already ruined because I had read the news about the good ole corrupt shits that lead this shithole called AmeriKKKa and how they were still at it, trying to lay the blame on that mess in Ukraine all over Vladimir Putin. Yep, still at it and eyeball high in it. Escalating the shit and just what the fuck can we do about it? Not a goddamn thing, but continue on as if nothing untoward is happening. But the thing is see? I don’t fucking appreciate shit being done in my name by some fucks that I’m supposed to have helped to elect to do my speaking for me. No, shit don’t sit well on my motherfucking conscience, ‘cause I got one see? And I won’t hardly happy before reading about Cliven Bundy and his racist ass rant in the New York Times. Actually, this all ties together because the same reasoning or lack thereof is behind both the shit that’s going down between Russia and AmeriKKKa over Ukraine and the hatin’ ass racist shits like Cliven Bundy and his ‘militia’ homeys from White SupremacyVille, USA. You see, it’s all about ‘supremacy’. It’s always been all about ‘supremacy’ and it always will be. I shall post the definition of ‘supremacy’ and give the clueless motherfuckers, a clue.

1. Supremacy: 1.
the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status.
“the supremacy of the king”
synonyms: ascendancy, predominance, primacy, dominion, hegemony, authority, mastery, control, power, rule, sovereignty, influence;

Yep, the U.S. government wants control, power and mastery over everyone, everything and every blade of grass and sand on this godforsaken planet and if anyone gets in the way of what the out-of-control, evil, corrupt, racist fucks want, then they will make shit up and sling it and keep slinging it until it fucking sticks and that is why there is this relentless spreading of propaganda to try and vilify Russian President Vladimir Putin when he ain’t responsible for that Neo-Nazi shit that was fucking let loose in Ukraine. That would be on the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa and this here fucking racist ass government ain’t never had a goddamn problem using racists because they’re all racists. They ain’t got far to go to find one that’ll do their fucking dirty work for ‘em. Hell! If they weren’t attempting to duke it out with Cliven Bundy and his ‘militia’ gang, they could’a used those worthless racist fucks.

And don’t forget about how fucking broke the ruthless fucks in Washington has been telling us we are and yet, Joe Biden has promised Ukraine another 58 mil.

Biden also said that Ukraine was in a “struggle for its very future” as the U.S offered a $58-million package to the embattled country.

Now, where is he gonna get it since we’re so fucking broke that food stamps had to be cut for millions of Americans? Where is he gonna get it since no money could be found to reinstate jobless benefits for the over two million long-term jobless Americans? Hungry and jobless Americans! You ain’t fucking pissed off about that? Apparently not ‘cause I ain’t heard a goddamn peep outta you! Go figure! What? Are you fucking dead already? This here is turning into quite the goddamn party!

We’ve got Cliven Bundy and his white supremacy over here and we’ve got the U.S. government and their white supremacy sent into Ukraine and we’ve got Joe Biden promising millions to Ukraine and we’ve got the hungry and jobless Americans sitting quietly on the sidelines awaiting and awaiting, for what? I don’t hardly know; a goddamn epiphany, I guess. Everybody having a good time at this fucking whacked out party? Yes? No? Who the hell cares! It’s fucking raining supremacy every goddamn where and we’re all supposed to swallow it down from Nevada to Washington to Ukraine and be goddamn thankful that the likes of Cliven Bundy get hailed as a hero; racist as he is and proud there of it, owing you and me and every other American over a million dollars in unpaid fines for grazing his cattle on public lands and thumping his nose at the other federal racists. Wow! Fucking racists falling out with each other and the federal ones backed the fuck down. How well would that have played out for some Chicago Black folks who were sick and tired of watching bulldozers tear down their neighborhoods to build upscale condo lofts, thus enabling gentrification? Could they have brought guns and engaged in a standoff with the federal racists and got them to back down without the federal racists firing a shot? Not fucking hardly!

Black folks! Listen up! I bet you are wondering why Cliven Bundy included some racist ass shit in his New York Times storytelling about his cattle. Well, I’ll tell you. You see, at one time, Black people were considered to be only three-fifths human because that was supposed to be how they would be ‘counted’ when determining a state’s total population count and so they were not considered to be a ‘whole’ person. Apparently, we’re missing something that white folks got. I personally think that we’re missing that ‘supremacy’ part that was taken from us when we were taken from Afrika. But I digress. Slaves were ‘rounded’ up and sold at auction, just as cattle was. They were examined, just as cattle was examined and they had their ‘good’ points, pointed out and whatever ‘flaws’ they had were also pointed out and this would of course, reduce their worth, sending them to the back of the auction line. So, now Cliven Bundy comes along, a’talkin’ about his cattle and then talk about subsidized Black folk get thrown in. Well, that’s ‘cause shits like Bundy still want you to make his ass even richer. He wants his cake and eat it too and he don’t hardly like seeing you without a job when he’s got one just waiting for you, but it don’t pay nothing and it don’t come with no benefits. It comes with shackles, whips, rape, beatings and maiming among other unfortunate shit, for you that is, not for racist shits like Cliven Bundy and his good ole boy ‘militia’ groups. There are so many in this here shithole just like Cliven Bundy that would bring back slavery so fast, our heads would spin. Oh wait! They did! It’s called, the ‘for profit prison industrial complex’.

And to those of you in Ukraine who ain’t hardly having a good time of it since this here shithole called, AmeriKKKa went and unleashed ‘supremacy’ hounds on you guys, you got my sympathy and apparently, my tax dollars. Hey! Joe Biden! “Fuck you!”

Yeah! It’s all about ‘supremacy’. It always was and always will be, no matter who, what, where, or when.


11 thoughts on “It’s All About ‘Supremacy’!

  1. He’s such a PIG! Why didn’t they just Waco his ass? I mean, isn’t this what drones are for?

    Meanwhile, they will continue to beat, arrest, kill and incarcerate the rest of us over traffic stops….


    1. Thelibertylamp, they ain’t gonna drone strike his ass ’cause he ain’t one of the Brown people over in the Middle East who are sick and tired of AmeriKKKan ‘supremacy’ all up in their face. Cliven Bundy is one ‘o them ’cause he can call up his ‘militia’ to shove shit right back up some gummint racist ass ‘supremacy’ shit and get away with it. The Black and Brown folk, not at all. It’s that ‘supremacy’ thing they got going on and all, you see. We ain’t hardly got it ’cause we’s only three-fifths human according to what was originally written in the Prostitution…I mean, the Constitution of these here Divided Snakes of AmeriKKKa!

      …and yeah, meanwhile the Black and Brown people in AmeriKKKa are getting unholy hell stomped in us, all up in this here shitty ass barge. I swear, a body can’t have a decent day in this here vile ass swamp, a’loaded down with ‘supremacy’ every fucking where a body turns. And I heard about that ‘supremacy’ shit in New York a’seeking some great pics of NYPD police work in progress. Only that ‘supremacy’ shit got loaded onto Twitter and fucked their goddamn day up. Ain’t nobody having a good day, it seems, but especially NOT the Black and Brown population anywhere on this godforsaken fucked up planet.

      I would encourage you to have a great day and all, but what the hell, I’ll do it anyway and thanks for stopping in!

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  2. You go girl! I’ve had words with the man. Way back in a day. Bundy is a stump. Cut off at the neck and stuck in hard pan. I knew the shit would hit the fan as soon as Bundy opened his mouth for all the world to hear. Whoops, there it is.
    Bundy thinks he can free range his cattle on account of. On account of he’s special. Bundy is special alright. Especially stupid.
    So I have to wonder right about now what Mike Rivero thinks of his “hero.” I got so incensed at Rivero I had to delete his website. Oh well.
    Bundy will get his and the federales are simply waiting just over that Bunkerville ridge to greet Bundy with a SWAT visit.

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    1. Skulz, if those racist gummint agents really do fill Bundy’s ass with drone buckshot, that would make my day.

      And yeah, just like you, I knew that we weren’t hardly done with hearing from ole Bundy. Shits like him can’t keep their yap closed. They can’t quit while they’re ahead. It was just too tempting, him having had a taste of the spotlight and all. When I first saw that piece of filth, I knew just what the hell made him tick, ‘supremacy’, and it was written all over his actions. He thumbed his ‘supreme’ nose at the gummint ’cause no gummint was gonna tell him what the fuck to do, him being full of ‘supremacy’ and all, not like those subsidized Black folks who should have been a’picking cotton for him and his militia buddies. Yep, ole Bundy is special, especially ignorant, especially racist, especially vile, especially depraved…uh…you get the message, I’m sure. I tellya Skulz, the shit just keeps on piling up!

      Thanks for taking the time to stop in, much appreciated!


      1. Never miss your work. I know a lot of ranchers out here in the BFE. They all to a rancher have the BLM permits to graze. They might grouse about it but, they graze on public land and have their permits. Bundy figures he’s above the law. Oh wait, Bundy figures he’s the law unto himself. Stupid fucker is going to get a bunch of crackers shot to bejeepers. Oh well.


  3. Skulz, you know that I faithfully ‘follow’ you, not stalking ‘follow’ you, but ‘follow’ you nonetheless. I really, really want to re-state that I absolutely drool all over your blog. Yeah, I know, I need to stop that! I understand that some people don’t want to enable comments, but I swear I have wanted to comment so sincerely on most of your work, it’s unreal. I’ve wanted to tell you that you’ve mirrored my thoughts on so many occasions, you have no idea! I absolutely LOVE your blog man. And as always, I thank you for taking the time to read my a’ranting and a’raving, a’fuming and a’cussing shit storms that go on all up in here. It ain’t hardly a ‘love’ fest in here, which you, of course, know!

    But please, don’t ever think that what you do is not appreciated, because it is! I love you man!!! Straight from the HEART!!!

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  4. The video I watched ends with “You can see in their faces they’re not happy sitting on their concrete sidewalks. Down there, they was probably growing their turnips – so that’s all government handouts, that’s not freedom.”

    I find it ironic how clearly he lays out the dilemma of African Americans – because they’ve been denied access to land to support themselves, they’re confined to concrete sidewalks.

    The obvious solution here is to give the same access to land Bundy;s Mormon ancestors enjoyed (they got all their land free under the Homestead Act) – namely the 40 acres and a mule they were promised at the time of Emancipation.

    Yet his poor brain is so addled by decades of racist teachings and propaganda, he can’t see what’s right in front of his nose.

    The Mormon church hasn’t helped in this. African Americans were denied full participation in the Mormon church until 1978:


    1. Dr. Bramhall, again, you’ve ‘said’ a mouthful!!! I thank you most kindly for your comment. You know, it’s real sad when people who have been torn from their native land and dragged to another one to ‘slave’ away and then some worthless racist shit has the unmitigated gall to be the biggest freeloader of all, mouthing off and getting a goddamn audience that’s hanging onto his every word because that is exactly what they think; the same as this racist piece of shit. We ALL know how whites became SO goddamn rich in this shithole, it was due to slavery and the goddamn playing field ain’t never been leveled for those who were slaves and for those who are descended from slaves.

      This shit in AmeriKKKA know exactly why millions of Black people are doing motherfucking bad and Black folks couldn’t make use of the Homestead Act because the Homestead Act was signed into law shortly after the Civil War when Black folks couldn’t own a goddamn thing because they themselves had been owned. Everybody wants to pat Lincoln on his goddamn back and thank his long, lanky ass for ‘ending slavery’ when he was all about ‘preserving the goddamn union’. Because if he had had the slaves interest at heart, then some law would have been enacted that would have given land to the slaves who had toiled and actually ‘earned’ it.

      This fucking shithole ain’t never settled right with the Black slaves and it’ll never settle right with their descendants and yet racist shits like Cliven Bundy benefitted and now get to talk shit when he shouldn’t have a fucking leg to stand on. This fucking shit pisses me off to no end!! And those who are wallowing in the filth right along side this snake have been hailing him as some sort of fucking ‘patriot’. Racism ain’t going no goddamn where and neither is my fucking calling the shit out!

      ….and about that mormon shit, I’ll never forget, right before Romney announced his intentions to run for president, all you saw were commercials about, “Hi! I’m a teacher and I’m also a mormon.” When I would go for my daily constitutional, I would walk right past one of those mormon churches or whatever the hell they call their worshipping center and not one of them motherfuckers had ever come out and approached me. As soon as they knew that that shit was gonna hit the airwaves about Romney’s presidential run, I got stopped one day by two of those bastards wanting to talk to me about the mormon faith. If I didn’t give them a goddamn earful, I ain’t never fucking cussed up a blue goddamn shit storm of shit! By the time I finished with those mormon motherfuckers, their goddamn magic underwear was in fucking flames and right in front of their holy worshipping shithole.

      I’m fucking sick and tired of playing nice and hell if I worry about some goddamn hurt feelings. If people don’t like what the fuck goes down in here, they can just move the fuck along ’cause life ain’t fucking nice for too many goddamn people and it ain’t fucking right and I don’t have a problem speaking the fuck up about it!

      And as always Dr. Bramhall, again, thank you for stopping in. As you can see, you helped to light another fuse all up in here!!

      Signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on May 20, 1862, the Homestead Act encouraged Western migration by providing settlers 160 acres of public land. In exchange, homesteaders paid a small filing fee and were required to complete five years of continuous residence before receiving ownership of the land. After six months of residency, homesteaders also had the option of purchasing the land from the government for $1.25 per acre. The Homestead Act led to the distribution of 80 million acres of public land by 1900.


  5. This guy is s full of crap! He just needs to keep his mouth shut! Can you believe all the morons on Fox(fake)News are defending this man?? Makes me sick to my stomach! But I’m not really surprised. But this is to be expected in a racist corrupt hypocritical system.


    1. Oh, I can believe ANYTHING if it’s on FOX! And nothing should surprise me anymore. It should all just be ‘ho-hum’ with its redundancy because it’s always the same, tired shit. Racists here, racists there, fucking racists everywhere! And you know that America is synonymous with hypocrisy.

      Thanks for your comment Prince!


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