“Russia! Level This Shithole Already!”

Dumitru Duduman-Russian-invasion-of-america-mystery-babylon

I want to thank all the Russian visitors that are reading this here blog! Please make a note that there are at least 25 of us Americans who do know that Russia is not responsible for what is occurring in Ukraine. Those 25 of us also know who IS responsible for the Neo-Nazi shit stirring that was unleased in Ukraine. We also recognize that Crimea has elected to return to Mother Russia and we are most happy with that decision as that is what democracy is all about. You see, here in America, we have no idea what democracy is all about because if we did, we would be wailing and screeching from every dilapidated bridge about the fact that we have no fucking rights left. We should be wailing and screeching in front of every federal, state and local building that was paid for by our tax dollars that those assholes in Washington are pissing away in Ukraine because we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, homeless, jobless and hungry.

The stupid military shits shouldn’t even be manning the torpedoes, so to speak, but they are because those military shits are so stupid that even with their families starving due to the low military wages and a recent cut, AGAIN, in food stamps, the fucking stupid military shits are still going at it. Apparently, they just love fighting for the sake of fighting wars started by rich fucks that sit around making a killing off destruction. I know! I know! Not a bit of this is making sense. You see, that’s the problem. Nothing in America makes sense. We’re not about making sense these days. Hasn’t been a lick ‘o sense being displayed for some time now, at least outside of the 25 or so Americans that are aware of what the hell is going on, but who can’t pry the millions of Americans away from their tools of distraction. I am absolutely certain that at least 98 percent of the stupid Americans couldn’t even tell you where Ukraine is, much less where Crimea is. Yep, we got some real dumb fucks over here in America, never you doubt it. But then, you already know that because why else would we silently go along with what this fucked up government is trying to get started all the way over there where you guys are? You see, Americans like to pop ‘happy’ pills and play all day. Many are just not up to the task of using their brain and many have forgotten that they even have a brain as that is what their ‘smartphone’ is for.

Even though most of our bridges are about to collapse and many of our roads end in sinkholes and our electric grid is antiquated and our water is polluted thanks to fracking, chemical spills and whatnot and even though entire towns have been wiped off the map due to pollution levels so bad the situation could no longer be ignored by the EPA and you should understand that the EPA officials usually just can’t be bothered to concern themselves with the health and safety of the environment. Hell! The environment don’t mean shit to the EPA, but of course, to be fair, the EPA’s hands are tied up, good and tight. But nevertheless, we’ve got so many serious issues that need to be addressed here in America and the thing is, they’re never going to get addressed. Wanna know why? The reason being that since the majority of Americans are pill popping, hypnotized brain dead zombies and filled with American exceptionalism, there’s no hue and cry coming from them, so why should their ‘elected’ officials fucking care about the fact that millions of Americans are hungry, jobless, homeless and sick? We got ourselves a big old case of austerity going on, but we can somehow find money to fund the war machine and to pretend like we’re coming to the ‘aid’ of another country that’s just so hard up and all, you know, like what’s going down in Crimea? America has plunked billions down in Ukraine because Ukraine is so in need and America is so goddamn benevolent and caring and concerned and considerate. And if you buy that load of horse shit, put down the smartphone ’cause you obviously ain’t using your brain! America don’t give shit without some serious ass strings attached.

Make no mistake, we ain’t about no peace and we ain’t about playing fair and square. America never has played fair and square like. Ask the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Venezuela, Brazil, Guatemala, Iran, Syria, and the list just goes on and on and on. And now, what is standing between total world dominance by the fucks that run America? Yep, you guessed it! Russia! If Russia, Brazil, China, India and South Africa decide to do away with the American dollar, well that puts paid to America’s ass and the fucks that run this sinking stinking shithole barge ain’t hardly happy about that! Oh hell no! So now, they’ve got to fuck with Russia and let’s not forget that the Obama Administration is still pissed off over Russia coming to the rescue when Obama drew a redline with Syria and the fact that Russia is harboring Edward Snowden. You guys ain’t making the American elected shits look good and they can’t have that. They’re starting to show cracks around the edges and now that 25 Americans ain’t buying what Washington is selling, the elected shits are thinking that people in other countries are going to realize that America ain’t about shit and can’t even keep its own house in order, which it can’t, but that fact isn’t supposed to be well-known.

So as you can see, we do indeed got some problems here in America, but you wouldn’t think so because we’re not concentrating on what needs to be done to prop up America. We are just too busy inserting our nose in places where it’s not wanted. America’s political shits just got to have their hand in every country’s cookie jar, stealing everything that ain’t nailed down and absconding with it. America is swimming in debt to the tune of $16,787,451,118,147 and yet, America has money to throw around in Ukraine? Yep, because America just creates money out of thin air. The entire economic system of America is a magician’s dream; a magic act and like all magic shows, it must come to an end. And that is why; I beseech you guys in Russia to put an end to this freak show, once and for all. The world is tired of America. The world can’t afford America because what America wants from the world is just, EVERYTHING! Get to the business of ending the reign of this shithole called, America before it ends the world. Would ya? Thank you!


13 thoughts on ““Russia! Level This Shithole Already!”

    1. You ain’t taking no goddamn ‘happy pills’. With all the ‘Afghan-Delight’, that you’ve vaporized, hell if you need some damn ‘happy pills’ to go along with it! We want you ‘happy’ and all, but don’t fucking over do it, see? ‘Cause we need you to come back down to earth and continue to recognize that your contribution is sorely needed. You’ve just posted an excellent piece and we want more, more, more and you can’t hardly do that if you’re a mindless, ‘happy’ zombie. Now, get with the program and understand that we need people with a good head on their shoulders and I done told you I don’t know how many goddamn times that I don’t got no iPhone. I’m so goddamn uneducated that I wouldn’t even know how to use it! My phone was made in 1889 and I hardly go anywhere with it ’cause it’s just too damn much to carry around. So, don’t be asking me again about it, thank you kindly. “For a friend,” my ass!! You know better than to try and pull one over on me! Remember, you’re still washing all those windows in your underground bunker! LOL!!!


  1. You know what this reminds me of? A stand up comedy act in Seattle where a woman stood up on stage and read and commented on the news headlines. Shelby you really have a gift for gallows humor – portraying an urgently tragic topic in a humorous way that shames the perpetrators.

    Perhaps you have missed your calling. If this were a fair, just or sane world, they would put you on 60 minutes to replace the late Andy Rooney. My late mother loved Andy Rooney. He had this way of slapping people upside the head, but in a humorous way. The people he was insulting just thought he was having a laugh.


    1. Ahhh, what a kind thing to say, Dr. Bramhall. But you said it, this ain’t a ‘fair’ nor ‘sane’ world as I’ve just pointed out. The ‘lamestream’ media shits ain’t hardly ready for me! I’m too much for their ‘white bread’ ass. Not to mention, my language is much too colorful and I simply refuse to tone it down. It goes with my personality and all.

      Now, Dr. Bramhall, you should know not to speak of ‘gallows’ around Black folk. I’m ’bout ready to jump clean up outta muh skin just thinkin’ of a hangin’. You know they used to hang(lynch) us, right? And since I’m from the south, that was lynching central. I’m a shakin’ and some more shit over that. I mean, I’m just getting over Cliven Bundy and his militia shits and here you come along a’talking about ‘gallows’. Too much for a body, I tellya.

      Seriously, I get what you’re saying I just had to mess with you a bit about the gallows humor and you are right. Since I figure that it is no point being all serious over this serious shit, I might as well tell it like I would if I was on stage. You know, Dr. Bramhall, I just might one night find my way to amateur comedy night in the city. It’s not as if I don’t stand in front of audiences, but I’ve never TRIED to be funny. Now, trying to be funny could be a different thing. It just sort of flows. It ain’t something that I can force or work into a routine. Oh well, who the hell knows what’s down the road, but it’s something to be considered.

      And yes, I too liked Andy Rooney’s sense of humor. I am sure he is missed. And your dear, dear mother had excellent taste. And thank you Dr. Bramhall for stopping in and for that most kind comment and for putting up with this response. Take care and I hope all is well with you!


  2. Dr. Bramhall, I’d send you a shout-out quick fast and in a hurry if and or when I need an agent. I quite trust you! And that’s the truth!!! I can’t say that about many and that IS also the truth!!!

    Oh and I wanted to tell you that I’ve done some planting and now it’s raining buckets. I’m hopeful that this gardening thing is gonna work out! I can’t hardly wait for when it’s picking time. When I was growing up in the south, we spent many a summer with our backs to the sun, picking string beans, butter beans, spring onions, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, strawberries and so much more and I can almost taste the ‘silver queen’ corn that my mother used to cook up in so many different ways. She’d make fried corn, stewed corn, succotash, corn pudding and of course, we all loved just plain corn-on-the-cob with butter dripping. Oh! Those were the days! I hope your garden’s going good! Hell! If I ain’t gone clean off subject! LOL!!

    “Oh and Russia! Don’t forget to level this shithole! But wait until I get the veges in from my garden, please! Thank you!

    …and Dr. Bramhall, if I ever get the chance to become famous, I will indeed take you up on your ‘excellent terms’ offer. It is surprising to me that this blog gets quite the viewership especially with my being so crass and all but I’m always getting a message from WordPress about how my ‘stats are booming’. And here I thought that this here blog was relatively, obscure. Well, there’s no accounting for taste! LMAO!!!


    1. It’s autumn here in New Zealand, so I have just planted my main winter crops – chard and broccoli – in car tires (keeps them warmer). We wait to plant garlic and onions till 21 June (the shortest day of the year). The best part of winter here is a lot of the fruit trees bear fruit in the winter, so I will be harvesting avocado, grapefruit and bananas within the next month or so.

      Did you mom boil greens to make pot liquor? My mom had a lot of African American friends and that was her favorite.


      1. Oh damn! I forgot about the difference in seasons between here and there. That shows what a klutz I am.

        I love broccoli and cauliflower. LOL! I never even heard of pot liquor. Now ‘corn liquor’, I’ve heard of but of course that is what used to come from the stills back up in the hills. No, mother just made the best damn greens in the world and that is for sure. Now, I can’t cook and anybody that knows me would tell you that I just cannot cook, BUT and this is a big BUT, I can make a killer pot of greens, mac n cheese and when I used to cook for Thanksgiving, my Thanksgiving dinner meal, attested to by those who ate it was just unreal, it was so damn good. But let me try and cook a steak and I am told that apparently I am attempting to cook jerky to take on a wagon train heading west. That is why I don’t eat meat anymore, not because I wanted to turn vegetarian but because every piece of meat I cooked, turned into leather or jerky and would get scoffed at by those who were anywhere in the vicinity when I was attempting to put a meal together. I almost hate to tell people that I am originally from the south because they expect me to KNOW how to cook. When I attend bring-a-dish get-togethers, everybody choruses as one, “Shelby, stop at the deli and pick up YOUR dish!” LMAO! I get no respect. So, now I just fix Watergate salad. It’s that green salad with pistachio pudding and whipped cream and marshmallows and nuts and pineapples and they do rave about that and I tell them that I purchased it at the deli counter ’cause you can buy it there. They lap it up. Oh, damn! I’m telling on myself.

        Another thing I do miss is those delicious June apples. We used to have June apple trees and they are best when cooked as fried apples. They only grow in June, obviously, and they are small, but so delicious. Oh good heavens! That’s another reason why I had to leave the south, the cooking would have you too damn full and not even wanting to get up to exercise. Oh, the cook-outs we had where everyone brought something and three grills would be going at once. The music would be blasting and everyone would take turns at hand cranking the ice cream maker. Oh, we were so glad when mother decided that it was time to get an electric ice cream maker and be done with it. We would have milk with the cream still floating on the top and in my opinion, that was THE most disgusting tasting milk ever! Ewww!

        So, as you can see, I’m really getting into the spirit of things with regards to this gardening that I hadn’t done in like ages, but since I moved out of the city and way, way out, I’m now able to garden again and I don’t even bother with manicures. Farming ain’t for the delicate and scared to get ya hands dirty. And I promise to post some pics when I get my first pickings. I’ll even attempt to put together a meal and post it for ya. And you can rate it for me. LOL!!!


  3. Yep, you are right. It is nice to see that not all People are zombified by media . America aims at world dominance and Russia is a huge thorn in its butt. It is good.


  4. Well Goddess damn Shelby, it is really true that like minds think along the same lines … I’ve been asking Russia for months to send the first bomb to our ‘seat of power’ on a bright, beautiful Monday so that everyone of our elected terrorists will be present and accounted for! … Come to think of it, this coming Tuesday is the day Congress votes on the TPP and Fast Track again — that would be the perfect day to blow up that worthless hellhole — BEFORE they have a chance to do any voting!

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