At Least Sterling’s Slaves Get Bank!

shocked about racism

And you thought racism was dead?
Who dropped you on your head?

At least Sterling’s slaves get bank.
Just what the fuck’s your rank?

And you call yourself, “a pro!”
You ain’t nothing but a ho!

You sell yourself each day,
as you watch your soul decay.

In the ring, you’re knocked about,
’cause there ain’t no other way out.

You’re like Muhammad Ali.
who got stung by Massa’s bee.

You’re just a puppet on Massa’s string
who will bend and kiss his ring.

He made you president,
another White House resident.

You think that slavery’s gone?
You’re still ole Massa’s pawn.

He shoves us back and forth.
It’s the same if you head north.

You can’t escape the bonds of hate.
Massa’s got such tempting bait.

Massa owns just everything.
You can’t fly with a broken wing.

Massa can cut you down to size.
If you lose, you get no prize.

That’s the way it’s always been
Massa just looks on with a grin.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

78 percent
According to racial equality activist Richard Lapchick, the NBA in 2011 was composed of 78 percent black players, 17 percent whites, four percent Latinos, and one percent Asian. The league had by far the highest percentage of black players of any major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada.

Race and ethnicity in the NBA – Wikipedia, the free …


The possibility of boycotting Game 4 of their first-round series against the Warriors was raised but quickly dismissed.

Yeah, like the Clippers was going to boycott. They know the fucking deal and ain’t no boycott gonna pay the goddamn bills. And people seriously don’t think that the Clippers players don’t know that Donald Sterling is a goddamn racist? Seriously? For real???!!!

People are just SO shocked that Sterling could be a GASP!, racist. OMG, so shocking! Who the fuck is still asleep in this day and age? Fucking racism ain’t gone no goddamn where! It’s fucking everywhere. Hell! I can’t even pick up a book without reading some racist shit. I can’t go on the job without hearing some racist shit. I can’t go shopping without being followed around the goddamn store all over some racist shit. I can’t drive home without being tailed by racist ass cops. I can’t walk down the goddamn street wearing a hoodie without getting shot by some racist ass shit. I can’t fucking buy a house without hearing about “mud people and ghetto loans” from Wells Fargo racist shits. I can’t fucking do a goddamn thing without some racist shit all up in my face. Who the fuck thought racism was dead? Get the fuck outta here! If you ain’t dead, racism ain’t fucking dead! We deal with this shit day in and day out! So fucking shove that “SHOCKED!” shit ’cause you know racism ain’t dead, pretending ass ‘shocked’ motherfuckers!!!

13 thoughts on “At Least Sterling’s Slaves Get Bank!

  1. I didn’t write this. A buddy of mine sent me this email. I thought it was pretty powerful.

    Present day athletes are cowards. They stand for NOTHING. I don’t care how much money on advertisement Europeans spend on sporting events, THEY ARE STILL NOT IMPORTANT. THEY ARE ONLY GAMES. With that said, the c@@ns that play for the Los Angeles Clippers did NOTHING after being disrespected by a European. They had an opportunity to show the world that our social issues come BEFORE any sporting event and it doesn’t matter if it’s the Super Bowl, World Series or the NBA Finals. The Clippers Black players had an opportunity to show the world that Black men STILL have testicular fortitude and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of our so-called community like athletes in the past did but no, these cowards didn’t do that. They decided that the show must go on because White people MUST be entertained. They chose to buckdance over walking like warriors. Their coach, Doc Rivers, is married to a White woman so that pretty much sums up the type of leadership that is controlling that team. He’s a bootlicker who with his players decided that wearing their warm up jerseys inside out and placing them on the half court line before they c@@ned on nationally television was a revolutionary act. These white folks can’t make one PENNY off of sports unless we allow them to. They WOULDN’T disrespect us if we stopped acting like cowards but this is the type of leadership many of you are okay with because most of you make it your goal in life to ignore or try to destroy the Black militants who wouldn’t put up with ANY OF THIS. You don’t want them as leaders. You want the people that tell you wear hoodies and buy skittles to show solitude. Again, this is what you get when the Negroe mindstate is prevalent in our so-called community. Cowards.


    1. Well said, and I cosign 100 percent. I was over on tumblr yesterday just going off, and the coonin’ over there was unbelievable. Someone had the nerve to tell me I was ruining their tumblr experience. I WAS RUINING it for bring up this issue. Not the demon that said those things, but me. Negroes ain’t learning shit and they may be better off dead so that we can move forward. Sorry but that’s how I feel right now. Never get tired of being a fuckin coon for these people that wouldn’t spit down their throat if they were thirsty. The NBA is a joke and I’m so glad I’m not a sports fan.


      1. HLJ, I hear ya! Sports is expensive bullshit, glorified! And the white fans just luv the Black sports players when they’re winning and all, ’cause they just pat ’em on the fucking head, but fucking step your Black ass out of line like apparently, Richard Sherman did and look at the racist ass shit that was all over him like white on rice. Black pro-sports players ain’t nothing but THINGS, they’re not considered ‘human’ by that shit that just drools all over them when they’re in the ‘WINNER’S CIRCLE’. And every Black player knows that he is playing for Massa. He better give Massa all he got ’cause there’s always another slave waiting in the wings to play for Massa. Those players know this and that is the reason why there was going to be NO boycott. There was going to be no real show of solidarity against Massa for showing his true colors which everybody knew anyway. The players were probably like, “what the fuck? We been knowing about this racist bastard all along! Where the hell y’all been?”

        What gets my goat up even more is the fact that my tax dollars fund those goddamn arenas that they fucking play sports in. Those ‘pro’ teams are subsidized by taxpayer funds while people go hungry and our tax dollars fund those arenas while people walk the streets, homeless. So, in essence, I’m paying for some racist ass shit to laugh all the way to the goddamn bank because he’s some rich white shit that gets to call the shots all the goddamn time. Yeah! This just makes my motherfucking day, it does!!! I don’t give a damn about those Black slaves whoring themselves for Massa. What I give a damn about is the fact that my tax dollars are floating in that racist bastards bank account and I don’t even attend sports events nor do I watch ’em.

        And you are so right, Black folks ain’t learning a goddamn thing! In fact, they’re getting simple as hell and it ain’t got a damn thing to do with the deliberate dumbing down in inner city schools. Where’s the damn common sense? I wish the fuck that I could distance myself from being Black by calling myself, a goddamn illegal alien from the coast of who the fuck knows where. Shit! Deport my ass back to who the fuck knows where ’cause I ain’t hardly happy about being a party to this shit!

        So, as you can see HLJ, I’m obviously NOT a sports fan either! Thank you for your comment! Take care! It is fucking war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!


    2. I agree with everything your buddy wrote in that email! Spot on, he is! It’s all about the money and that’s it! It ain’t about standing up for something, it’s about falling for the M-O-N-E-Y!!! Massa’s got the money and if you got the skills, Massa will pay you for them but only when you perform and don’t be letting Massa down or Massa don’t hardly like that. You’ll find your ass is toast real quick! Massa likes winners and that’s what he pays for, losers? Hell nah!

      Those stupid, dumb ass fuckers thought that they were actually doing something by turning some goddamn clothing inside out? Fuck that shit! What the fuck was that? A statement? Of what? About what punk ass bitches they are to Massa? ‘Cause that’s what it looks like from where I’m sitting. You see, this is why I don’t watch that shit and never will because it’s all an arena, just like in slavery times all the way back to the Romans who put slaves in the arena. Today’s sports is just a big ole arena that Massa gets to sit back and watch his slaves perform in and that’s what they do. The only difference is the slaves are tossed more of a bone for the selling out of themselves, their people and their souls. There ain’t no goddamn honor in what those willing slaves do for Massa.

      The white whores that marry those Black slave athletes do so to spend their money because every goddamn body with two fucking eyes know that if those proslaves weren’t getting pro money, those white trashy sluts wouldn’t spit on ’em if they were on fire to help put it out. And the proslaves actually strut around like they got something. Both are whores. Nothing, but dirty, filthy ass whores and those nasty ass white whorish sluts are welcome to ’em ’cause there ain’t a man among ’em!

      Damn near everybody is selling out! Sharpton is a sell-out. Jesse Jackson, all of ’em. Rappers have sold out, Hell! From what I hear, the majority of them turned gay. The emasculation of the Black male is well underway and I ain’t hearing no screaming and wailing from those getting emasculated. Of course, Massa is also emasculating the Black male by imprisonment because what usually comes out of a prison? Exactly. They go in as a man and come out wanting dick up the ass. This is deliberate emasculation of the Black man!

      And don’t even get me started on the NAACP. Ain’t that some shit? They were getting ready to honor that racist shit, Sterling with a Lifetime Achievement Award, don’t that just take the goddamn racist cake! That fucking shows you who butters their goddamn bread and it ain’t the Black membership drive. We’re surrounded by motherfucking sell-outs for that almighty dollar!

      Thanks for your comment man! It is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!


  2. The only thing about this that’s shocking is that chick could still be around sleep with that fat animal knowing how he feels about. Also, how could those players take to the court knowing they are owned by a slaver? Saying thing like “it’s not about him it’s about the game we love.” You play too much as it is. Is money truly that powerful? Is there anything money can’t buy? How do teach your children about being true to yourself when you are nothing but a high paid nigger? And one last thing I’d like to know: Magic Johnson how does it feel to still be a grinning nigger?


    1. HLJ, seriously, some two legged whore was probably trying to cozy up to Lassie ’cause Lassie the dog had money. That’s all it takes! A motherfucker can look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame but as long as he got bank, he’d have to shake the whores off with a stick. People ain’t got no self-respect these days. That shit long since flew out the goddamn window. It’s now about that almighty dollar like I keep sayin’.

      And those ‘players’ took to the court because even though they are owned by a slaver, he’s at least paying ’em see? But you should understand something. Massa done fixed it so that those ‘players’ feel as if they don’t have a choice. It’s either prison or the pro sports arena. Massa’s been trying to get ’em before they even graduate from high school, much less college. If they’re dumb and ignorant, they’re less likely to be able to manage money and be good for anything else after Massa’s got all the good years out of ’em and they’re put out to pasture. Black folks ain’t got too many options to get paid these days and that is most likely why those ‘players’ chose to play as opposed to boycott. Am I saying that I agree with this shit? Hell no! But some folks ain’t about to give up multi-million dollar contracts to maybe end up in prison on some bullshit charges even though that happens quite frequently to the so-called ‘pro stars’, but having that money gets ’em out of trouble faster than it would if they didn’t have it. Do you have any idea of how many Black men are sitting in prison right now all because they had poor legal representation or no legal representation at all? Make no mistake, just because the ‘law’ states that you are to receive legal representation, that don’t always mean that you’re gonna get it. That is why so many Black men are in the news for being exonerated after serving 25+ years in prison for crimes they did NOT commit. It’s all a set up. We’ve been set up from day one and don’t I know it! Sad, but true!


      1. So the option is to be a slave or be a slave? I’ll be a slave to my own self before I let someone who I know don’t like me hold the reigns of my life. And I know this is easy to say sitting where I’m sitting now, but the person I am would more than likely say this in position. I refuse to be treated like someone property.


  3. HLJ, now you know that I don’t mince words when it comes to what I think about slavery, racism, the white motherfuckers and all their shit. You know that I’m not saying to “be a slave!” That is the LAST thing that I would say. I refuse to be their slave and that is why for years, I worked to get to a point where I don’t have to answer to those white fucks for nothing ’cause I ain’t about to be no bootlicker. Ain’t gonna happen. I have nothing but contempt for those players who chose the easy way out. They could have pooled their resources and invested in new businesses that would open up opportunities for disenfranchised Black folks, but they didn’t. They chose to turn some goddamn jerseys inside out and get back into the goddamn arena. That’s on them. They’re on some “I need my white slut and my luxurious lifestyle” shit. I’d rather be dirt poor and I have been then sell my soul to the white blue-eyed devil for his scraps, ’cause what’s paid to those slave players are table scraps compared to what Massa has. My soul and my self-respect is worth more and I show it every goddamn day because I don’t buckle under to their shit and never will I.

    I admire you for taking a stand and for standing for something, your principles! More power to you man! Remember, I stand in solidarity with YOU, my brother!


  4. In my experience, being on the receiving end of continual racist abuse can leave a lot of scars and drive people to an early grave. I’m also aware of a lot of sociopaths among the ruling elite who have a very conscious racist agenda and pursue a deliberate strategy of racist indoctrination of poor white trash to make sure the working class is divided.

    I get the sense that Cliven Bundy is just a poor ignorant schmuck who doesn’t know any better. But this Stirling character is something else – arrogant, smug, sadistic, and woman-hating. He seems to consider himself superior to mere mortals because of his money and acts like a self-appointed prince in his own little fiefdom. I find it imaginable that black players would continue to play for someone who treats them as if they’re subhuman. There’s something terribly wrong here.


    1. It does indeed leave a shit load of scars Dr. Bramhall. That goes without saying. When people have been subjected to that shit from goddamn birth, just how the hell are they supposed to cope with that shit in the face all day and night? That racist shit is relentless and it is deliberate because it’s another form of psychological warfare. The shits who ‘lord’ it over us done studied us all and know what gets to us. Of course they know that being continuously and relentlessly subjected to something, day in and day out is going to leave its mark. Racism is meant to drive us insane and to drive us exactly where Massa wants us. It is all in the grand scheme of things. You’ve told me yourself that even the so-called Black organizations are mere fronts for some racist bullshit. Look at what the NAACP was about to do, hand that racist motherfucker a Lifetime Achievement Award! And for what? ’cause he helped a few inner city youth? While calling them every fucking racial slur in the goddamn book. If Sterling’s done any good for a Black person, it was done for PR reasons and that’s it.

      I don’t need nobody to tell me where most white motherfuckers stand, they show me where the fuck they stand every single goddamn day because I have had to engage in shit storm after shit storm and take their motherfucking ass to court and then commence to give ’em a piece of my mind even then. And I have successfully won every court case that I’ve had to initiate against the racist motherfuckers. I ain’t hardly playing. The ones that I received a judgment against, I also had the audacity to know how to collect on that shit. Black folks ain’t supposed to know how to do that shit, but like I tell Black folks, I was born and raised among white shits with money and so I know how they fucking operate. I’ve watched ’em in action and not a goddamn thing they do could surprise me. Hell nah!!

      Don’t excuse Cliven Bundy by saying that he’s just a poor ignorant schmuck. He ain’t poor and he ain’t ignorant to what he’s saying. He is saying exactly what millions of white motherfuckers have been saying and thinking for hundreds of years. Ain’t a goddamn thing changed. He couldn’t be that goddamn poor if he owes my taxpaying ass over a million dollars in unpaid grazing fees over grazing cattle on public lands. You don’t amass that amount in grazing fees if your goddamn racist ass is so fucking poor. Cliven Bundy is a goddamn racist, vile, evil, depraved, low-life, nasty son of a bitch! And Donald Sterling is the epitome of a goddamn slave trader from way back when and if he don’t like women and it shows that motherfucking much, then it’s on the so-called ‘women’ who ain’t no better than they should be, or in other words are just whoring themselves to him for his goddamn money. Well, that’s on their sluttish ass. Those whorish sluts would throw themselves on Sterling even if he was kicking them in the goddamn teeth and he knows that ’cause he know that the only thing they’d want his nasty, filthy ass for is his money. They’re contemptible trash just like he is and they all deserve each other. Sterling, his whores and his Clippers slaves.

      …and yeah! Something IS terribly wrong. The same goddamn thing that’s been wrong since the first goddamn white man made his goddamn presence known to all other groups of people on this here fucked up planet earth! That’s what’s fucking wrong!!


  5. Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of a thousand texts, voice mails and internet histories being deleted by the majority-owners of the 47 other white-owned NBA teams. Sterling merely said what they all think and say in private. Today, the NBA made a business decision to cut it’s losses as it foresaw the threat to it’s sponsorships, public image and stirring up of the rank-and-file. Is it a start? Maybe. But it’s certainly not the end of the matter. Perhaps, that post-racial society we keep hearing about hasn’t quite arrived yet. Peace, Shelby.


    1. Exactly Jeff! We’re post-racial alright! When the NSA is shut down, we’ll be post-racial. When AmeriKKKa stops drone killing people all over the world, we’ll be post-racial. When Chelsea Manning is released from her 35 year prison sentence, we’ll be post-racial. When the Wall Street criminals that caused the global economic collapse get prosecuted and get their sorry asses thrown in prison, we’ll be post-racial. When America’s war machine grinds to a halt, we’ll be post-racial. When Bush, Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, CondasleezaBushWhore Rice and Colin ‘lied to the UN’ Powell get arrested for war crimes, we’ll be post-racial. I could go on and on but I think you get the message.

      And yeah, I hear the noise too because they knew what was coming and they did what they had to do to head it off. Yes, indeed, only the seriously brain dead could not know that what Sterling said out loud is what’s been said by every last one of those racist ass bastards amongst themselves, whispered in the dark, texted, emailed and some more shit. They’re all cut from the same cloth as Donald Sterling. Ain’t a one of ’em worth spit. I don’t care how much money they’ve got. The problem is that what’s behind this fucking shit ain’t never going nowhere. It’s here to stay ’cause like I said on another post, it’s all about fucking ‘supremacy’ see?

      Thank your for your comment Jeff. Good to see you!


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