The NAACP Ain’t About Shit!


Talk about egg in the face, the NAACP is plastered with egg. So, those sell-outs were about to give Donald Sterling a Lifetime Achievement Award for racism. The NAACP now embraces racism and slavery, bowing and scraping to “Massa, yes sir.” Yes, Massa, we at the NAACP love you no matter how racist you are. We appreciate the bone that you toss to us and to show our appreciation for that bone, here’s a Lifetime Achievement Award for being a bone-tossing stomp down racist piece of shit that we just love so much because you feed our coffers since our membership drives just don’t pad the pockets of our executives like we want and need them to.

The NAACP is located on Mt. Hope Drive in Baltimore, MD and the city of Baltimore is experiencing, well…read it for yourself.

One in four people in Baltimore, MD live below the poverty line.

Since the NAACP is headquartered in Baltimore, MD, this doesn’t make any sense. Surely the NAACP could have done something about abject poverty in distressed neighborhoods all across Baltimore. Surely?

The U.S. census bureau estimates that 20 percent of Baltimore’s children are impoverished.

So, what has the NAACP been doing to alleviate this? I’ll tell you! Not a goddamn thing because the NAACP has been busy hosting Black Image Awards for the Black whores and slaves in Hollywood, holding them up as a shining example for what those poverty stricken Black folks in Baltimore should strive for.

One in four households in Baltimore, MD receive food stamps.

What has the NAACP done about that? Proceeded to put on another performance for Massa and invite him to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for racism because that’s how you advance colored people up out of needing food stamps.

83 percent of Baltimore’s children are so poor that they qualify for free or reduced school lunch.

EIGHTY-THREE percent! Where is the NAACP? Is the NAACP really headquartered in Baltimore? Because with these statistics, I wouldn’t want to acknowledge that as fact because that would mean that this agency is not advancing ‘colored people’. Oh, that’s right! It doesn’t have to because people ain’t called ‘colored’ anymore. So, my bad! I guess that absolves the NAACP from doing what it was originally founded to do.

Baltimore, MD is the U.S. heroin capital.

Government agencies estimate that as many as one in 10 of the city’s residents are addicted to the drug.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency says the city has the highest per capita heroin addiction rate in the country. Estimates of the total number of addicts in the city vary, but experts agree it’s staggering.
In a city of 645,000, the Baltimore Department of Health estimates there are 60,000 drug addicts, with as many as 48,000 of them hooked on heroin. A federal report released last month puts the number of heroin addicts alone at 60,000.
The problem in the city is so acute that the federal government has designated Baltimore part of what it calls a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

Huh? For real? But, but, but, the NAACP is there to advance the ‘colored people’. Oh NAACP, Baltimore’s drug addicted could use some advancement all up out of drug addiction. Are you still in business NAACP? Or are you just in the business of handing out Lifetime Achievement Awards to racist slave owners of the NBA? Yep, that would be the NAACP’s agenda.

Lack of bathrooms poses problems for homeless in Baltimore, MD.

Baltimore City officials are looking into whether the city gets its money’s worth in the effort to end homelessness as evidenced by conditions outside City Hall.
The problem is hard to miss at City Hall, where on a bench out front, a man lay sleeping Wednesday morning and the stench coming from the plaza was unmistakable. Human feces lay in plain view.

Here’s an idea. So, why hasn’t the NAACP stepped in and at least provided port-a-pots for the homeless people because everyone needs to use the restroom, homeless or not? With all the corporate money flowing into the coffers of the NAACP to advance ‘colored people’, surely they could come up off some money to help the city with the human feces problem resulting from over 4,000 homeless people in Baltimore on any given night?

In 2009, there were 20,085 occasions on which people were refused shelter in Baltimore City due to lack of space or funds.

Did the NAACP step in with its vast resources and take up the slack? That would be a resounding, “NO!”

Of the sheltered population, 34% were women and almost a third of them had children in the shelters.

Now, this is just absolutely disgraceful! Women with children in shelters and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is headquartered on Mt. HOPE Drive doing not a goddamn thing to help! Unfortunately, with what the NAACP stands for these days, it ain’t much HOPE for the people who are fucked up and who are so desperately in need of help while the NAACP is focused on handing out Lifetime Achievement Awards to racist slave owners.

Uh…Cliven Bundy! You’re up next to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award awarded to you for your outstanding record on racist comments that were just taken out of context because what you really meant to say was that you would give these poverty stricken, drug addicted, free lunch eating, food stamp needing, homeless Black folks in Baltimore, MD, a job where they could get back into family oriented way of slave life because THAT’S the life! Here he is, NAACP, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Cliven Bundy, awaiting his invitation to come and get his Lifetime Achievement Award from you on a job well done in promoting the ‘advancement’ of colored people who should still be slaves and who quite actually, are!

I lived in Baltimore City for quite a few years and the horrors that I witnessed will never leave me. Baltimore has a majority Black population. The societal ills of that city was just outrageous. The drug epidemic was off the charts as was crime, gang activity, homicides, prostitution, drop-out rates, poverty and homelessness. I could not believe that the NAACP was actually headquartered in that city as there was no evidence that this organization was doing anything at all to attempt to alleviate any of the horrors that disenfranchised Baltimoreans were struggling with. The NAACP has in recent years, been all about status and not about relieving static conditions that are tearing entire communities apart. The organization has pulled away from its roots and is no longer even attempting to put the advancement of the Black person as its number one agenda. The NAACP now stands for The National Association for Corporate Coons. Its new mission statement is, “We bow to our corporate owners and look to pad our coffers from the corporate slave owners who will treat us well as long as we know our place and respectfully do their bidding. We will make it our business to reward slave holders or slave owners, racist as they may be because we need their money. We covet and we covet big time and mere membership dues don’t cut it. To all of our corporate sponsors, thank you Massa sir and let me lick your boots clean for you! It’s an honor and a privilege, bootlicking suck ass house slaves that we are!”

“We at the NAACP are doing our part to alleviate the issues of poverty, racism, disenfranchisement, drug addiction, gang violence, crime, prostitution, homelessness, the school-to-prison pipeline, high school drop-out rates, poverty and hopelessness in Black communities all across America by giving Lifetime Achievement Awards to racist filth! Black inner city youth, grow up so that you can play basketball for this racist filth that earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association for the Advancement of Corporate Coons. That’s your way out of the ‘hood’. Take Massa’s bone, that’s what we did!”

19 thoughts on “The NAACP Ain’t About Shit!

  1. Myth 1. W.E.B Du Bios was the creator of the NAACP. Not true. Du Bois was a member of a Black quasi organization called the Niagara Movement – which was never legally incorporated. This quasi organization, which consisted of some prominent Black men, met a few times and expressed a desire, among other things, to have White people commit to race-nullification. It basically stopped meeting sometime before 1909. Du Bois had no firsthand input in the actual making of the NAACP organization. But he certainly did support its agenda.

    Myth 2. Ida Wells was one of the founders of the NAACP. Not true. Her name never appeared as a member of the Executive Committee, or as a founding member either. Nor did she ever write anything in her journalism capacity for the NAACP i.e. she never worked for the NAACP.

    Myth 3. The NAACP was inspired by Jews (specifically Henry Moskowitz). Not true. The NAACP was inspired by Mary White Ovington (member of the Unitarian Church). Additionally, no Jewish person was listed among the original Executive Committee members.

    Myth 4. The NAACP was created to ensure that people of African descent received their civil rights in America. Not true. There were no federal civil rights laws in America from 1883 to 1957.

    Okay, let’s get started with how the NAACP was really created and it’s intended purpose.

    1. The Beginning: In 1908, a White female social worker by the name of Mary White Ovington claimed to have read an article written by William English Walling describing a recent race riot in Springfield, Ill.. Based on this article, according to Miss Ovington, she became inspired to create an organization that would help those of African descent in America achieve more political representation and economic security.

    On Feb. 12, 1909, Miss Ovington (she was a lifelong spinster), along with Oswald Garrison Villard and William English Walling (both White males and Christians) sent out a “Call” letter to everyone they believed would be supportive of an organization that would provide Blacks a new direction: integration.

    By May 1910 the future NAACP organizers held two conferences in New York City. Without question, the purpose of the first conference, which was attended by many Blacks (a “committee of 40” – which likely included Ida Wells), was a desire on the part of the White organizers to see if Blacks would be receptive to the new integration agenda; and, perhaps more importantly, would not protest against the societal anomaly they were suggesting to create. After all, racial integration was a complete contradiction to what did exist in 1910; and Blacks, since 1865, had never protested against the “separate” living arrangements.
    Following the first conference, which did allay worries against Black resistance, the next conference was used to choose the name of the new organization, develop an organizational strategy for racial integration and choose its executive board members.

    (Mary W. Ovington’s original name for the NAACP was ‘The ‘National Committee for the Advancement of the Negro People’)

    2. The Purpose: Thus was borne the concept of racial integration, something never before practiced or even conceived of in human history. 1

    Not surprisingly, when the new and revolutionary NAACP was launched, even though it was created and run by White people, it wasn’t in any way popular among the numerically and culturally dominant White population. In fact, the agenda was steadfastly rejected by the group. However, this attitude among the White population was likely rooted in simple and logically sound reasoning, that Blacks should be separate, and thereby achieve a feeling of self-reliance and empowerment as a distinct people (Booker T. Washington’s desire and pursuit). Mainly for this reason, not one single White philanthropist of the day would offer financial help to the NAACP in its formative years.2

    How The NAACP Pursued It’s Integration Agenda:: Since the separation of the races was so deep-seeded within the White community, and it was the White population that had created all the urban centers, all the industries, and likely not a single White male in America was employed by a Black man in 1910, it certainly had to be very clear to the organizers of the NAACP that there was no quid pro quo to entice White males to accept racial integration on their own volition. Naturally, given these existing circumstances, using persuasive measures such as literature and speeches to try to convince the White population from coast to coast (including the South) that integration was beneficial to them and they should just voluntarily submit to it, would appear to be a Herculean task necessitating far more in financial resources than the meager funds the NAACP had at its disposal. Therefore, the NAACP settled on a much more economically practical strategy, which was to use the judicial system (judicial activism) to strike down those laws which apparently allowed for racial separation (i.e. allowed the White population to keep Black males out of what White males regarded as their political and economic arenas).

    Historical Correction: It is often stated that the NAACP was created because of the 1908 Springfield, Ill. riot.3 This riot, which was initiated by White males against the city’s Black population (the riot’s flashpoint was the death of a White male, who found a Black male intruder in his daughter’s bedroom, gave chase and was killed during a struggle). It was clearly an ugly riot and surely the White population did desire to drive the Blacks from the city. Two Blacks were lynched (the number of Blacks lynched by White males – perhaps intentionally – equaled the number of White people killed by Back males in the previous few days). However, using this riot as the basis to launch an organization advocating integration of the races, and where there existed the possibility of such racially motivated violence, just doesn’t sound logical.

    The most likely reason for using the Springfield riot is that Springfield was the recognized birthplace of President Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, and the White organizers of the NAACP were hoping Blacks would equate emancipation with integration. NOTE: Mary White Ovington and William English Walling where both very staunch socialists, and also very much involved in the socialist movement in America at that time. In fact, Mr. Walling endeavored to write the definitive book on socialism: LINK

    Mr. DuBois’ Contribution: When the NAACP’s Executive Committee was created in 1910 (with this committee rested all the power and decision making), only one member of this committee was a Negro: W.E.B. DuBois. Mr. DuBois was given the title of director of publicity and research, and his main duty was to be editor of the Crisis magazine (Miss Ovington’s own recounting of the making of the NAACP, she implies she persuaded DuBois to join the organization after it was already established). W.E.B. DuBois does deserve all the credit for disseminating through the Crisis the new concept of integration among the Black race; and creating the belief in the mind of particularly the urban Negro that he should seek integration rights into another male group’s established society. By 1917, most northern urban black newspapers were following the lead of the Crisis … and also demanding that integration was a legitimate pursuit among their people.

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    1. Fucking WOW!, man! You’ve said a mouthful! Thanks for clearing that shit up!

      When I lived in Baltimore, I attempted to engage the NAACP on numerous occasions in trying to get the organization to do something, ANYTHING and for my troubles, I heard a ‘click’. They just weren’t interested. Those Black people in Baltimore are suffering and they’re suffering big time. I was just in Baltimore last year and it was like I had never left. There are scores of neighborhoods that look like something out of war torn Iraq. Buildings that have been boarded up are falling down. The murder rate is off the charts as is homelessness! The police commissioners get changed like people should change underwear because they’re trying to find someone with a plan to reduce the violence and keep the homicide statistics down due to tourism at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Tourists were terrified of coming to Baltimore because the violence was spilling out of the so-called ‘bad’ neighborhoods into Fells Point and other tourist attractions.

      There was a local office of the NAACP but you couldn’t even get through to speak to anyone and that is why I tried their headquarters and for all the help they were, it would have been just as well for me to have gotten a busy signal. …and still, the beat goes on!

      So, yes indeed, it’s the National Association for the Advancement of Corporate Coons, There, I fixed it for ’em! They can give me an award thanking me for it any time, but I won’t hold my breath because they’re too busy trying to hand Lifetime Achievement Awards to fucking racist shits!


      1. Glad I could help. I don’t doubt your story at all. The whole organization is a sham! A joke! They are totally bought of! They don’t work for our best interest. Not even from it’s inception! I just wish more of our people realized that fact! It’s very frustrating to say the least.


  2. Just look at the origins of this group. I had an incident where I needed or thought I needed NAACP. Well, we had the meeting and at the end of the meeting they asked if I was a due paying member. I just got up and left.


    1. Well, HLJ, don’t feel bad because as you can see, those whom I’ve listed in this post needed their help and still do and they ain’t getting it. They ain’t paid their dues. Of course, it just escapes Massa’s house slaves that those people who are strung out on drugs, who are homeless, who are in need of food stamps, who are too poor to piss straight just don’t have money to pay dues. But those ‘house slaves’ in the National Association for the Advancement of Corporate Coons don’t care about the ‘field slaves’. They’re on their own. As long as the ‘house slaves’ get theirs, to hell with those ‘field motherfuckers’! If you ain’t got the money, your fucking day ain’t gonna be sunny, not if you’re standing with cap in hand at their ‘Advancement Center’ set up to ‘advance’ their ass!

      “Read the goddamn writing on the wall.
      We don’t stand for Blacks at all!
      So get your broke ass out the way.
      It’s only Massa, we obey!”

      That’s their new slogan. And those motherfuckers owe me for services rendered for coming up with it and I also want an achievement award!


  3. Prince, you are right! The entire organization is a joke that just ain’t fucking funny at all. It is sad that people ain’t about shit these days. You can’t count on organizations that throw around all over the place that its all about the advancing of Black people when they’re totally useless when the people actually look to the organization for assistance. It’s a damn shame what’s going down today, a total goddamn shame!


  4. A most excellent posting, Shelby. Tubularsock has had only a very limited amount of contact with the NAACP and it was back in the 1960’s. My views seemed a bit too “aggressive” for those in leadership in the Bay Area. I found that they seemed to be more show than go. But their “social”
    calendar (the dances, fund raiser, and membership drives) seemed to be what it was all about.

    Helping people? Not so much.

    Thanks for a great blog.

    And thanks to Kushite Prince for all that historical background ——- explained a lot to me!


    1. Yeah, Tube! Me and Prince make a great team. I just cuss and shout and he provides all the background info needed.

      And thank you again for that Prince. Much obliged!

      I know exactly what you mean Tube because really, the only thing you hear about the National Association for the Advancement of Corporate Coons is “party over here, party over there, party, party every fucking where!” They ain’t hardly in the news about achieving a goddamn thing that’s worth achieving. They have yet to put a fucking millimeter of a dent in the shit that’s tearing apart Black communities all across America. And just what the fuck are they doing about the over 1 million Black men sitting all up in prison on some misdemeanor bullshit weed charges? Not a goddamn thing ’cause they’re too fucking busy putting on a glamour show for the whores of Sluttywood. They ain’t got time to do no good, they’re too busy trying to get seen with their glittery shit on to impress Massa and all. Us poor field slaves can just get fucked up since they don’t fucking care! Hell nah, they ain’t about helping people, not at all! And I wish a motherfucker from that organization would come the fuck on up in here and pitch a bitch all over this here post ’cause I’d wipe the goddamn cyber floor with ’em.

      Tube, as you can see, I don’t give no quarter. When I see shit, I call it out. I don’t fucking discriminate! Not a bit of it!! Those motherfuckers at the National Association for the Advancement of Corporate Coons can kiss my ass! They’d never get a goddamn ‘dues’ payment from me. For what? They don’t ‘dues’ a goddamn thing, useless ass motherfuckers!

      Oh and thanks for your comment Tube. It is most appreciated, as you know!


      1. LMAO!! Prince, you are too much!!! Folks best hope I don’t get no such powers as that ’cause it would be raining fire and motherfucking brimstone down, day and night, 24/7/365! And that’s a goddamn fact!!! Every goddamn thang would be dead ’cause wouldn’t no motherfucking sun shine through!!! I’m still fucking laughing over that one Prince!

        …and yeah, thanks again for educating my readers. You do a better job than I do. Care to take over? ROTFLMAO!!!! I’ll hone you up on your cussing skills!! LOL!!


      2. Yeah I need to brush up on my cussing skills! I’m not a big cusser though. I’ll leave that to the pros like If you did get super powers I don’t doubt you would wreck havoc everywhere. Just promise me you wont destroy any of my personal belongings. And leave my house


  5. Very enlightening post. The comment by Kushite Prince is also eye opening. I would be curious if either of you know about the origins of the Urban League? I’ve always had the impression that both the NAACP and the Urban League represented a kind of black aristocracy.

    When I was in Seattle, I was on the board of directors of the African American Heritage Museum between 1994 and 1996. The AAHM grew out of a public occupation of a vacant school building started by the community in 1985. The African American community wanted a Museum controlled by the African American community – not the city. Their experience was that when inner city projects were controlled by the city of the Seattle, all the contracts went to white developers and they didn’t want that to happen again.

    In the 1990s Seattle had an African American mayor and he made a deal with the white developers and the Urban League to pack the board with Urban League members and to convert the Museum to condominiums, preserving only a tiny room on the first floor for the Museum.

    The Urban League members on the board of AAHM were something else. None of them actually lived in the neighborhood where the Museum was sited. None of them even lived in Seattle. They all lived in posh suburbs like Bellevue and Mercer Island.

    Here’s a link about the true history of Seattle’s African American Museum and how we were betrayed by the Urban League:

    And a letter by Cynthia McKinney to the Gates Foundation, which played a major role in this conspiracy:

    Bill Gates daddy and his law firm Preston, Gates and Ellis, was involved in the creation of the Museum board – the mayor appointed them to help us obtain non-profit status from the IRS.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, I know all I need to know about the Urban League! I could write another essay and title it, “The Urban League Ain’t About Shit!” Those two organizations are two sides of the same coin. I toured the local Urban League office and what I saw turned me completely off, not to mention that I had the opportunity to speak with people who had gone there for assistance and who were getting no assistance, unless you count getting assisted out the door.

      First, they were partying over here and partying over there, partying, partying everywhere! Second, they had a lavish spread laid out that would have rivaled a Saudi Prince’s dinner party. I am SO not fucking kidding. The waste was unbelievable because I saw people just pecking over the food and standing over it laughing and joking and just having a good ole time while the clients were waiting to be seen seeking help. Third, clients were not receiving the services that they were seeking. And lastly, the Urban League is as full of bullshit as The National Association for the Advancement of Corporate Coons. Ain’t neither organization worth spit and I’d tell the representatives of those corporate owned skanks to their face that they ain’t about shit! It would give me the greatest pleasure to do so! And I could drag some former clients in to bear witness to what I’ve just stated. I know how to back my shit up, see? And someone from the Urban League can just come all up in here a’pissing and a’moaning all over this and I got news for ’em, I ain’t hardly the one to stand for their fucking bullshit! They know they ain’t about shit! People needing help are on their own if they think they’re gonna receive any helpful services from those two corporate ‘whoreganizations’ and THAT’S also a fact!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. So glad that Prince could enlighten you I try, but I just ain’t no good at it. My righteous indignation gets all up in the way and all, as you can see! LOL!


      1. You know Shelby,It’s really hard to take the NAACP seriously. All anyone has to do is research the organization for themselves. They have truly gone of course,to say the least.
        The NAACP of today seems to be the antithesis of what it was during the ‘60s. Aside from the Donald Sterling fiasco, a complete breakdown in leadership and encouragement of cultural unity in general has long existed in spite of individual achievement and accomplishments since the strong push for Black power. Black America as a group has retrogressed due to a lack of leadership and losing its focus.In recent decades, the African-American’s consciousness has been submerged in a toiling, never-ending sea of self-deprivation, and ultimately, self-destruction, at their discretion. The minds of its youths were (and still are) exposed to the poison and venomous lyrics of rap music and the Stepin Fetchit antics of black comedians. Their sole ambitions were to sell their souls and the souls of their community for fame and fortune. No one has cried out in protest against these “innovations” in entertainment— not even the NAACP. Rather, they either turned their heads and chose to remain ignorant or separated from the exploitations; bobbed their heads rhythmically to the degrading tunes; snickered boisterously at satire-filled stand-ups; and/or worked backroom deals to figure out how they too could get a piece of the pie.
        It seems that the NAACP’s position in most recent years has been one of being very “PC” (politically correct) when the main reason for the organization’s founding was to be a disruptive, progressive organization for the total, well-rounded BENEFIT of Black America. Just as the n-word’s definition cannot be transformed based on passage of time or the way in which the term is said, the NAACP’s definition and/or founding values cannot and should not be changed or compromised in the face of an even more dynamic, undermining systemic. Surely the NAACP made a statement in deciding not to follow through with awarding Sterling the honor, but was it just to appease or pacify the Black community? Would the founding fathers of the NAACP be satisfied with that action or require more so that the world understands the NAACP’s seriousness behind requiring everyone from within and without the community to respect the black race?
        NAACP Los Angeles president Leon Jenkins commented in a recent article that people must be forgiving, which is true; however, these same people must also not be blind or foolish. Was the immediate forgiveness just a way to leaving the door open, so that when this situation blows over or is no longer front page and front of mind, that they will allow Sterling to walk right on back in? Is the NAACP afraid that if they cut one racist bigot off that all of their other donors of that same type will pull away their funding?
        The NAACP perhaps does have a valid reason in wanting to maintain a relationship with Sterling in that they noted Sterling regularly donates funds to support scholarships; however, as the old and completely relevant adage says “all money isn’t good money.” It is understood that blacks can benefit from the financial contributions; however, the argument is one about having and upholding driving principles, conveying the importance of self-respect, racial dignity, and the development of real self-awareness and moral character of a race of people. Any man can be financially rich, but if he owns no morals, he has not grasped the concept of life and will forever be poor. Moreover, to be treated as cattle (only purchased to use as a revenue-generating stream) and likened to dogs, no amount of money or price can justify acceptance of such classification or relinquishing one’s dignity.
        The NAACP’s actions, and defense or justification of so quickly “forgiving” Sterling is reminiscent of Jay-Z recently deciding to continue his collaboration with Barney’s in spite of Black Americans being discriminated against. Again, even though there are potential financial benefits to gain from that relationship, it is time to teach those blatantly disrespecting Black America and using the system to carry out such heinous acts that the community won’t stand for it. Black influential leaders and organizations must be willing to “put it all on the line” for the real purpose or plight of their existence. To sell out morally for a financial benefit teaches a very poor and sad lesson to the very children they claim will gain excellent educations and greater accessibility to opportunities through earning these scholarships. The most unfortunate aspect of the entire matter is that the real lesson and education of growing a healthy moral richness and a genuine high self-worth will not be attained due to the larger ideal being conveyed: selling out for a piece of change is acceptable. Real personal value is intrinsic (priceless, invaluable), founded on truth, and is only developed when standing up to and fighting—with “clean hands”—for what is right just because it is the morally just thing to do.
        Donald Sterling and many others make it no secret the contempt and disrespect they have towards the African-American community. Clearly, African Americans are used as pawns and work horses by everyone—including Black and African American people and organizations that sell out the greater community for a buck. Certainly, the Black African American community compounds the matter by insisting on disrespecting themselves with continued use of the n-word and acceptance of being sold out. For instance, in 2007, the NACCP made a superficial attempt to stem the tide of Black Americans’ use of the n-word. Mock funerals to bury the pejorative term sprung up around the country only to come to an abrupt halt. As irony would have it, the old guard within the NACCP was against the mock funerals; instead, it was the younger faction promoting the burial of the n-word as short-lived as it was. Where was the Black community at that time? Why did no one stand up and tell the NAACP that they were wrong for halting the burial of the n-word? And did the NAACP halt the burials due to them again being afraid that much of their funding would be pulled? Is this a way of the guard saying that they still “know their place” and are willing to maintain the “balanced imbalance” to keep receiving their slice of the pie?
        Undeniably, if Sterling was not “caught red-handed” with the words of racism pouring with total conviction “from the horse’s mouth” in the taped telephone conversation, the unbelievable presentation of praise to such an undeserving individual would have once again taken place. The NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award is one founded long ago on dignity; appreciation and recognizable value of all mankind; and selfless, genuine efforts made only to help in the uplifting, liberation and independence, and celebration of the Black and African-American community. It should not be treated or used as just another punch card for someone who is only attempting to buy favor with Black America because of what Black America can do for his pocketbook. Further, Black America should be able to recognize the fake and not continue to enable the systemic.


      2. Thanks for the link. I think Shelby is right. It’s pretty much damage control. You’ll see this in the media quite a bit. They do it all the time.


  6. Prince, again, thank you for your contribution. You DA man!

    I found this and no, I was SO not surprised!
    Read it and weep!

    There’s also no way that the NAACP could not have known that Sterling has a long history of racist comments and racial discrimination in his rental properties.

    Indeed, the NAACP seems to suffer from amnesia. Almost exactly five years ago, a similar controversy arose when the civil rights group honored Sterling with the same award! At the time, Elgin Baylor, who served as the Clippers general manager from 1986 to 2008, had just filed an age and racial discrimination suit against Sterling. According to Baylor, Sterling had a “Southern plantation” view, preferring to field a team of “poor black boys from the South … playing for a white coach.”

    What’s troubling is why an organization like the NAACP, dedicated to eliminating racial injustice, should help Sterling whitewash his reputation.

    In 2006, the U.S. Justice Department sued Sterling and his wife for excluding black tenants and favoring Korean tenants in some of their properties. According to the Los Angeles Times, Justice Department lawyers presented evidence that Sterling and his wife made statements “indicating that African Americans and Hispanics were not desirable tenants and that they preferred Korean tenants” occupy buildings they owned in Koreatown. Three years later, the Justice Department and Sterling reached a settlement. Sterling agreed to pay a record $2.7 million. It was, at the time, the largest settlement ever obtained by the U.S. Justice Department in a housing discrimination case involving rental apartments.

    In addition to this track record of civil rights and tenants’ rights violations, as well as blatant indifference to human suffering, Sterling has a shameful reputation as a man who abuses his employees, acknowledges paying for sex with prostitutes, and has had a string of girlfriends who live in expensive homes and drive luxury cars paid for by the real estate mogul.

    Given his reputation and this history, why would the Los Angeles NAACP honor Sterling for “lifetime achievement”? The answer? For the same reason that the NAACP is scheduled to honor Javier Angulo, Walmart’s director of community affairs, at the same May 15 banquet. Sterling and Walmart are both NAACP benefactors and the civil rights organization has been happy to take these corporation donations.

    As you can see, as I stated above, The former NAACP, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, now known as the NAACC, National Association for the Advancement of Corporate Coons is a ‘whoreganization’ that whores itself out to any Massa with a really nice big green bone to toss at it. This Sterling shit is quite the piece of filth and it has been known for some years that this randy goat is a dirty ass racist scumbag and still the NAACC ‘whoreganization’ bestowed award after award on him for handing some inner city youth some Clippers tickets, reportedly. Yep, Sterling certainly did everything in his power to earn a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NAACP, indeed he…uh did?

    The NAACP ‘whoreganization’ is also in bed with Wal-Mart and we know ALL about Wal-Mart’s track record. The shit’s getting deeper and deeper for the NAACP aka NAACC. They should have some ‘splaining to do! But the thing is, we already know what’s up and all! The organization’s gone and whored itself out to the highest bidder, membership dues be damned!


  7. “The NBA hasn’t been so “forgiving” – they have slapped Sterling with a lifetime ban and the NBA commissioner is lobbying the the league’s 29 other owners to strip Sterling of the Clippers franchise”

    Dr. Bramhall, that’s called ‘damage control’. They knew that some shit would more than likely hit the fan and so they took a ‘proactive’ approach to try and head it off. Everything according to plan as usual and right on schedule.


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