The Palestinians Are Under Attack!


Another child dies in Palestine,
while we sit and drink some wine.

How could we be so cold
with all the shit that we uphold?

What the Jews are doing ain’t right.
And this should be our fight.

We wouldn’t like an occupation.
And Israel has no justification,
for what it’s doing to the Gaza Strip
with our leaders in partnership.

When evil reigns supreme,
all is not as it might seem.

Israel is wrong and that’s a fact.
The Palestinians are under attack.

It’s Israel over them,
but Israel ain’t no gem.

They scream, “The Holocaust!”
But look who’s paying the cost.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

What are we doing to each other? What is the matter with us? How can we even stand to look at ourselves? Many of us are an abomination and THAT is a fact! Screw this goddamn shit! I’m calling it like I see it! I saw pictures that brought tears to my eyes of innocent Palestinian children being carried in the arms of their loved ones, to be buried. And the American ‘leaders’ are a willing party to the murdering of these children and without an ounce of concern for them.

…and here I was all bent out of shape and cussing up a blue streak about some basketball and NAACP bull when innocence is dying and we don’t even care because we’re so full of ourselves. It’s ALL about me, me, me. I don’t look to the East and wonder. I don’t look to the East with concern, but I should. But you see, we’re Americans and we’re just SO goddamn ‘exceptional’ and all that we just reek with it! We’re some stinking shits and yeah, I’m not the only one stinking here! But it still don’t make my stinking any less for stinking alongside of you! How about we try putting someone else and what’s going horribly wrong with them, first? Yeah, I know! Another pipe dream of mine because we’re just too busy stinking with ‘American exceptionalism’!

12 thoughts on “The Palestinians Are Under Attack!

  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Hear Here Shelby! The US pretends to be a God fearing “Christian” nation, but the atrocities committed all over the world on behalf of our so called government is a direct assault on humanity. And u’r correct to imply it’s all our faults because we are our government. It’s our responsibility to reign in the monster If enough of “us” care to wake up in time. Keep exposing the truth Shelby, there’s no other choice!


    1. 1EarthUnited, I am truly honored by the re-blog, truly I am. Thank you! I will do my best to continue to shed light on these atrocities committed in OUR name. It is time that we start looking out for others who are truly going through some trying times and to stop just looking inward at our own issues which in many cases, pale in comparison to what others are going through. I’ll keep fighting the ‘good’ fight!

      And thanks again, much appreciated!!!


      1. Exactly right Shelby, it’s high time we look out for each other for sure! Cause when our time comes, who’s gonna look out for us? We all know ALL gov’ts play the divide and conquer game, i.e. race card, rich vs poor, cops vs citizens, all to control the population keeping us busy fighting each other when the real evil runs the show. Fuck up for sure, but we gotta take the power back or it’s game over, WW3 would come as a welcomed relief. Gandhi had it right: “I love your Jesus Christ. It’s just that so many of you Christians are so un-Christ-like.”
        It’s time to drop ALL religious bullshit and start a spiritual revolution, one where we all take responsibility for stewardship of the planet, and grow the fuck up consciously. Hell I’m with you, hoping for the best, but if it all goes to shit then u’ll find me chillin with skulz passin the blunt & knocking back shots. 😉


  2. Damn straight! Americans know not the love of Christ. Period. The “christians” are out whoring after deliberately strange gods of war. Well and hypocrisy. When waterboarding is how America “baptizes terrorists”, well, the stupid fucks are lost.


    1. Skulz, you’ve said a mouthful! We claim to be a ‘christian’ nation and yet look at the atrocities that we commit and will bend over backward to help others do the same, the world over. The U.S. government is knowingly and willfully helping Israel to destroy the Palestinian people as if they are nothing. This is a grievous injustice perpetrated against those innocent human beings. And some people have the nerve to pray that the Lord will have mercy on our souls. There will be no mercy! Our souls are rotten and the innocent are so easily forgotten.

      The tears I shed
      are for a child’s new bed
      that’s not in his home,
      but in a catacomb.
      He’ll never get to play
      or enjoy another day.
      Another innocent is gone.
      One less child to greet the dawn.

      I am literally in tears, those poor innocent little babies. How could we? How on earth could we?


  3. Skulz, you know that I am going to continue to spit flames ’cause I’m mad see? When I cry, folks better get back ’cause it ain’t gonna be pretty when I come up for air!

    And I hear ya man! I hear ya!

    Seeing those little innocent bodies, the life snuffed out of them, got to me. The horrors that we inflict on one another. We do not value human life, not at all. How can we say we do, with the shit that we do? It doesn’t even make any sense. But what the hell does these days?

    ….and Skulz, thanks for the encouragement. Really, thank you!


  4. As of July 2nd, Palestine becomes a member of the Geneva conventions and can take Netanyahu, Obama, Bush and a bunch of other war criminals to the International Criminal Court for genocide and crimes against humanity.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, I don’t know how much good that’s gonna do seeing as how there have been attempts to get BushCo. in front of the ICC on war crimes charges and nothing yet. I’d like to head up a delegation and bring those worthless evil, warmongering shits up on war crimes charges myself, but what would be the use unless they can be brought in chains to answer for their high crimes and some more shit? Haven’t you heard? There ain’t no goddamn justice in this fucking fucked up world. Evil reigns with impunity and that is why the evil motherfuckers roam free.

      But please know this, in this particular instance, I would dearly love to eat my words because I’m wrong and I do so thank you for stopping in and commenting. Much appreciated!


  5. Hold up!! Wait a minute! The Jews(Khazars) can’t be at fault. Aren’r they the chosen people?lol


    1. Prince, maybe if we claim to be of a different sect of Jews, we too can finally get reparations for our Holocaust! If all the millions of slaves killed wasn’t a goddamn Holocaust, I don’t know what is. Yeah, the Jews are chosen alright. They ‘chose’ to wreak havoc all up on the Palestinian people and yet want some goddamn sympathy all over the place for the very same thing that they’re doing to the Palestinian people. Don’t that just beat all?!!! Talk about blatant and outrageous hypocrisy! It abounds in Israel!

      Thanks for your comment!


      1. Reparations??? Are you crazy! We don’t deserve it. We haven’t suffered enough remember? Our pain is not worthy of compensation. Besides slavery wasn’t all that bad. Weren’t there slaves that liked their masters. At least that’s what the his-story books


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