I Give Life For You To Destroy It!


I give life for you to destroy it.

My labor pains try to prepare me
for the agony of my child’s death.

You kill that which I carried beneath my heart.
My child is to be a pawn in your game of thrones.

Who is your mother so that I may know from whence you came,
you; the destroyer of a life that I created and brought forth?
Who gave you the right to take that which I bore?

There will come a time when the seeds of man will lie fallow.
And the earth will no more produce a single seed from which birth will spring.

A woman will give birth no more as she will be barren.
For man is no longer the protector of his world,
he is the destroyer and he must be destroyed.

The day will surely come when the hand of God will strike
and man will know who is master and who is slave
and all the worlds shall collide into one and there will be no more sun.

There will be no more warmth. For without light and warmth, life cannot grow.
Beware of your own importance for you are nothing and you will know it.

The mother of all creation will take back that which you would destroy
and He who rules will look not upon thee with favor and when that should happen,
woe be unto him for that is the end for all eternity.

©2014 Shelby I. Courtland All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “I Give Life For You To Destroy It!

  1. Nicely done Shelby. Tubularsock isn’t all that worried about “the hand of God” but am very worried of the hand of men who believe they are god.

    The exception, of course is Tubularsock himself. The God of Gods.

    And all kidding aside, powerful poem.


    1. LOL!! Tube, this one was written with you in mind because as you’ve been telling us for SO very long now. “Tubularsock IS God!” I was just letting you know that I was actually paying attention!

      Thank you for that oh so lovely comment Tube!!

      And let us know what day is “Tubularsock Day!” I know today is supposed to be Mother’s Day, but I want to be sure to recognize you on YOUR day, unless ALL days are “Tubularsock Day!” Heaven help us, if that’s the case! Geesh!!! *grinning over that one*


    1. Thank you Skulz! I so appreciate that. Although I must say, that I have not the religion of the ‘christian’s’, this came from somewhere. And no, I am not saying that I am a ‘seer’, but my fingers almost of their own accord, typed this out and I had to post it. Do I know what is down the road for us? No! I don’t. All I know is that some things are unexplainable and we are plunging headlong into disaster, a disaster of our own making. Never let it be said that we were not warned. And to the warnings, we paid no heed, as some of us think of ourselves as, gods. Not a good thing.

      Again, I thank you for your comment.


      1. Tellers of truth are prophets. I’m thoroughly convinced that “religion” has not shit to do with what’s happening. The Universe is outraged and the Universal muses those that are paying even the slightest attention to what passes as human interaction. Interdiction? Whatever. Judgement comes to Empire Amerikana and that is inevitable. Cocky freaks that feels themselves immune to justice, oh yeah, Empire Amerikana is going down hard.


  2. Skulz, again, you have said a mouthful. There must be an end to all of this and there will be. We don’t know the day, nor do we know the hour, but it will come. It is but a matter of time and there are those of us who know this. You are such a one. You know. Too many millions have suffered at the hands of the evil and they will get theirs. Oh indeed they will. It does not come soon enough for our liking, but it will come when it will and like I stated, woe be unto them when it does.


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