Crude Warriors!

crude warriors

Warriors, once so proud, now kill innocents by remote.
There is no war that ever was a war to end all wars of note.

You’re a hypocrite born and bred and you’re filled with gratitude.
What price will you not pay just to get that precious crude?

I keep the wars away from you as you seek the pearly gates.
And you in turn enrich my coffers; over all, lust dominates.

What was theirs was mine to take with weapons so superior.
Of the people that I kill, they’re irrelevant and inferior.

Judge not the warriors job for he obtains just you what you need.
And ignore the cries of the dying, as you pay their death no heed.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

What we have here is outrageous hypocrisy. We have people who sit up in church every Sunday and yeah, get your fancy, smancy shit ready for tomorrow so that you sit up looking all smug and stupid thinking that you’re all the shit when you’re just really all about shit because how the hell are you getting to church? How are you getting back home? You people literally make me sick with your smug ass posts about what’s needed to stop the wars and the warmongers and the war machine and you act as if it’s not all about YOU! Well, it SO fucking is because every single goddamn time that you pull up to the gas pump and fill the tank, someone in a distant land who just so happens to be sitting atop some oil, dies. You fucking know it but you’re so goddamn hypocritical and ‘christian’ that you distance yourself from the knowledge. Well, here is to in YOUR face with YOUR hypocrisy! Stand in the goddamn mirror and look at that evil, distorted caricature of a supposedly inherently decent ‘human’ and most likely you think of yourself as ‘christian’ too. Well, I’ll tell you what you are, you’re a blood thirsty, filthy, depraved, corrupt shit that likes to think that you’re better than the ones you call out. You like to think that you’re better than the corrupts shits that run this shithole called America. You’re so fucking not! You’re right up there with those worthless shits because everything they do is done because you’ve just got to have CRUDE and that CRUDE does not belong to U.S. And goddamn it, we don’t care who gets destroyed just so long as we get to drive to the fucking mall and to the club and to the grocery store and to any goddamn where we want.

America has been fucking up the Middle East for how long now? Years too numerous to count! And why would that be? Eh? You don’t know? Of course you fucking know! It’s because of you, see! You’ve got to fucking drive, baby drive!!! So, shut the fuck up about some, “why are we always trying to start shit in foreign lands?” Shut the fuck up about how tired you are of what’s done in your name. ‘Cause you ain’t tired. You fucking SO ain’t tired! ‘Cause if you was, you’d of done something about it by now. So drive your goddamn ass to church tomorrow, sit and pray with your hypocritical ass covered in some silk and some more shit and pretend like you’re the greatest thing that ever lived simply because you went and typed some shit about how much you bemoan the loss of life due to some shit that’s done ’cause you can’t fucking stop driving! When you come the fuck up in here, you’re gonna get the goddamn truth. And ain’t no goddamn body asking you to like it ’cause the dead in Yemen and Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and so forth and so on, they don’t fucking like being dead ’cause you need some goddamn CRUDE, SEE!!!

Let’s start with America’s oil consumption, which is 18.8 million barrels per day (MBD), according to the EIA. That usage puts the U.S. atop the list of the world’s largest oil consumers by a wide margin. Indeed, U.S. demand is more than that of the next four nations combined: Japan, Russia and rising economic powers China and India:

9 thoughts on “Crude Warriors!

    1. But the thing is see, we’re not trying with all our hearts to end wars that are started because of our dependence on oil. We go merrily on our way each day knowing that people are murdered because America is an oil glut nation. And yet we point the fingers at our so-called representatives and accuse them of war crimes when we are just as guilty because if there was no demand, that would put paid to a lot of the wars that get started. We cannot stop driving. We have been conditioned to a life of ease and luxury and we ain’t hardly about to give that up.

      There are so many goddamn vehicles on America’s roads that even trees are continuously being felled to make way for more lanes for more vehicles for more pollution and yet, we’re fucking planning on going green, somewhere down the goddamn road and who the fuck knows when and meanwhile and in between while, people who just so happen to have the oil that we MUST have, get murdered and we have the gall to post shit about, “oh, how sad is the fact of the crude dead, the poor dears. Our representatives are to blame. Tar and feather Bush and Cheney and crew. But that shit ain’t on me!” The hell it ain’t! Dubya ain’t the only one that’s criminal. We ALL share in the responsibility and the blame and the shame of it!


  1. Thank you Jeebus that Amerika has brave boys that fight and die for no reason whatsoever. No logical or coherent reason. Genuflect, cross yourself, spit to the left, spit to the right, praise Republican God of War, and wrap yourself in the flag.
    Maudlin bullshit…


    1. We are so goddamn fucked up that we ain’t about to stop helping to fuck our selves up even more. It is quite apparent to me that we love living in a fucked up state at all times. We love to kill people. We love to get people addicted to that good ole Afghan poppy plant and we just love confiscating every goddamn body else’s oil and we don’t have a problem starting needless wars in order to get at it.

      We’ve got the fucking morons who certainly don’t have a grain of conscience at all because those military snakes just do as they’re told without question. They fucking like to drive too. So, they ain’t hardly about to give up their lifestyle no matter how badly paid they are. Hell! Some enlist just for the joy they get from killing. There are war crimes being played out in America every day by the militarized police force and those that come back from deployments join the police force because they’ve gone and got ‘killing fever’. We’re all fucking killers and I ain’t leaving myself out. I’m guilty too. But at least I don’t pretend to be no better than I am.

      I am just sick and tired of us hypocritical shits talking and writing about what evil shit others are doing when we’re just as guilty because we silently acquiesce to everything that is done in our name and we are actually complicit in that shit by the fact of our unwillingness to give up our lifestyle and our fucking silent ass protest. Ain’t no goddamn body trading in their vehicle for a fucking horse and buggy and we just fucking love drugs so much that we want ALL of that shit legalized from A to fucking Z! We’re fucking pitiful! And don’t I know it! Goddamn it!


    1. Dr. Bramhall, you ain’t in the world’s biggest oil consuming shithole. That’s some shit that’s on U.S. and we’re going all green and some more ecological shit ’cause we’re so goddamn upset about climate change that we’re harassing the Amish with our never ending questions like, “how do you guys do it?” “Do you need special permits to drive your horse and buggy?” “Can you make me a buggy and hitch it up to a fine looking stallion?” “What do you do for shit scoopers?” “Oh, do you fertilize your fields with all the shit that’s scooped up?”

      I mean, seriously Dr. Bramhall, it could be done but like I’ve stated, we ain’t hardly about to give up our luxurious ass luxuries ’cause that would just be too fucking tiresome and slow and like hell if we’re gonna be slowed the fuck down. But we’re gonna go green just as soon as they make horses as fast as a Hennessey Venom GT and so therefore, we NEED some CRUDE! Don’t stop those goddamn wars! We fucking NEED CRUDE!!! And we need crude in order to go green, see! Yep, we make so much goddamn sense!

      Dr. Bramhall, I hope everything is going great for you in NZ! You guys rock! Over here, we suck CRUDE!

      …and thanks for stopping in!


      1. I think there’s a great deal of hope for young Americans in their 20s and 30s. A substantial proportion of them are making the conscious decision not to buy automobiles – and apparently the US auto industry is really freaking over this. My daughter and son-in-law are a good example. They much prefer to use public transportation, bicycles or a combination. Part of the reason for their recent decision to move to Portland (from the East Coast) is to be able to commute to work by bicycle.


  2. Dr. Bramhall, then there is hope! You know, I was reading a post on another blog that was essentially stating what you’ve just said and that is that car sales are waaaaay down and dealerships are freaking out over the glut of inventory that they just can’t seem to get rid of, so that is good news as far as I’m concerned. And when I am in the city, there are indeed so many, many people biking. I love bike riding. I’d go everywhere on a bike, if I could. I do realize that it isn’t feasible for everyone to get rid of cars. It would be nice, but not realistic, that I do acknowledge. But every person that leaves the car parked, helps, big time!

    And good on your daughter and son-in-law! Way ta go! Thanks again Dr. Bramhall!


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