2 thoughts on “Before War!

  1. Shelby, Wish I thought we were “waiting” for sanity and humanity to prevail over our vicious natures. But these days, if we hesitate, it seems it’s only to give the propaganda campaign time to soak in, and thoroughly sell us the idea that we’re … making the world safe for democracy … fighting for freedom … defeating terrorism … killing for peace … starting war to end war. Or something equally noble, they promise us that. Thanks for a fine poem. – Linda


    • ….and Linda, thanks for a fine comment! You are spot on! Yes, we ONLY fight wars to promote freedom and democracy, never mind if they don’t want OUR brand of freedom and democracy. Hell! I don’t even want OUR brand of freedom and democracy because number 1, we ain’t got no freedom and number 2, democracy is dead in this shithole because our (s)elected politicians are not chosen by us mere peasants, they are whored into office and owned by corporations. So what those useless, worthless shits are about ain’t what I’m about and unfortunately, the lamestream media is also corporate owned and useless in uncovering lies, hypocrisies and ‘cover-ups’, but instead is going full steam ahead with spreading propaganda, lies, distortions of the truth, disinformation and ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, but the TRUTH!! Are people waking the hell up in America? A few, but so far not enough.

      Again, I thank you for your comment. Much appreciated as always.


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