Join The World Wide Movement Goddamn It!


When the parasites have sucked us dry and evil rules the day,
we’ll turn upon each other as the ‘Hunger Games’, we’ll play.

One by one, we’ll be picked off; the lords will slap their thigh.
The ruling class will drool as they watch the peasants die.

We need no drummer’s beat, this is no marching band.
No dress rehearsal needed, the final act is planned.

Before the day is done, will our numbers shrink or gain?
Or will the movement grow just like a spreading stain?

Fear is not our friend, it’s the enemy don’t you see?
They want us to give up, and never to be free.

Some have lost it all, they’re hollow-eyed and gaunt.
Others lie in graves; their spirit’s on the haunt.

Need we all succumb to the lords’ decree for us,
when they throw a hungry victim underneath another bus?

The battle will be long and there is no way to know
if we will be victorious in vanquishing our foe.

There soon will be no option as it all comes to a head.
Either we engage the enemy or we will join the dead.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

This is an old post of mine which I think is extremely relevant today as we need to get up off our ass and get to it! America is lagging behind the rest of the world in going the fuck off! Yes, there are signs of an awakening in America to the fact that since the shit has hit the fan, it ain’t gonna cease and desist fucking us up and we’d better act like we know! The so-called ‘elite’ motherfuckers that have taken charge of this here show are playing for keeps and they ain’t hardly playing with us. Get fed up with lies and propaganda. Get fed up with the fact that shit is being shoved down our throats and we’re told that it’s beef, so swallow it! To hell with that shit ’cause it is indeed shit, see? And I for one, don’t want to hear that we should just wait on those worthless motherfuckers to get an epiphany and let up. Ain’t gonna happen! Greed is a parasite and it’s taken over the host and the host wasn’t hardly putting up a fucking fight to begin with!

We have got to show the rest of the world that not all of us are hypnotized, clueless, ignorant and some more shit! We either get prepared for some real Hunger Games or we get prepared to meet this shit, head on! This ain’t no time to sleep! It is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!

Join The World Wide Movement Goddamn it!!!

12 thoughts on “Join The World Wide Movement Goddamn It!

  1. ! Corporate Globalization =’s World Wide Fascism !

    Bravissima Shelby! For yours is a great riposte any rapper should be proud to sing!

    ! Smash The Bosses Might !


  2. It’s funny you mention the Hunger games in this post. I saw Hunger Games 1 and 2. Both were petty decent films for the most part. Although I think there’s a lot of symbolism in those films. I think the elite gives us many hints as to what we can expect in the future. The pin that is the logo for the Hunger Games looks very closely like the Nazi pin that Hitler’s soldiers wore. Check out this video. I think you’ll find it very interesting. I definitely did.


    1. I have not seen either one. I’ve just heard bits and pieces about the Hunger Games and thought that the concept fits in with this poem. As for the Nazi symbol pin, I know nothing about that either. Of course, there are Nazi symbols all over the United States if you look closely enough and some are even quite out in the open.

      My point that I was trying to make with this poem is that it’s getting a bit late in the day for us Americans to get something started and people are in ‘revolt’ all across the world. But we are not joining in with a massive display of resistance to what is being shoved down our throats and we need to get with the program and recognize that we are running out of time. Will we ever recognize and hop to it? Highly doubtful, but I thought I’d try anyway. Oh, well.

      Thanks for your comment Prince.


  3. I had never seen such a pin before and it does not matter what it looks like.
    Most of the soldiers who manned Hitler’s FlugzeugAbwherKanone (aircraft defense canon)
    were not Nazis, they were not even SS.
    They were simply poor duped soles fighting to protect their homeland (some were even children).
    I am no collector.


    1. Hmmmm…..maybe that’s somewhat true. Duped?? But what are you saying? The Nazis are blameless? No fault should be placed on them? I don’t quite follow.


      1. Shelby: I am simply saying that very many of these guns were manned by inductees,
        old men and children who were too young to make complex ethical and moral decisions.
        Whether in the Volksturm (old men), Hitler Jugend, or Wehrmact (German Army),
        membership was mandatory and brutally enforced.

        The enclosed article shows a much smaller caliber gun. Those of larger caliber were dug in
        to a depth of 8 feet and surrounded with sandbags. Their shells were of a weight far too heavy
        for the younger boys (pimpfs) to load.


      2. Well, this is my take. Look at what’s going on in America. What rights do we have left? The constitution has been shredded. Laws are on the books denying American citizens the right to due process. Any American can be picked up at home, off the streets or anywhere and incarcerated and never charged with a crime. We are attempting to or have surrounded every single country on this planet. We are telling other nations to bow to us or get their ass kicked. We have toppled democratically elected leaders all across this planet. America is now Nazi central. Our nasty shits make Hitler look like a boy scout. We have a militarized police force that has no problem killing us without provocation. We must be assimilated or else. Dissent has been put in check. We are being arrested for merely protesting. The right of the people to assemble is no longer a viable option.

        So, no, the Nazis aren’t blameless but the problem is that through lies and propaganda and displays of brutality, there are many similarities to Nazi Germany here in America. We have the Gestapo. Just as Nazi Germany had the ‘master race’. We are being conditioned into believing in ‘American Exceptionalism’ when there is no such thing. This is how governments get people to fall into step. This is how governments get the grunts, peons and schmucks to fight the wars they start. Like I’ve said before, if it worked back in the day, why change a thing? America has always been in bed with the Nazis. Look at how America treated the Black Tuskegee Airmen who fought for this country against the Germans. When the Black officers tried to go into the Officer’s Club, they were denied entrance because they were Black and yet, German prisoners of war, the goddamn enemy, was allowed inside the Officer’s Club. That’s some foul ass shit right there. That says it ALL! And that is why this shithole ain’t never meant a goddamn thing to me and never will.

        Russia and China could wipe this filth clean on off the face of this planet and it wouldn’t hardly fuck up my motherfucking day! The whole goddamn world would be the better off for it!!

        “So, Russia and China! Get to fucking this shit up, once and for all!!!!”


      3. Shelby: What the maniac Hitler and his evil thugs were able to accomplish eighty years ago
        in Germany during 1934, the year I was borne, is now being attempted in America!
        Naomi Wolf once best outlined the process in her excellent treatise ‘The Ten Steps to Fascism’:

        If the American voting public is so foolish as to coalesce and allow this to happen,
        then they deserve just as the German people did, whatever comes of it . . .

        “For they sew the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” – Hosea: 8.7


  4. “What the maniac Hitler and his evil thugs were able to accomplish eighty years ago
    in Germany during 1934, the year I was borne, is now being attempted in America!”

    Exactly! And if people cannot see that, than they are just willfully blind because it is SO all up in our face to the point where there can be no fucking stupid shit from Americans talking about, “Huh? What? I don’t see anything wrong!” The hell if nothing’s wrong. The problem is that EVERY goddamn thing is wrong. Nothing is right and none of this shit makes sense if people want to still claim that America is a democratic Republic. That shit don’t hold true. We’re fucked up, but the problem is that so long as the lights and the smartphones are working, it’s all good than a motherfucker all up in here.

    “If the American voting public is so foolish as to coalesce and allow this to happen,
    then they deserve just as the German people did, whatever comes of it . . .”

    We fucking deserve it because our protest has been to collapse, swoon and some more shit just like that. We have not even uttered the tiniest of whimpers. We have simply relinquished our rights as if they meant nothing to us to begin with. The reason being? Because it’s much simpler that way. We don’t have to actually DO anything because we’re SO fucking lazy anyway, what with everything being done for us. Hell! If it wasn’t for the remote control, there’d be millions of Americans sitting up in jail for murdering their spouse/significant other/kids over who is going to get up and change the channel on the gargantuan HDTV. If it ain’t easy, we ain’t gonna do it. Again, it’s as simple as that and we will deserve every fucking thing that we get ’cause we know this country’s (s)elected shits are fucking up people, the world over and for no good reason.

    “The whirlwind will cometh and the whirlwind shall destroyeth.” Shelby I. Courtland – Pissed To The Max 101.


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