That’s Not Love!


If he calls you out of nowhere,
he’s been having an affair.

Tell him to go to hell.
Drop his lies into a well.
Love cannot wait to call
and will never make you crawl.

A man who takes forever,
in order to get together,
is not in love with you
and does not have a clue.

Love must be earned
and if it is not returned,
don’t sit around and mope,
believe, there’s always hope.

He’s stringing you along
and so you must be strong.
Don’t listen to his shit!
He expects you’ll throw a fit.

Hold your head high,
over him, do not cry.
He isn’t worth your tears.
Don’t give in to your fears.

Remember, it’s his loss.
You’re not a ball to toss.
You’re a lady with a heart,
so play it very smart.
One more page of life’s been turned,
and another lesson learned.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

8 thoughts on “That’s Not Love!

    • LOL! Fair enough! And thank you for the thumbs up on this one! Much appreciated.

      And I do know that men can love and have the scenario in this poem play out. I just wanted the ladies to understand that when a man doesn’t call them for weeks and then, poof! Outta the blue, they get a call, he’s a rotter! And they’ve been pretty much hanging by the phone wondering and hoping and moping and life’s too short to settle for anything less than LOVE!! For both sexes!!! I stand corrected!!!


  1. I think women are more likely to be used or manipulated in a relationship owing to their cultural conditioning. They’re programmed to believe that they’re not real women without a man on their arm.


    • SHHHHH! Dr. Bramhall! Don’t tell Rajiv, but I tend to agree with YOU! As always! I guess you say, “what’s new?” LOL!!

      Yes, it is mostly us of the female persuasion what gets the raw deal.

      Dr. Bramhall, the doctor is all up in da house! You’ve said a mouthful. Yes indeed, we ain’t ‘woman’ without a man! Hey, everybody! I don’t got no man! I’ze unedumacated and all as you kin c, so daze don’t like me C! LOL!!

      But seriously, Dr. Bramhall, what you have stated is SO fucking true, it ain’t even funny. We really are perceived as lacking something, a big something if we’re not, GASP!, married and all or at least ‘dating’. I wouldn’t have a man if he was dipped in gold, weighed down in Rolexes and with a mansion the size of a Las Vegas casino/hotel and had so many vehicles, he needed an elevator for ’em. And yeah, I know, some folks are going, “yeah, like that’s true, ha! Who the fuck is she kidding?” Well, they can think what they want, but I ain’t high maintenance and I love having the ability and the means to provide for my needs. If I don’t have some of my wants, pffft, I don’t care. I just love living by myself and being able to do what I please when I want to do it. I have been married and I FUCKING hated it! Goddamn! I hated it! And the sad fact is that when dating, the next thing I know, some man is looking cross-eyed at me, wanting to get married. I’m like, “fucking WHOA here motherfucker, ain’t fucking happenin’!”

      Now, I wouldn’t mind a little wining and dining, but don’t take me seriously, PLEASE!!! And what I cannot understand is that I so often get taken seriously. If any of you ladies out there need a “how to turn down proposals” guide, hit me up and I’ll hook ya up!! LMAO!!! I am SO bad!

      But the ‘conditioning’ of the female has and always will be constant and consistent. We are ‘conditioned’ to believe that we can NOT age. We MUST defy gravity. We MUST be beautiful as dictated by society’s standards and if we’re not, fucking kill yourself, already. That’s what we see day in and day out and that is why so many young girls and women are torn up with eating disorders and all things related and are basically fucked up! We’re all supposed to be a size 0 and if we’re not, fucking kill yourself, already. I mean, for real? To hell with that shit! I am going to be me! And I am not about to look around and declare that I must have THAT look! It just pisses me off to no end when women will jump to wear whatever Michelle Obama or Kate Middleton is wearing as if that is for every woman. For the love of ….!, find what works for your body type ladies and go with it. Stop with all the ‘conforming’ to the dictates of a fucked up society and be an individual for a goddamn change! Shit!!!

      Oh and thanks for your comment Dr. Bramhall. You always get me started and as you can see, it don’t take much!! LOL!


      • Shelby Courtland: Your kind agreement with the learned Doctor is most praiseworthy
        but I must firmly profess that anyone attempting to use or manipulate you in any way
        will be in for one Hell of an unpleasant surprise!! ROFLMFAO!


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