We ALL Go Down!


They’re trying to shut us down.
They’re trying to run us out of town.

What’s up with that shit?
They want us all to quit.

Let’s keep plugging away
as we fight for a brighter day.

Don’t ever give up and never give in.
Stick it to the bastards, again and again.

They don’t fucking like it but neither do we.
Our backs against a wall and up against a tree.

We’re running out of time as the shit hits the fan.
Push the motherfuckers back as only we can.

If we all join together, we can beat the sons of bitches.
Only we can stop their looting of mother earth’s riches.

So fucking hop to it and get this thing done.
Or we all go down together, each and everyone.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Keep writing and keep stirring up the pot. Those who would rather we not do this are not happy. That’s a good thing. Keep at it. We have no choice. Make waves! Don’t hold back! Load both barrels and let the motherfuckers have it! Let ’em know we’re here! I’ve not been able to post because my computer got too hot to handle and blew up, literally. I am waiting on replacements. Yes, replacements because I am going to back my shit up. When ‘they’, the NSA or whatever, fuck my shit up, I’ll just plug up another one and keep at it. So, to the motherfucking spies, I give notice! I’m loading both fucking barrels, motherfuckers! Fuck with MY goddamn shit and I simply regroup!

Power to the ‘refuse to be silenced’ peons!

16 thoughts on “We ALL Go Down!

  1. Shelby, Thanks for this one! And sorry to hear about your technical difficulties. (I’m tenderly nursing along a 3-year-old well-abused laptop, and I semi-panic any time the software shits want me to update something, for fear it won’t come out of anesthesia/reboot at some point.) Ah well, at least we don’t have to skin a sheep and scrape our own parchment for the next post.

    And now I think about it, if anyone I know would have a computer blow up, it’s probably you, from all your incendiary efforts! Keep ’em coming, and I’ll do what I can in the pot-stirring and noisemaking departments. – Linda


    1. I fucking swear, ‘technical difficulties’ is tame compared to what actually happened. My shit quite literally blew up. Fucking smoke was coming from it and I treated that laptop like it was a newborn baby. There weren’t hardly no reason for it to blow the fuck up.

      Linda, I am SO not kidding! If I fucking make headlines by being found dead while hang gliding in a 4ftx4ft cave, don’t fucking believe it! These fuckers are playing for keeps. I was never one for conspiracies, but goddamn. Too many coincidences are happenin’ that just don’t add up! I’ll post about that later as shit is still up in the air.

      I have never had a computer blow up on me and I have had several. I never saw the like. And Linda, you’re doing a wonderful job. Just wanted you to know! And thank you for ALL that you do! We might actually, hopefully make a difference.


      1. HOLY SMOKES!! Shelby you must be doing something right, u’r worthy of being targeted! I’m half joking/ praying u’r not and it’s a coincidence… but hell u never know if big bros watching. All I gotta say is keep reloading both barrels. We need spiritual ammo, “lots of guns”. 😉


    1. Thank you Rajiv! This is a cry for ‘freedom’ period!. If I expected privacy, I wouldn’t be online as there goes the privacy. If we don’t keep the pressure on, we ALL go down. That is quite obvious as the earth cannot sustain capitalism run amok and the unmitigated rape of its resources. People the world over are being fucked up and fucked over because the powerful want even more power at the expense of us all. We are ALL in this together and if we don’t act, collectively, then we ALL go down.

      Those who have been running this shit from behind the scenes do not want the people to have an ‘awakening’ so to speak. Ignorance is what they hope will continue. And if we are speaking out and enlightening the masses, we are fucking up their plans and they don’t hardly like that. Speak the truth and they try and shut you down or discredit you. That’s how the so-called ‘elites’ work. Look at the ‘lamestream’ media and how useless they are in informing the public of what is actually going down. We get bombarded with reality shows and the whores of Hollywood while the whole world is writhing in the throes of austerity. People from almost all countries and nations have been adversely impacted by measures that have been put in play to keep us poor and hopeless. But a momentum is building that the powerful want to contain and those of us who are spreading the truth and not lies and propaganda, they will try and silence.

      We must fight for freedom!


  2. The poem is great Shelby, but the post-poem commentary is priceless and really says it all. Lets all keep at it because in the end we are all in the same boat. Great job as always. 🙂


    1. Thank you Dom. Yes, we are and we need to act, collectively and never give up as that is what is expected since the powers that be believe us to be quite powerless, ignorant and some more shit. We’ve just got to keep at it!


  3. Damn right ‘pwr 2 the LOUDMOUTHED peons!’ — at this point I’d say it’s a pretty good bet we don’t have much more to lose. And besides, I don’t care if I get positive or negative attention as long as I get ATTEN-SHUN! (Take THAT, you phuqing NSA retarded mofos!)

    Pwr 2 the OUTSPOKEN peons!


    1. LOL! 1EarthUnited, you are a mess! “Death Jam Poetry,” I like that! The motherfuckers had me down and out and I won’t hardly liking it, believe me, but as I’ve stated, reinforcements have arrived and I’m madder than disturbed hornets in a nest. Fucked up my 2 year old computer when I’ve let it be known that I don’t get a kick out of spending money and making some rich fucker even richer.

      And yes, I’m a street fighter with a garbage mouth. LMAO!!! I fucking fight dirty and I take no prisoners. We peons have got to get it done, guillotine the motherfuckers!!!!!

      Thanks for stopping in 1EarthUnited! Much appreciated as you know!


  4. Wolfess, bless your heart! I am finally back up and running. I live waaaaaay, waaaay out in the sticks and I was already climbing a goddamn pole to get online, but I swear that I never dropped my laptop when climbing. My gear was safely stowed on my back and as I climbed, it just gently bumped against my back until I reached the platform on top of the pole, ‘Green Acres’ style. However, the reinforcements have finally arrived and it is most wonderful to have been missed and I have missed cussing and screaming all up in here and letting those worthless motherfuckers have it and have it good!!! I have also missed all of you! You guys are like family, no strike that as I don’t fucking like family. You guys are like champagne and I fucking LOOOOOOVE that!

    I cannot wait to get caught up on what you guys have been up to. I just hope no one has gone and got a defeatist attitude because all might seem hopeless. Yes, we are fighting an uphill battle and it might seem hopeless and it may be hopeless but what’s the alternative, surrender and quit? NEVER!! They’ll have to drag me out, kicking, screaming and cussing! So, hopefully, I’ll have another post up soon and thanks for the comment and again, it’s nice to be missed and I so missed all you guys and ladies!!!


    1. You know, every once in awhile I get a notice on my blog that you have commented on one of my comments, but there are other times when nothing gets thru … this is one of those times. You are right, there is some crazy shit going on in this country, but like you, I’d rather go down fighting than capitulate to the National [in]Security ASSES!

      Pwr 2 the OUTSPOKEN peons!


      1. Wolfess, half the time, someone has liked a post of mine and I won’t even know it until I check email. And whoever is fucking with my shit has already started on this brand new computer. I’ve had issues already. I’ve been in a pileup on the highway, I’ve had a computer blow up on me and this brand spanking new one is having issues. I’ve fucking got backup, but these motherfuckers ain’t playing. I don’t know what the hell has someone’s panties in a bunch, but they’re sure as hell bunched up and I’m still relatively obscure in my little corner of the net. I hate to think what’s happening to others who are putting it out there and getting more viewership than I am. I must say again, this shit means business. You take care! Don’t give up, but take care!



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