Military Whores!

Those 'military whores' seem eager to torture innocent people after an illegal invasion of their home.
Those ‘military whores’ seem eager to torture innocent people after an illegal invasion of their home.

Look into your eyes, dear soldier.
Now tell me what it is you see.
In the mirror, the image that is you
is hell looking straight back at thee?

You picked up a weapon to fight.
Never thinking what it might cost.
Your soul is now black as coal
and that line you once drew was crossed.

There is no turning back again.
A clear conscience, you will never know.
You fought for some smoke and mirrors
and now your mind is a paralyzing foe.

So, think twice, dear warriors before you sign.
All the glory that they claim will be yours
will leave a taste that won’t ever go away
as they turn you into military whores.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Yes, keep prostituting yourself because that is exactly what you are doing. They pay you for the use of your body and you use that body to kill. The only difference between you and a street prostitute is that you kill with a gun or a missile or maneuvering a drone while they kill via STDs. Don’t pretend to hate prostitution, you’re engaging in it and most willingly. Why don’t you stop whoring yourself out? Is the ‘pay’ that good? And how great of a ‘pimp’ is Obama, commander-in-chief of the military brothel? Think about it and get back to us on that, willya?

13 thoughts on “Military Whores!

  1. You are right. It is time to stop glorifying these idiots. They are not heroes. Stupid whores all of them. Pick up a brain instead of a weapon morons.


    1. Thank you talesfromthelou. They are worse than idiots. They know that they are fighting for nothing. By now, every military whore knows exactly why they are killing someone in foreign lands. It ain’t about no goddamn democracy or freedom or justice or rights or liberty or keeping Amerikkka safe. Hell! Keep Amerikkka safe? Who the fuck is keeping the world safe from Amerikkka? Amerikkka is the goddamn problem, what with starting shit all over the world just ’cause we fucking can. The military whores are only making the warmongers ever more richer and those military whores are selling themselves REAL cheap! They ain’t even an honest whore. They’re on some hypocritical shit about honor and heroes. And the stupid shits that wave a goddamn worthless ass flag stand on the sidelines while those military whores parade down the goddamn street returning to a ‘heroes’ welcome, are on some dumb ass shit themselves. Those military whores will get no ‘heroes’ welcome from me. I fucking never, ever considered a ‘whore’ my hero yet and I ain’t about to start now!

      Look at what happens to used up, worn out whores, they end up homeless or dead on the streets and that is what is happening to those military whores who make it back. They are on the goddamn streets needing all up on some food stamps and some more public assistance after having been whored out until they’re useless. They’re fucking brain dead and finished and their ‘pimp’ just wants them dead already. You only have to look at what’s been going down at the Veteran’s Administration. Does it look like they really want the useless military whores fixed up? Hell nah! When they’re fucked up beyond patching up in order to head back to the front lines, then the ‘pimp’ says, “let ’em die already!” That’s the way it is and ain’t no use in prettying it up.

      So, motherfuckers, come on up in here with some flag saluting, hero worshipping our military whores and I’ll be more than happy to use your ass to mop the goddamn cyber floor. I fucking dare ya!


      1. OMG Shelby, you are outrageous. But so sweetly right. Be careful, you know what is going on…


  2. Yeah, lou! I know what’s going on, they want me to become a military whore. Ain’t gonna happen. The warmongers ain’t gonna be happy until everyone of us is blind, crippled and crazy. You’ve only to look around at what’s crawling back from endless tours of duty. Anybody that would enlist in the military is already crazy.

    I seriously know what you mean lou, but I don’t hardly care because I’ve got to stand for something.


  3. People should take a good look at that picture. That may be happening HERE in the states very soon. People better get educated on the laws and bills they’re passing. Obama is real slick. He has a lot of black people fooled. You’ve been warned.


    1. Prince, that’s been happening in prisons all across America. I recently read where prisoners in California were suing because they are being raped and some more shit. Prisoners are being forced to fight one another. It’s like that Roman gladiator shit. I know they’re in prison, but goddamn! They’re still human and many of them are innocent. I just read where 5 were exonerated from raping some woman in New York and a 42 million dollar settlement is awaiting approval. And there is always some inmate that has been imprisoned for 25+ years and was innocent as a newborn baby. It is more common than many people think.

      America ain’t never had a problem with torturing people. We set the bar. And I ain’t braggin’, I’m just sayin’. We got some filthy ass shits here and many times, that shit is let loose on innocent people in foreign lands exactly like what happened in the picture I posted. And yet, that shit is considered to be a ‘hero’. I fucking beg to differ. To think that I would be standing on the sidelines of a parade, waving a goddamn flag and saluting that filthy ass shit? Hell nah!

      …and thank you for your comment!


  4. With military whores, it’s all about the paycheck, gettin’ paid bitches. WTF where they thinking in Gitmo, that’s some embarrassing shit right there. Not that the whores regret torturing, humiliating their victims, only that they got caught! I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes on behind closed doors at FEMA (concentration) camps. End of days…


    1. But, they’re cheap whores. They ain’t even ‘high class’. The enlisted grunts are eligible for food stamps and some more public assistance. This link was eye opening to say the least:–military-families-use-record-number-of-food-stamps

      “Military families, military retirees and others with shopping privileges on military bases redeemed nearly $104 million worth of food stamps at commissaries in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. That’s a 5 percent increase from 2012 and the highest it’s ever been.”

      As you can see, the military whores come cheap any time, they’re needing all up on some food stamps and their ‘pimp’ don’t give a shit about ’em because at a time when food stamps have been cut, the ‘pimp’ decided to go up on the prices at the base stores that the military whores grocery shop at. We ain’t even got some smart military whores, dumb, clueless fucks. And if they get fucked up in the head, they end up homeless because what use are they to their ‘pimp’? Exactly!


  5. If you look back over your shoulder and see an old man sitting on the sidewalk with a hand made sign saying ” Shelby I am with you all the way” That will be me. Ready to cover your back at the best of my possibilities. Because in this country is hard to find people like you. And the world need more like you. With all my love. Carlos

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    1. Carlos, you are too kind and I sincerely appreciate that most heartfelt comment. I am quite humbled by your comment and I would be quite honored to know that you are “with me all the way!” I am just so glad that what I write is appreciated by someone, I really am. I hate war and I hate America because the world would not be constantly at war if not for these murdering so-called ‘united states’. There is nothing ‘united’ about this hole called, America. I feel sorry for the people of the world simply because many are made to kowtow to the sick and twisted shits that are at the helm of this vicious trollop that is America.

      Carlos, again, I thank you most sincerely for your comment. It really moved me!


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