“Release That Gorgeous Felon!”


A handsome mug shot of a Northern California man arrested on felony weapons charges has gone viral on social media, attracting more than 33,000 “likes” and drawing comments praising his high cheek bones, chiseled face and striking blue eyes.

Jeremy Meeks, 30, a convicted felon, was arrested Wednesday on five weapons charges and one gang charge, according to Officer Joseph Silva, a spokesman for the Stockton Police Department.


“Let him go! He is just too handsome to jail! Look at those cheekbones! Look at that chiseled face! My! What striking blue eyes! I am going to ‘like’ all up on his felonious ass all over Facebook just as soon as I awaken from my deep and dreamy swoon! Can I re-like him, like a thousand times? Don’t arrest him! He is simply too handsome to be a criminal and there are so many of us who have just fallen in love with that handsome felon. Can’t you mean ole cops just tap him on the wrist, let him go and give him my address? I intend to have a candle light dinner, complete with champagne and roses leading straight from the dinner table to the Jacuzzi. He cannot languish in jail with all of the ugly felons. We must have standards, you know. Ugly felons, inside you go! Handsome, high cheek boned, chiseled faced, blue-eyed felons, step this way, right into my ‘love chamber’.

Whatever he has been accused of, he is innocent. Just look at that face! How could a man with a face like that commit a felony? Exactly! Release him into my custody. I shall take good care of this handsome hunk. Those other ugly ole guys, lock ’em up and throw away the key. This hunk is mine! His bail is set at $900,000? I got it! And I am joining the gang he’s in. We’ll make many little future handsome gang members together. We’ll be faithful to each other and oh gosh, like, I’m about to swoon again!”

I despair of us! I really do! Here is a man who has a record of felony convictions. He has been caught up in some shit by the gang task force and simply because he’s been found to be easy on the eye, dumb ass nitwits are liking his sleazy ass all over Facebook and going nuts over a common criminal. And then we have the nerve to wonder why America is going to hell in a hand basket. It’s because of stupid shit like this.

The world is in chaos, but here in America, we’re distracted by a handsome, chiseled faced, blue-eyed felon to the point where the shit goes viral! For the love of ……!!!!!!!!

14 thoughts on ““Release That Gorgeous Felon!”

  1. Now Shelby he is only a multi-gunned gangland felon. Give him a break would ya?

    In truth what else would one do in god forsaken Stockton? Even Tubularsock would become a felon if he had to live in Stockton!

    Tubularsock has a chiseled face and look where it has gotten him!

    An interesting post however …… the things the social media focus on is a sad commentary on America culture …… dumb shits personified!


    1. Tube, as you can see, I ain’t giving too many breaks these days. Ain’t happenin’. LOL

      But you are so right, what is there to do in bankrupt Stockton? Well, I for one, would have quickly got the hell out! I’m not one for hanging around a place that’s going nowhere FAST! And that’s a fact, and with nothing BUT crime going down in Stockton, it would seem that it IS indeed, the criminals that are holding tight there.

      Now, Tube, you’ve worn many, many hats; pope hats, Liberty’s hat, war room hats and now Secretary of the ‘INFERIOR’ hat, but I don’t have you pegged as wearing a ‘felon’ hat. Not unless the NSA gets fed up with you and hands you over to the Guantanamo crew, but then if you got sent there, I’d already have arrived. So, you’re okay. They ain’t got your cell ready yet. Just so ya know! LMAO!! And don’t forget, I got your back!!!

      Thanks for the comment Tube! Much appreciated!!!


  2. I knew a man once and this story is true, handsome man with genuine yellow eyes. Sunflower yellow. Chiseled physique and the girlies wet their panties upon a single pass of his gaze. However, dude was straight up psychopath and felony hardly spelled out dude’s “issues.” The man would kill you cold just as soon as look at you. So much for the ‘viral’ mug shot.


    1. Skulz, after this shit, I can believe anything! And that is a fact! It is ridiculous how hung up on looks we are to the point where we don’t care that the person is a heartless, crazed, maniac of a monster, so long as he looks good, we’d follow him straight into his lair and never come out, alive. What this says about all those people who ‘liked’ that scoundrel just because he appealed to what ‘handsome’ is depicted as shows just how shallow so many of us are. Quite obviously, it ain’t gonna change anytime soon!

      Thanks for stopping by Skulz! Good to see ya!


  3. Pretty is as pretty does — but most of us don’t really believe it. Always better to look good than do good in this topsy-turvy society. Sigh. It’s truly a shallow world. Maybe too many of us are simply hopelessly immature? I was in a restaurant with my 16-year-old niece one day, and she all but peed her pants after this (okay but not spectacular) guy came in and sat nearby. She stopped eating, whispered “Oh my god … that’s THE most GORGEOUS man I ever saw,” and she spent the rest of our meal staring, giggling, and trying not to be too obvious about it. Made me glad to be old and jaded. I do hope our lame species makes it long enough to grow up a bit more. Thanks for another fine post. – Linda


    1. Linda, you’ve said a mouthful. Yes, it is indeed obvious that it is ‘better to look good than to do good’ because as we all know, only those who look good, do good. The rest of us, well, lock us up already. If you’ve got a face that could launch a thousand ships, you’ve got to be good and on the other hand, if the face could sink a thousand ships, that’s a different story.

      I’ve long since given up on our species but in spite of that, I keep keeping on. We’ve got some lame asses and that’s for sure.

      As for your niece, she will hopefully grow out of that stage. Sign of the times we live in. I too have become extremely jaded and hope that I was never as shallow as the shits that ‘liked’ the monster in this post. When I saw that, I was like, “What the hell?!” “For real?!” Yep, for real.

      Thank you so much for your comment Linda and you’re going to hear a lot more giggling from your niece, just bear with her. LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lol, who does he think he is, Muhammed Ali gone gangsta? Like I’m tooo pretty to go to jail 🙂
    I’m sure he’ll make a fine bitch in prison with them pretty blues. Of course he innocent till proven guilty so we’ll see. What kinda dumb shit stays in Stockton with looks like that? Just take a drive down to LaLa land and go GQ, make u’r millions in Hollywood, modelling or even become a used car salesman, just think man! Damn this ticks me off, dude hits the genetic jackpot and pisses it away. I’m swooning from disbelief!


    1. Exactly 1EarthUnited, he could have used those good looks to his advantage, legally! He could have walked into a car dealership and they would have immediately hired him on the spot and had all the ladies purchasing brand new cars from him, fully loaded and he’d of had every single one of their phone numbers. This guy could have been doing legitimate business and getting paid hand over fist but instead, he chooses a life of crime. I too am swooning, but like you, in disbelief! LMAO!! It just goes to show that obviously good looks and a good brain don’t always go hand in hand. Sigh!! LOL! This guy is as stupid as he is handsome.


  5. Women who crush on pretty bad boys need to grow the “F” up!
    A real man who is smart and caring, who will stay by you through thick and thin is the really beautiful man.

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    1. That is true, Thelibertylamp! Women even sing songs about must have a ‘bad boy’. They like the ‘bad boy’. I want someone who will treat me right. I don’t want some piece of filthy shit that I’d need to put an ankle bracelet on above the one that’s been placed on his ankle by the cops. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with women these days. They don’t even have any love and respect for themselves if all they want is a piece of dirt with a penis. I’d rather have a man who looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but who treats me like I’m supposed to be treated than have some ‘hunk’ that’s treating me like shit. But then, that’s me. I guess I can’t answer for the women that want the bad boy shits. It takes all kinds, I guess.

      And thanks for your comment.


      1. Did you also notice it was his green eyes that made them all swoon? His “anglo” feature was the big prize! Once again, selling out to superficiality and because he was mixed race with coveted white features, his “whiteness” is viewed as too good to pay for his crime.


  6. Ding! Ding! Ding! You take the prize Thelibertylamp! Let his felonious ass have been looking like he just crawled off the slave ship and you wouldn’t have heard a peep from all those stupid skanks that liked all up and down on this piece of filth. But, since he’s mixed and all, we can overlook a lot. If he hadn’t had that ‘anglo’ look, he wouldn’t have garnered one look, much less 33,000 ‘likes’. But hell! Those trashy sluts that ‘liked’ all up and down on this garbage are welcome to ‘im. When they fucking get up with herpes, gonorrhea, genital warts and some ‘mo shit, will they still ‘like’ his ‘anglo’ looking ass quite as much? Not fucking hardly! They’d then be all on “Don’t Date Him Girl.com.” You just can’t make this shit up!! America is filled with some stupid ass shits. And I ain’t braggin’! I’m just sayin’!

    Thanks again Thelibertylamp! Great catch on that one!


    1. Dr. Bramhall, I’ve already gone to the website, but I intend to call the FCC and complain again. We’ve got some major shit going down and this is what gets coverage from one end of this fucked up shithole to the other. This is why they do this because it’s to make us look at this shit and ignore the big shit. Keep the people distracted and before they know it, boom! Another fucking war, we’re in.

      The searches that I’ve gotten for this particular subject are just ridiculous. They’re not searching for information about what the Obama Administration is doing to Iraq or Syria or Afghanistan. They’re busy looking for this shit. These are the searches for today for this piece of garbage.

      gorgeous felon 2
      gorgeous guy with a felony in california 2
      georgeous felon arrested 1
      mug shot of gorgeous man california 1
      Total search terms 6

      There are none for Iraq, not a single one searching for what matters. Does this give you just a hint of how stupid these clueless fucks are here in Stupid Ville, USA? When the shit hits the fan, we will get exactly what we deserve. You can’t wake this shit up! Not when there are handsome felons with high cheek bones, a chiseled face and blue eyes in a mug shot. Americans are fucking useless!

      ..and as always, I thank you for your comment and for the link.


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