Is It Too Late? You Tell Me!


U.S. Economy Contracted Almost 3 Percent in First Quarter

“The U.S. economy contracted much more than previously thought during the first quarter of this year, revised estimates show. Rather than the 1 percent growth the Commerce Department reported last month, gross domestic product fell by 2.9 percent, the worst performance in five years. That brings total growth down by 3 percent since the government first reported its estimates in April. There hasn’t been a larger difference between the second and third revised estimates in 38 years, the Commerce Department said on Wednesday.”

We ain’t doing so good! What a goddamn understatement. The American economy has ‘contracted’. Now what does that mean? It means that the American economy has shrunk, declined, dwindled, decreased, got smaller. It means that the American economy is fucked up and ain’t about to get off life support for some time to come. Actually, the plug is being pulled.

There is talk about inflation as if it hasn’t already hit. Uh…I was in the grocery store just the other day and I’ve got news for those lame ass media clowns, inflation was staring me all up in my not so astonished face. One woman told me that she had just left the meat case because she was sure that she’d need an ambulance to cart her away for having palpitations over the price of meat and she wondered just how people were feeding their families these days. Good thing some people are wondering about that because I’m sure that people who are trying to feed their families are wondering the same thing. What’s it going to be tonight? Ramen noodles AGAIN or rice. You see, the staple, peanut butter is out-priced for many. Have you seen the price of even an off-brand jar of peanut butter? It’s almost right up there with the name brand.

But then, I took a look at something else that just doesn’t add up. Take a look at this.
Updated: 06/25/2014 05:33 ET

DOW 16,867.51 +49.38
NASDAQ 4,379.76 +29.40
S&P 1,959.53 +9.55

The DOW is still at 16,000+ and yet, the economy is ‘contracting’. Inflation has reared its ugly head, food prices have skyrocketed and have you seen the price of gas recently? Why just two weeks ago, I was driven by the gas station and gas was $3.59 a gallon. That was in the morning. By evening, it was $3.69 a gallon. Today, it is $3.89 a gallon.

I did mention inflation, didn’t I? Well, what exactly IS inflation?
a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.

So, as prices increase, sort of like what has been occurring in grocery stores all across America and wages have been stagnant again, all across America, this means that there is less and less purchasing power for the goods and services that have increased in price. No wonder I’m hearing that a great many Americans are holding onto their old vehicles and are having them serviced as opposed to heading to the dealership every two years to trade the old in for the new. Is this not a clear sign that we’ve never come out of the Great DEPRESSION? The lamestream media can hype shit up until the cows come home, go back and come back home again, but the truth will come out in some instances because empty wallets don’t lie. If you ain’t got it because by the time you’ve paid the mortgage/rent, electric/gas bill, phone, cable/internet, medical bills, food, car note/insurance, gas, there is nothing left over for discretionary spending. Family movie night is most likely a finger puppet show behind a sheet. Date night is probably a bottle of Boones Farm Strawberry wine and some Whitehall imitation cheese. Now, I gotta tell you about Whitehall imitation cheese. Don’t buy it! I don’t know what the hell it is. Years ago, when I had to seriously cut corners so damn bad that 50 cent imitation cheese looked good, I bought a package of this Whitehall ‘imitation cheese’ and let me tell you, this is the only thing that could make it unscathed through a nuke attack. I microwaved the shit out of that Whitehall ‘imitation cheese’, opened the microwave door and that shit was like, “is this all you got? Bring it!” I put that goddamn shit into the conventional oven, turned that sucker up to 450 degrees and can ya believe it? Forty minutes later, that fucking shit was smiling and completely unscathed.

You see, imitation this and imitation that is where we’re headed with the ‘contraction’ of the American economy. When Wal-Mart has been pissing and moaning over its dismal sales especially over its low sales of food items, the American economy is contracting. When Target is pissing and moaning and getting rid of top executives to try and rev up its sagging sales figures, the American economy is contracting. When car dealerships all across America are over-inventoried due to Americans holding on to their cars for as long as they possibly can, the American economy is contracting. When food stamps for millions of Americans continue to be cut, the American economy is going to contract. When rents are skyrocketing all across America, the American economy is going to contract. And let me repeat this, when wages all across America, remain stagnant, the American economy is going to contract and if anybody tells you that the ‘Great Recession’ is over, you say, “Whitehall! And I ain’t buying it, motherfuckers!”

And yet, if you look toward Wall Street, you would think that all is well and cozy here in the land of the hypnotized and the afraid. Don’t buy it, it’s Whitehall! It’s smoke and mirrors. It’s an illusion, it ain’t the real deal. Quietly, all over the world, governments are working tirelessly to put paid to the American dollar and as if we don’t have it bad enough already, it’s about to get worse and how! Oh, I’m not trying to scare anyone as there are so many who are already living a ‘worse case’ scenario. It’s just that millions more will soon join them and no, I am not liking this one bit. In fact, I was watching a video just yesterday about ‘going back to the basics’, living off the land and it was real interesting and it’ll probably get more and more popular as we head deeper into uncharted territory. I would recommend that you watch some of those videos of survival in the wild or surviving on nothing or ‘survival guide for the doomed’, or something like. I hope that you’ll never need it, but just in case, it could come in handy. Ya never know!

So, to my fellow Americans, try to remember what is really important, love, life and each other. We couldn’t understand that. But understand this, we have been heading towards a collapse for some time. The safety net has been gutted and yet, the Wall Street players are like the last dancers on the Titanic, wining and dining and having a great old time before the bottom drops out, pretending that we’re not sinking, we’ve just hit a temporary glitch and all will right itself soon. No indeed, that will not be the case. This ship is going down and there are no lifeboats for the millions who will drown in the sea of abject poverty, hopelessness and despair. America has fucked up too many times and has fucked over the world’s people, including her own, too many times for the shit to not come back and bite America’s ass. Unfortunately, the innocent will go down before the guilty do. That is the way it has always been because the guilty can still pay for the illusion while the rest of us behold reality. The reality of inflation, the reality of unpaid bills, the reality of standing in long lines at the food bank, the reality of no discretionary spending, the reality of choosing food over medicine, the reality of water shut-offs like what’s happened in Detroit. Detroit is having mass shut-offs of water for people who are jobless and can’t pay the water bill. This is just the beginning. Soon, there will be mass shut-offs of electricity. What is going to happen when winter sets in? What will people do? What city is next? This is our America people and it is truly sad that this country had so much potential for so many and yet so few took from the many and we passively let them and so now we come to this, a fool’s paradise, a rich man’s dream(for now) in our America.

Is it too late? You tell me….

24 thoughts on “Is It Too Late? You Tell Me!

  1. Tubularsock just loves good news and Shelby you sure have hit a bright spot. Man! Tube sure doesn’t want to cut back from his CEO position at Bunker Madness, Inc.

    Great post. And you have given Tubularsock and idea …….. thanks.


    1. LMAO!!! Tube, let everybody else go at ‘Bunker Madness, Inc.’ but YOU stay put! ROTFLMAO!!! “Bunker Madness’, I fucking LOVE it!!! You see, I come up with ‘good’ news posts hoping to get just such a reaction from you. I know it’s gonna be good and I am NEVER disappointed, au contraire! And ain’t I just swimmin’ in good news? Hell!! If we’re gonna be swimmin’ with the fish, may as well get a good head start. I’m just trying to give the ‘peeps’ a heads up on what’s comin’ just so’s they can prepare a bit for it. I’m ever so helpful, I am I say! LOL!

      Thanks for the thumbs up and the great comment Tube. Many, many thanks and all that ya know!

      Uh..oh! Everyone! Watch out! Tube’s got a good idea! I can’t wait for this and the breath holding commences!


      1. Damn! Shelby. What was Tubularsock thinking? “let everybody else go”! You are soooo creative!
        Hmmm. Firing is so harsh, ahh oh yeah …… permeant administrative leave. That’s the ticket!
        Thanks again ……… It means Tubularsock is going to have to mow the underground lawns, oh well.


    1. LOL!! Thanks Lou! Re-blog to your heart’s content and yeah, bet on The Obama starting some shit that’s to get us out of lagging. Killing vs. lagging? He’ll take ‘killing’ for $200 Alex!!!!

      That lying, hypocritical, worthless, drone striking, filthy piece of shit has never ceased with the shit stirring. One of these days, some country with the might is going to wipe this decreasing ass shithole clean on up off the map! And like I’ve said before, “it won’t hardly fuck up my motherfucking day!”

      Thanks again Lou! Down here, we’re lagging AND sagging AND some more shit, but we’re still ‘exceptional’ and don’t you forget it! LOL!! Just funning with ya!


      1. Thank 1EarthUnited. Yes, many of us are trying. Just not enough and some help of a different kind would dare I say, “HELP!!!!” We fucking need it and quick!

        Again, thanks!


  2. “Tube has just posted his idea. You set him up! Thanks.”

    ROTFLMAO!! Anytime Tube, anytime! And Tube, I just posted a comment over there! LMAO!!! You DA MAN!!!! I’ve got your goddamn medal right here! It’s ALL yours! You take the prize, the medal, the honors, here! You take it all!!!! LMAO!!! And just so ya know, tears of laughter are still streaming down my face!!! The best comedian in the world’s got nothing on you!!! Gee whiz, I’m glad that I don’t live next door to you, because I’d need to be hooked up to oxygen 24/7 but it would be ALL good!!

    Thanks again Tube, you’re the BEST!!!


      1. The honor is mine Shelby, indeed keep crankin’ out the message! Now I need to buy me some Whitehall cheese and spike it pharmaceutical grade smelling salts… My fellow Amerikkkans, mmmm open wide!


  3. “let everybody else go”! You are soooo creative!
    Hmmm. Firing is so harsh, ahh oh yeah …… permeant administrative leave. That’s the ticket!’

    Tube, I know how much you just love being a ‘one man’ show and all. You can do it all as has been proven time and time again. I mean, you’re like, everywhere at once and not many people can accomplish that amazing fete. Hat’s off!

    And see how a little play on words can make all the difference? Now I would feel better if someone told me that I would be taking, ‘permanent administrative leave’ as opposed to, “you’re fired!” That is indeed, SO extremely harsh sounding. Whereas, ‘permanent administrative leave’ has a better ring to it, it’s so mellow and soothing and calming and it lets you know that you used to be somebody and now you’re just ‘a little less somebody’ as opposed to being FIRED, the absolute ultimate! LOL!

    And don’t worry, I volunteer to help you cut the grass in the underground bunker. What an easy job that’ll be. I’ll volunteer anytime for that duty. Now see, we managed to turn such a doom and gloom post into a real ‘pick me up’! You know there just might be something after all in that great American ‘exceptionalism’. LOL!!

    Thanks Tube!


      1. Do we just give up? Oh hell no way no. We lurk hunkered just inside the darkened doorway waiting, plotting, planning, and when the situation seems right we spring into action and unleash singing shotguns. Loud if not raucous songs of redemption and freedom!


  4. Shelby, Thanks for another great post! That, er, cheese-like stuff you mentioned sounds great … rather like some fish we got once; it looked okay, and didn’t smell any worse than most fish when I cooked it. But my partner couldn’t eat it, the dog wouldn’t eat it, and the racoons and stray cats didn’t touch it in three days on the back step — cold weather, so it held up that long before trash day.

    But do they really still have Boone’s Farm wine? That was some good stuff. Must be what they do with Kool-aid after its sell-by date. Sigh. Feels like we’re all past our sell-by date these days. Interesting times we have, worse luck. – Linda


    1. Linda, I neglected to mention just what the cheese refused to do. That shit just would NOT melt for anything! You know how cheese is supposed to be ooey and gooey and melty? Well, Whitehall imitation cheese said, “Forget about it, ain’t fucking happnin’! LOL!! And to be fair, it did say ‘imitation’ and it was on sale for 50 cent so I should have known something but damn, I nuked it and damn near broiled it and that shit looked just like I had taken it out of the package.

      LMAO! Yep Linda, they still sell Boones Farm. Back in my Whitehall ‘imitation’ cheese days, I was into some Boones Farm and to keep me grounded, I keep a couple of bottles for old times sake and I tried one just the other week. It was peach flavored and I am not kidding. It’s still got a kick to it. I felt relaxed and mellow, let me tell you. LOL!! Now, what they don’t make anymore is Pink Champale and Golden Champale. I used to drink that and it seems that many things that I used to like, they just stopped making it. I guess I’ve got strange tastes or something.

      Linda, here’s hoping that our ‘expiration’ date ain’t no time soon! We’re still kicking and may we continue even with our luck! Take care and thank you so much for your comment!


  5. My first reaction on seeing your very suggestive graph was that it needs a bit of Viagara. But I guess they don’t have Viagara for economies.

    With the economy shrinking, inflation will be forced to switch to deflation within the near future. Retailers will have no choice – they will either have to close or cut prices. I’m not sure how much this will affect food prices because it appears that food prices are being dictated by speculation in food commodities by Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

    One thing being in New Zealand has taught me is how poor people cope with long term poverty. I get the sense that New Zealand never really recovered from the recession that hit in the early 90s. People with marketable skills go to Australia or Britain (about a million have left in the last few decades).

    Those without skills move to the countryside because it’s much easier to be poor here. Only 50% of Kiwis live in big cities, in contrast to 80% in the US. As the economy deteriorates, people with any access to land grow veggies and raise chickens for eggs and meat, as well as shooting rabbits and wild boar. Here in New Plymouth, there’s an active movement dedicated to shifting towards a cash-less community. People have set up monthly crop swaps in at least 3 neighborhoods and we also have a Time Bank, where people can trade volunteer hours for skilled services.

    We have also set up community gardens at several schools and community centers for families who don’t have access to land.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, your Viagra comment made me laugh and that’s not an easy thing for me to do these days.

      Well, it can inflate and deflate, it don’t hardly matter to me. If everyone ends up on the goddamn streets, it won’t fuck up my motherfucking day, buleeedat!!

      Even though there are poor people in New Zealand, it seems to me that you guys, for the most part, have the sense enough to know what to do to mitigate the issues resulting from poverty. Those of us in the U.S. don’t know what the hell to do. We do know one thing though, it ain’t no goddamn use in contacting those who were supposedly elected to represent us. We can expect no quarter there and so we go from doom to gloom.

      Thanks Dr. Bramhall and you guys continue to rock it over there!


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