Heads Up! I Am About To Go The Fuck Off! If You Have Delicate Sensibilities, Stop Reading!


On my most recent post, I mentioned this topic, but I did not delve into it. But I read something that consumed me with hate and rage!!

“Welcome to Detroit’s water war – in which upward of 150,000 customers, late on bills that have increased 119 percent in the last decade, are now threatened with shut-offs. Local activists estimate this could impact nearly half of Detroit’s mostly poor and black population – between 200,000 and 300,000 people.’

The situation in Detroit has gotten so bad that the United Nations was called to step in. This is not just a human rights issue, this is about racism and crimes against humanity, crimes against a certain ethnic group and since that is the case, where is the goddamn Federal Government in all of this? Why hasn’t Obama stepped in and laid down the goddamn law? Why hasn’t something been done to nip this shit in the bud? Why is this being allowed to happen? Because the majority of Detroit’s citizens are Black and therefore are of no account. Can I get anymore blunt than that? Hell yeah! And I intend to. Now fucking read this shit!

“The official rationale for the water shut-downs – the Detroit Water Department’s need to recoup millions – collapses on inspection. Detroit’s high-end golf club, the Red Wing’s hockey arena, the Ford football stadium, and more than half of the city’s commercial and industrial users are also owing – a sum totalling $30 million. But no contractors have showed up on their doorstep.”

I fucking wonder why! Like hell I do, they’re not some poor Black person who has lost their job and therefore, their ability to pay their goddamn water bill. What poor Black person is a member of Detroit’s high-end golf club? And how in the world does a high-end golf club owe on a water bill in the first goddamn place? Oh, that’s right! Because it can, being high-end and all! And isn’t that just something? The hockey arena owes, the football stadium owes and more commercial and industrial water users owe and ain’t a goddamn city official standing in the doorway demanding immediate payment and if not receiving it, shutting the fucking water off. But if you’re Black, there are no exceptions, no delays, no consideration for your children, your fucking water’s getting shut off.

Water is a necessity of life. We ALL need water to survive. Black people survive off of the same things that white people do. We are not sub-human. We are not three-fifths of a person. We are 100% goddamn human and yet, we are treated like we are America’s mortal enemy. I am fucking sick and goddamn tired of it! I cannot imagine what it must be like to be a child in Detroit right now. I cannot imagine what a little Black child must feel after reading about the fact that Black people all across Detroit are getting their water shut-off and yet fancy, smancy clubs, arenas and stadiums that owe on water bills still have running water. What does that say to that poor child? It says to them that you are of not account. You are a thing. You’re of no consequence. It destroys their sense of self worth. It destroys their innocence. It takes something from them that they may never be able to get back; dignity, strength, resilience, hope. And as if this is not bad enough. Keep reading!

“There is one other way the situation in Detroit would never have come to pass: if this was a city predominantly of white people instead of black. Too much of America views Detroit like the policemen viewed Charity – as deviant, inferior and beyond repair. This racism has meant decades of block-busting, red-lining, police brutality and the legislative punishment of the city. And it has done something more insidious: it has written off the people of Detroit.”

“The attitude was expressed in a recent statement of L Brooks Patterson, the elected executive of the mostly white Detroit suburb of Oakland: “I made a prediction a long time ago, and it’s come to pass. I said, ‘What we’re going to do is turn Detroit into an Indian reservation, where we herd all the Indians into the city, build a fence around it, and then throw in the blankets and corn.'”

Of course the blankets would be infected with something much like the smallpox blankets and the corn would be poisonous and addictive like crack. No doubt about that shit! And then people have the nerve to wonder how hate is propagated. Just read the above two paragraphs and that about sums it up. What you see here is why what is happening in Detroit is going to spread. It will spread to your white bread world and I for one, cannot wait. I cannot wait for the shit to hit the fan in a suburb near you. In fact, I cannot wait until the shit storm that is due hits you. I hope that you will know worse than what those poor little Black children in Detroit know. I hope that when the shit hits you, it never lets up. I hope that for those of you who believe in god and if you call on him that he turns his back and spits. I hope that you only know trouble, strife, hunger, pain, heartache and that the evil that is what holds you together will soon collapse your ass and I mean every goddamn word that I have typed. No more Miss Fucking Nice! Every goddamn so-called Black city in America is being gutted, torn to pieces, pissed on, put on lockdown, gentrified, sold to the highest bidder. And the comments from the whites on social media about those cities are on par with what is being done to them. I fucking hope like hell that all you nasty ass white motherfuckers end up in some form of hell. It would still be too good for the likes of you! And don’t fucking ‘like’ this! This ain’t about getting ‘likes’. These are MY people who are getting shitted on, left and right. It ain’t about you, white motherfuckers! It’s about what you’re doing to MY people. And don’t come all up in here talking some shit about what you understand. You don’t understand a goddamn thing, white motherfuckers ’cause you ain’t Black! It is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!!!!


Oh, you poor Black Child In Detroit!

Oh, you poor Black child in Detroit,
your mama must so be distraught.
The water that you need to survive
and to keep you hydrated and alive
in the sweltering heat of the day
was shut off because your mama couldn’t pay.

Oh, you poor Black child in Detroit,
your mama must be overwrought.
You can’t brush your teeth and take a bath
because you can’t escape the white man’s wrath.
They can never take enough from you.
And at you, so much hate they will spew.

Oh, you poor Black child in Detroit,
you don’t know the battles that were fought
by the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement
and when I look around, there is no improvement
when your cries still fall on deaf ears
and now to wash, you must use your own tears.

Oh, you poor Black child in Detroit,
those who came before you were bought.
Sweet child, you’re not the one to blame.
They were stolen by those who had no shame.
Your eyes have been awakened now to hate
and I wish that I could say, “I can’t relate!”

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

23 thoughts on “Heads Up! I Am About To Go The Fuck Off! If You Have Delicate Sensibilities, Stop Reading!

  1. It was only last summer that emergency management officials shut off the power during a heatwave just because they could. Where is the POTUS, indeed? This is beyond unconscionable and your anger is justified. This is also similar to Israel’s cutting off water supplies in the occupied territories which is a good description for Detroit, an occupied territory run by unelected officials subservient to the bankers and corporate shot callers. A war can be waged without firing a single shot and as you’ve stated…these are acts of war. Thank you for sharing this, Shelby.


    1. Thank you for your comment Jeff. I had to wait until I calmed down in order to respond to the comments. I do appreciate each and every single comment but I am madder than hornets in a disturbed nest. I expect to be picked up any minute because I have been placing phone calls and have I cussed up a blue streak or what? And at every politician that I could think of between the Midwest and Washington, DC. The goddamn gloves are off and I don’t fucking care who I antagonize. This ain’t about me. Those people in Detroit are suffering and people don’t seem to care that little children could end up fucked up for life over this.

      And just where the hell are we? Bangladesh? Madagascar? The Sudan? When people are calling for the UN to step in? Seriously? What does that say to the world about conditions in this shithole? We’re busy shelling out money to fund a coup in Ukraine and sending more soldiers into Iraq and funding military bases all over the world and yet we have no problem with children who live by the Great Lakes having no water? This just makes no fucking sense at all! And that piece of shit in the White House ain’t said a goddamn word about ANY of this! I fucking despair of us!!!

      But again, thank you for your comment!


  2. You nailed it Shelby, O’bummer ain’t black, he can’t relate to the poor or disadvantaged. He might as well be Irish cause his blood is tainted $green, no disrespect to the Irish, but O’bummer is one corrupt MF! The US gov’t has billions to spend on war, yet can’t even help out on domestic issues as critical as this?! When thousands have no water that is considered a crisis, a state of emergency, an “unnatural” disaster created by the policies of this administration. And yes I blame these f**kers for creating inflation by their indiscriminate spending and collapsing the $. But no, it’s not a crisis if the gov’t can’t capitalize on it. If there’s no payoff to contractors or impacts a company’s bottom line, which in some way enriches the politicians, then sorry u’r shit outta luck.
    U’r right tho, this will only spread throughout the country and when it hit’s u’r suburban neighborhood, don’t say you haven’t been warned. You know the old saying: either we stand together, or most assuredly fall apart! Just the tip of the iceberg…


    1. I have been saying for some time that that lying piece of hypocritical shit in the White House cannot relate to the poor. He don’t fucking care! He’s got his and he’s owned lock, stock and barrel by the very same shits that are hell bent on turning Detroit into a quagmire and damn well succeeding. What is going down in Detroit is corruption at its worst. The filth that is behind the shutting off of the water should long since have been kicked the hell out of Detroit. But all that is going down is by design. They know who is adversely impacted by the water shut off and so who the fuck cares about some poor Black folks? No one that can or will do a goddamn thing about it. That is quite obvious as the situation continues, unabated.

      How in the world do we not even try to hide our dirty shit anymore? Does this tell you that you can expect more where this came from? They’re not even trying to hide what’s being done and it is not going to end with Detroit. They will destroy every so-called Black city and then it will be on to the next. What fucking comes around, goes around and the shit ain’t through hitting the fan yet, not by a long shot! Just stay tuned.

      …and thank you for your comment!


      1. Needless to say these are hard times anywhere. Folks in Detroit who happen to be reading this post, do what you have to do to make right by u’r family and kids! Desperate times call for desperate measures, when the water man comes shutting of u’r water, turn the shit back on! Little known fact, Walmart, Tru Value Hardware, Lowes sell these CURB KEY OR METER KEY.
        Do u’rself a favor and google it, nuff said problem solved!
        Just don’t get caught or basturds will send you to FEMA camps. 😦


  3. An excellent post Shelby. Well done. You would have blown Tubularsock’s shocks off with this one but Tube is barefoot today. It is interesting that as I was posting my new post on this subject my email indicated that you had just posted yours. I had to go back an add a link to your site. Damn Girl, you are ahead of me again.

    Keep them coming ………….


    1. Tube, I’ll be over your way shortly and thank you so much for plugging this one. I know, I can’t believe that I’ve been keeping ahead of you. That is quite an accomplishment. I’ve knocked my own socks off over this one and how!! But both barrels are loaded and I ain’t holding nothing back! Good girl gone bad than a motherfucker and that is the goddamn truth!

      …as for keeping ’em coming, I’m going to try! Thanks again Tube, you’re the best!


  4. “I made a prediction a long time ago, and it’s come to pass. I said, ‘What we’re going to do is turn Detroit into an Indian reservation, where we herd all the Indians into the city, build a fence around it, and then throw in the blankets and corn.’”
    This remark is DISGUSTING! We need to start the guillotining with this Brooks fucker and Kevyn Orr, and then move quickly on to that worthless piece of shit, Rick Snyder!
    And then there’s the behavior of the current buffoon in the WH — his lack of even one word concerning this shows what an oreo he really is! I have a friend who lives in Detroit with her mother and brother — I need to send her an email and see if there’s anything I can do to help her …
    Great article Shelby! 🙂


    1. Ain’t it though Wolfess? That remark blew my head clean on up off my shoulders. I saw red and the dragon took over. I ain’t hardly calmed down yet. I’ve been on the phone cussing and carrying on. Why the men in white coats ain’t came and hauled my ass away is a mystery to me. Why I’m not cooling my heels in Guantanamo is a mystery to me. But I’ll give it time. I even called the goddamn White House and let ’em have it! I don’t fucking give a damn who don’t like what the fuck I say. Those poor people in Detroit don’t hardly like having no water and ain’t nobody bending over backwards to right that shit.

      I don’t know anyone from Detroit but if I did, I would be checking on them myself so what you propose to do is a great idea Wolfess. I hope they’re coping, bless ’em each and every one. May they hang tight and stay strong. Have mercy!!

      …and thanks for the encouraging comment Wolfess. I really appreciate it!


      1. I tweeted the current buffoon in the WH about this yesterday and told him if he didn’t do something to change this situation then I would be helping Boehner [sue him]! So if they come after me can I ask to be in the same cell with you at Gitmo? 🙂


  5. Here’s my tweets to the buffoon:
    Barack Obama ‏@BarackObama Jun 26
    Chip in today and put your name alongside those fighting for change: http://ofa.bo/axQtwitter.com/wq8pT7ri7H
    power to the peons! ‏@wiccanwolfess
    @BarackObama The only change I want to see is you helping the folks in Detroit; otherwise I’m all in favor of Boehner suing you!

    Barack Obama ‏@BarackObama Jun 25
    Chip in today to help support the movement that’s making progress where it counts: http://ofa.bo/rvS twitter.com/HYXmHCKjXq

    power to the peons! ‏@wiccanwolfess
    @BarackObama I’ll donate to Detroit so black families don’t have to go without water — you need to stand up for these folks NOW!


    1. Wolfess thank you! And that was truly inspirational. I am going to pledge a donation also and just hope that it gets to the intended recipients. With so many fraudulent and scam organizations that are out there, I’ve always been somewhat skeptical of donating. But sometimes, you just have to take a chance and hope for the best.

      I left twitter months ago because I’m not one for tweeting and I’ve gotten off of Facebook because I never used it and I didn’t like it to begin with. But I am for sure going to check out how to make a donation to those poor souls in Detroit. If their own goddamn worthless and useless ass government can’t be bothered then I guess it’s us to the rescue, AGAIN!!! This shit doesn’t even make any goddamn sense! SIGH!!!!!


  6. I sent a scathing email to the White House also AFTER phoning over there and we could most likely end up in Gitmo and if they won’t allow us in the same cell, maybe we can be next door. If you hear me yelling and screaming, get ready, they’re coming for you next. We’ll all be in deep shit as if we ain’t already in it! I swear Wolfess, I ain’t never seen nothing like this! This is some crazy shit! And THAT is putting it mildly!


    1. You know how when you’re REALLY sick and if you’re at all coherent you wonder if you’re ever going to feel decent again? This is what is happening in this country — it’s REALLY sick, and those of us who still have half a brain are beginning to despair of this country even seeming normal again.

      Now let me tell you about my latest furbaby … she turned 2 months old yesterday and she’s still tinier than any of my schnauzers (but not by much) and her name is Chaco, Wolfess of the Beltane! She’s an Old English Sheepdog; I bought a crib mattress to put in the back of the Element so she’d have somewhere comfortable to be when we take her and Musket with us. The last time we took the ‘truck’ in for service we had them take the back seats out so she would have the run of the entire back — so far she has curled up in the ONE spot that doesn’t have anything soft for her to lay on! We took them with us to grocery shop a few days ago and when I came out from the second store she was sound asleep on the bag of groceries that had all the cold stuff in it — I took pictures. 🙂


  7. Shelby, I almost don’t have words for this. No polite ones, for sure. After decades of preying on, and trash-talking Detroit and all our northern rust-belt cities, those who’ve gottenn obscenely fat by it havve apparently convinced enough Americans that our brothers and sisters in Detroit have no rights which we are bound even to recognize, far less respect or give a shit about. If we don’t in one big hurry realize that our fucking heartless corporate elite will as cheerfully (or indifferently) do this same number on all of us, we may not like much about our future, such as it is. Why in hell do we think it’s been called disaster capitalism anyway? I need to say, and do, more about this one, but I can’t get past the watching-the-train-wreck horror and rage yet.

    And this will shock you. I get mountains of emails every damn day, seeking donations, phone calls, and signatures for everything from saving coral reefs to overturning Citizens United to preserving net neutrality. So far — Not one save-Detroit petition, not one drive for money to take water and port-a-johns to Detroit. Nothing. There’s more evidence of concern for South Sudan refugees than for the people of Detroit. Okay, I know, you’ve covered all this, far better than my feeble spluttering here. But damn, we pretend this is a civilized goddamn country! People are fined and maybe put in jail for depriving animals of water. How can we just blow this off? I’m sorry, I do need to shut the hell up until I have something better to offer. Thanks for a great post, and forgive my helpless rant here. – Linda


    1. Linda, what you’ve written is so very true. People cannot or will not comprehend that what is happening in Detroit can and will come to a suburb near them. After they finish turning Detroit into a ghost town, they’ll simply set their sights on another and another until there is nothing left for any of us. And there in lies the problem. Many people still don’t see it as an US problem. To them, it is a ‘their’ problem and therefore, not my problem.

      And no, I am not shocked because I’ve read the hateful comments directed at the so-called Black city of Detroit by the whites. So the fact that no organization or agency is trying to aid Detroit is not surprising. I just wish it were so. And for some odd reason, it seems to make people feel special by donating to some refugees in Sudan rather than refugees that live here in America. Look at what was said about the poor Black people who could not make it out of New Orleans when Katrina hit. They were blamed for being too poor and for not hopping into their SUVs, gassing up with the credit cards and getting the fuck out of Dodge. So no, I am not surprised by anything anymore, just sadly sick of it all and filled with rage and anger that in this day and age, we have still come no farther than we have when we can still look at one another and see ‘color’ and not just see another human being.

      You don’t need to shut the hell up! You don’t see me shutting up and as long as there is a post up, feel free to have your say. You see, I don’t hold back and neither should you! Thank you very much Linda for that wonderful comment! I sincerely mean that!


  8. Besides being immoral and a crime against humanity, this is outright stupidity. The reason local communities started providing safe clean water to begin with was to get a handle on infectious epidemics like typhoid, typhoid fever, hepatitis, cholera and infantile diarrhea that ravaged US cities during the 19th century.

    People are going to keep drinking water, even if you turn off the tap. If you allow them to drink dirty water, it’s going to cost taxpayers far more money in the long run ’cause they’re going to be dealing with a whole lot of nasty epidemics.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, it is quite obvious really. They don’t care if poor people die. That has been the plan all along. Why do you think nothing is being done about the homeless epidemic? If they let them remain homeless, eventually they will be found dead, that is if they’re not locked up on vagrancy charges and left to rot in FOR profit prisons. It’s never going to let up and that is why we keep trying to get people to understand that they are fast running out of time because as I’ve stated in a previous comment, TPTB are no longer even attempting to try and hide the shit. They’re open and blatant with it and with the UN having been called in and appeals made to the state of Michigan over the Detroit water shut-off situation, what have we heard? Not a goddamn peep!

      And as far as costing taxpayers more, when has that ever bothered this fucked up irresponsible government? We don’t ever do the right thing. We don’t ever take a proactive approach, we’re all for reactive. We don’t bother to try and head shit off, we wait until the shit’s done gone and bust loose before we act upon it. That’s the American way, fucking procrastinate over it or ignore it. And what is considered to be Detroit’s problem is obviously just going to be ignored.

      And as always Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your contribution!


    2. Dr. B, you are absolutely correct. However the cost to the “taxpayer” is not a problem. The corporate privatization game is based on the concept of privatization of profit and socialization of loss. If it was the other way around things would change rapidly!


  9. I feel you so much on this one and I won’t be one of those ones that say, “now what we gonna do?” What can you do? They selling houses for a dollar so let’s go buy one. And then what? This mess to me seems orchestrated to free up some land.

    If you don’t remember the past we are bound to repeat it.


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