“ISIS, Please Protect Us!”


Isis was a protective goddess. She used powerful magic spells to help people in need. Isis was the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus. Since each pharaoh was considered the ‘living Horus’, Isis was very important.

Isis, please protect us from those who would do us harm.
Keep us safe and sound and warm in the midst of every storm.

Hell was unleashed by the harlot of the West.
And though the ISIS rebels try, can they lay the whore to rest?

She’s a mean and spiteful bitch, a destroyer of all the world.
Her own people she let’s suffer; upon her dead, a flag’s unfurled.

Oh Isis, slay the whore and stop her deadly dance.
Grant the world the might to defeat her, give the innocent another chance.

To the victor goes the spoils and to those who are in their grave,
may they rise and take this whore that has no soul to save.

The western whore doth writhe in the final throes of death.
Oh Isis, Isis, Isis, destroy this whore’s wealth.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

America is the ISIS of the world. The people of the world need the protection from the mythical goddess, Isis from the western harlot, the western whore. America created ISIS because America is ISIS. America is as much a terrorist organization as any organization named a ‘terrorist organization’ by America, the world’s terrorist organization. Only by defeating the creator of terror will there be peace because the creator of terror will continue to create terror all over the world. You don’t think that all of those military bases that the western whore has all over the world are there to promote peace, do you? They are there to protect the interests of the western whore.

America, the ISIS of the world, the western whore has abandoned her own people. If this whore would abandon her own people, just what do you think it would do to the rest of the world? Exactly what this nasty, diseased whore IS doing to the rest of the world, destroying it!

America, the western whore is in her final death throes but she still has the ability to fuck up the world’s goddamn day and she will do so, make no mistake on that. America has been in destruct mode even upon its inception. Google how many wars have been started by America. Look up how many Indian tribes were destroyed in America to take this land and build this western, diseased whore. Never think for a moment that this whore is a benevolent whore. This whore must get paid and she’s not satisfied with that which she has stolen, but she covets what you have for she is a greedy ass whore!

Those of you in foreign lands who think we have it so good living as we do in the bowels of a whore, think again! Look to Detroit, a city that was bankrupted, not by the innocent people who live there, but by the same bankers that got bailed out by taxpayers and then turned on those very same taxpayers and now those who live in Detroit are thinking that they are actually in Bangladesh, living without running water and a lack of sanitation. This is what the western whore will do to its own people. Look at what happened to the people of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. Those poor people who had not the means to make it out of the city were treated like dogs and some were shot down like dogs. This is what the western whore will do to its own people. Remember the Civil Rights Movement and why there even had to be a Civil Rights Movement. Remember why the Voting Rights Act of 1965 had to be enacted and now the Supreme Court has gutted the hell out of that. Remember the Vietnam War. Remember Iran-Contra. Remember the sanctions that have debilitated entire nations and countries orchestrated by the western whore just because the whore could do it. Remember how the western whore wanted to bomb Syria over the alleged use of chemical whens when there has NEVER been a point in time when the western whore has failed to use them on perceived enemies, regardless of whether they were an enemy or not. Never forget that the western whore used chemical weapons on the people of Iraq. The western whore is vile, depraved, insidious, hypocritical, devious and deceitful. But know this, the western whore is never benevolent with no strings attached.

Seek help from the western whore and kiss your ass goodbye for this particular whore spreads her disease like nobody’s business, insidiously!

4 thoughts on ““ISIS, Please Protect Us!”

  1. The Great Whore of Babylon-On-The-Potomac. So on the Seventh Day of Apocalypso, the nasty bitch opened it’s mouth and the hellish sulfurous stench of arrogant hubris washed out over the Good Earth and life withered in recoil.
    “God, how might such a thing exist to cause such horror?” Came the cry from innocent souls that are the collateral damage, the human wreckage left wasted by the demonic minions of greed.


    1. “The Great Whore of Babylon-On-The-Potomac,” sums it up! This whore has the stench of death because that is what she brings, that is what she unleashes on an unsuspecting world. But thanks to the internet, the world now knows what the western whore will bring; death, destruction, chaos, calamity and immense suffering. This whore is no respecter of persons or nations and will trample anyone and anything in her path to acquire ever more riches at the cost to us all!

      This whore, even in her death throes, is not going down without a fight. And the world patiently waits for this whore to die from her many diseases. I would say to the world, “don’t be too patient!”

      ….thank you ever so much for that comment that fits in with this post most perfectly!!



  2. Our New Zealand prime minister, also a whore, is a global investment banker and former member of the NY Federal Reserve. He’s just agreed to back US air strikes on Iraq – despite the fact that NZ refused to join in the first invasion of Iraq in 2003 (due to massive public opposition). He’s angling for NZ to get a seat on the Security Council – to help him in our Sept 20 elections. It’s really sickening watching him suck up to John Kerry, the world’s best known pimp: http://www.3news.co.nz/John-Key-backs-US-plan-for-Iraq/tabid/417/articleID/349501/Default.aspx


    1. It’s quite sickening to watch as all of this unfolds. Simply because America’s puppet was installed in Iraq who asked for help from us was no reason for America to go minding Iraq’s business again. Just what the hell do we expect to do now? We are the cause of the chaos that is now Iraq. The U.S. should be the last country running over to Iraq to take care of a goddamn thing. We only fuck up everything we touch. The U.S. wouldn’t even be last in line of who I’d be seeking help from. And John Kerry gets more ridiculous every time he opens his pie hole. I cannot believe that that piece of shit was almost president but then again, we ain’t had much luck in the way of presidential material, not at all.

      So sorry that you guys are having a whore problem. One whore sucking up to another whore, ain’t that a bitch? Yeah and we’re ALL gonna fix things in Iraq! I’m not placing any bets on a better outcome! Those poor people, we just keep making their life more and more miserable while Americans are busy wondering what sheer outfit will that trashy slut Kim Kartrashcan strut around in next. But we’re the ones that’s oppressed. We need to fucking talk to the people of Iraq about that!

      Thanks Dr. Bramhall, much appreciated is your comment.


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