Oppressed And Defeated!


I know that I’m oppressed and there’s nothing I can do.
They work my ass to death and they do the same to you.
When could we find the time to protest the status quo?
What’s the point of even trying, just put a tag on my toe.

Defeated is what we are because we never even tried.
We never stood as one, we were never unified.
Our burden is our debt, it’s a heavy cross we bear.
We’ll never stand and fight and it’s because we wouldn’t dare.

We’ll all just trudge along, such weary souls are we.
And to our masters all, we shall turn to them and plea,
that they spare us just a bit and get up off our neck.
But if we rock the boat, then we may not get our check.

They have won and we have lost and no battle was ever fought.
We’re oppressed and indebted because of all the things we bought.
Someone crunched the numbers and I know how much I owe.
I’ll be a slave to my oppressors, the ones who run the show.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

I want to make one thing clear. I understand all too well that many of us are overworked and just too tired to see straight, but be that as it may, that should not stop us from standing up for ourselves. To make excuses for doing nothing about the fact that we aid our oppressors in their oppressing of us by buying into and buying all the shit that is shoved at us is on us. I have worked two jobs, took care of a home and still managed to make a difference and I do understand that everyone is not me, but I am certain that they did not break the mold when attempting to make people who refuse to lie down and take being walked over, day in and day out. There comes a time when we each must want to stop being an enabler and a victim and take a stand. If we don’t do it, don’t expect anyone else to do it for us. We Americans are not the only people overworked in this world, but we seem to be among the few who refuse to find the time to fight back. We want things to be easy and if we have to fight for it, then we won’t do it. And since that is the case, then expect nothing to change. You’ll get exactly what you’ve been getting, truckloads of shit and told to, “Get to shoveling ’cause it’s getting deep!”

6 thoughts on “Oppressed And Defeated!

    1. Rajiv, these people absolutely refuse to stand up for themselves. They’re actually afraid to take vacations now because they’re terrified that their job won’t be there when they return. When things were not as bad as they are now, you still couldn’t pry Americans away from their desk and now that the shit has hit the fan and many are holding on to a job by a mere thread, they’d better not even look as though they’re about to ask for vacation. We just quietly acquiesced to everything that we’ve been hit with and when those who oppress people find out just how much they are willing to take, they’ll keep at it and that is what we see today. They’re getting exactly what they’ve allowed to happen and have no one but themselves to blame.

      I thank you for your comment.


  1. Have you seen the commercial with the dumb ass guy sitting on his couch with the streaming play station and dude is happy as a clam AS with his play station he can stream the television and game, watch tv, talk on his cell phone all at the same time and this clueless if not flatulent piece of oblivious feels “empowered.”
    America deserves all the misery that karmically awaits. A people commercialized unto being brain dead.


    1. Brain dead, about covers it. What we worship is not freedom and democracy, justice and human rights for all. What we worship is what can be purchased with a credit card so that we can sit our fat asses down and chomp on some Ho-Hos and look around for the goddamn remote. The only thing that will get us up off our ass is a Black Friday sale too good to miss. We will then stampede the goddamn store, trample and beat each other up over some useless shit that’ll probably get broken during the melee. Most Americans don’t have the sense God gave a goat.

      We have the nerve to wonder why we’re constantly getting shitted on, fucked up and some more shit. It’s ’cause we’re fucking stupid and by now, who don’t fucking know how stupid most Americans are? Hell! Just check us out, we’ve even got television shows titled, “World’s Dumbest,” but in reality, it’s America’s dumbest because we’ve got the rest of the world beat in that competition. Most Americans refuse to even pick up a book these days. The only thing they can read is some jumbled characters on a text screen. And to prove my point, book stores are closing left and right. I do understand that Kindle and the ebooks are popular, but I want an actual book in my hands and I know goodness goddamn well that Kindles ain’t selling better than video games. And yeah, I’m SO fucking empowered because I killed my enemy in the video game, “Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…..!”

      Thank you for stopping in Skulz! Much appreciated! And I just love that ‘killer’ comment! You are SO fucking right, we are getting and are going to get even more of what we deserve; stupid, useless, clueless, hypnotized fuckers that most Americans are!


  2. In contemporary US society, you don’t just have oppression, you also have psychological oppression. People are brainwashed to believe that they’re responsible for their own oppression – and offered an unlimited supply of alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc. to numb the pain of their own self-hatred.

    The only way I know to break through the psychological oppression is to convince people that their misery isn’t their fault – that it’s the fault of the fat bastards who control our so-called democracies.


    1. In some cases, misery IS their fault! I have seen babies dressed from head to toe in designer get-up and that is ridiculous and the parent is somewhere whining that they’ve got no food. We Americans are all about appearances and that is where we stop, appearance without substance. We will indebt ourselves to pieces to acquire whatever is considered to be “all the rage.’ We will hand over the title of our ‘PAID FOR’ vehicle to a title loan company so that we can go out and buy a big ass TV so that they continue with the brainwashing. Now who is THAT on? We must take some responsibility for some of the shit that befalls us.

      When we refuse to put down a video game long enough to figure out just what the hell our government is doing to other people in distant lands, that shit is on us. When the government turns on us and starts gutting the safety net, that’s on us because we will stand in a long line to buy a new Apple product, but we refuse to do a goddamn thing about the erosion of our rights, about mass surveillance or about anything of any importance. We’re too busy trying to obtain the latest gadget that just came down the pike. We can’t even be bothered to find a country on a map that our fucking government is hell bent on destroying. We’re some dumb fucks and we want to remain, dumb fucks.

      I understand about oppression only too goddamn well, being Black and all but that doesn’t mean that I am going to just quietly and calmly take whatever is being thrown at me, I’m fucking fighting back. I’m not on some suck my thumb and “woe is me,” shit! In this day and age, there is no need for the masses to continue to be brainwashed when the information is out there but they refused to look up from whatever is hypnotizing them to bother getting informed.

      And as for ‘self-hatred’ again, they need to stop picking up on every goddamn thing that the whores of Hollywood define as beauty. If Americans fucking got a clue and stopped allowing someone else to define who they are, they’d be the better off for it.

      I am fed up with tiptoeing around the downtrodden because we’re all supposed to say, “oh gosh, look at poor, poor Harold over there who lost his goddamn job and he’s sitting with hat in hand needing all up on some help.” Harold needs to take his ass up out of his comfort zone and realize that help is not going to fall into his goddamn lap. Sometimes, you’ve got to get your ass up and do for yourself. We know the rich ain’t gonna do shit to help the poor. Back in the day when people looked out for one another, you didn’t have all of this pill popping, heroin and crack shit going on. We threw away what was important and started chasing all up on some material shit and got jealous of what each other had. Again I say, “we fucking need to take some responsibility for some of the shit that WE have allowed to happen to us!” We can’t blame every goddamn thing on what others do to us. It is sometimes about what WE ALLOW!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall.


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