Stained With Blood!


Shell shocked and raw lies a country now in ruins,
made so by a lie and so now we self-destruct.
We were never a threat to you, but you bombed us all the same.
You claimed to bring us freedom but instead we got fucked!

Condemned without a trial to disease, death and destruction.
Sanctioned to our knees and brought down by western weapons
as birth defects are rampant from Baghdad to Fallujah,
and the guilty still walk free, never looked upon as felons.

We are maimed and defeated and our oil is stained with blood.
It flows into America like your rivers and your streams.
You drive over innocent bodies that were killed to give you speed.
Every time you pump that gas, may you hear the banshee’s screams!

You live your life and cut ours short and never pay the price.
While you claimed to liberate us, you entangled us in your net.
Your mission was accomplished and now you’re back again.
What more is there to take? There’s nothing left for you to get.

Oh, the empire marches on and it’s not done with us.
For the pain that you have caused, one day you too will pay.
We hear of troubles in your land, but you’ve seen nothing yet.
For every Iraqi child you killed, your prayers don’t hold no sway.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

4 thoughts on “Stained With Blood!

  1. Very tragic poem. Iraq, in essence, was bombed back to the Stone Age. For the most part, the US only seems to mete out this kind of punishment in countries where the residents have brown skin. The unconscious racism that motivates our decision makers somehow makes it feel okay in their own minds.

    The US bombing of Serbia was an exception, but it was only small scale devastation compared to what the US government did to Iraq and Afghanistan.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, it is indeed a goddamn shame what we did to that country, but we want to piss and moan about how fucked we are when we don’t even know about being fucked up compared to what the Iraqi people know about it, thanks to us. But we’re getting ready to celebrate here in the land of the hypnotized and the afraid. We’re celebrating…uh…I don’t fucking know! But we’re gonna celebrate all the same.

      The racism ain’t unconscious. It’s conscious alright. When we tear unholy hell out of those who have a tanned skin of some kind more often than we do those who do not, it ain’t fucking unconscious. Of that, I have NO doubt! The American Indians know that it wasn’t done in unconsciousness to them. The descendants of slaves know that it wasn’t done in unconscious thought to their ancestors and now to them and it is not unconsciously done to the Iraqi people, nor the Afghan people, nor was Gaddafi unconsciously killed and look at what is going down in Libya today. If your ass has got a permanent tan on it, America makes sure the shit will hit the fan all over your ass! And that too is a goddamn fact!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall.


    2. Yes, it’s the tragic truth, TPTB have no conscience, killing is all part of the balance sheet… cost of doing business. That photo is truly horrifying, how would they feel if that happened to their kids!


      1. We don’t care about that child in the photo because war has for the most part, always been so removed from us. How many people we have destroyed for nothing. How many countries we have decimated for nothing. How many democratically elected leaders we have deposed just because we could and still, the empire marches on, unimpeded by her citizens because her citizens are complicit by their silent acquiescence. Yes, it is truly tragic and those tragedies were visited upon the innocent. There’ll be the devil to pay and pay we will.

        Thank you for your comment 1EarthUnited!


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