Independence Hell!

bombs bursting

Why should I love a country that has never accepted me?
I’ll never wave your goddamn flag and pretend that I am free.

I spit on your celebrations and I will never play your games.
Don’t think I’ll kiss your ass while my people are in chains.

You hypocrites make me sick with your pretensions and your lies.
Then you drape yourselves in sheets and have the nerve to moralize.

You celebrate your freedom while destroying the homes of others.
Independence is only for you as the rest of the world discovers.

Your bombs that burst in air are now destroying all mankind.
As the empire marches on, the world gets redefined.

What bravery you display by the dropping of your drones.
And you littered foreign lands with innocent peoples bones.

Celebrate the fourth and forget the shit you’ve done.
When your bombs are busy bursting, we know you’re having fun.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Fuck this 4th of July bullshit!!

9 thoughts on “Independence Hell!

  1. Lol, Shelby I can never get enough of your optimism. In reality for most Americans, any holiday is a welcomed reprieve from indentured corporate servitude. Minimum wage will force most ppl to awaken to the new reality. Reading your posts will accelerate the process, keep up the great work. 😉


    1. Yes indeed, OPTIMISIM is my middle name! Dontcha know? But don’t forget some of us have to work on Independence Day. I mean when the celebrants run out of hot dogs and boogas, somebody’s gotta man the cashier station and don’t forget we’ve got to shop for those 4th of July dynamite sales and some folks are gonna be working by setting off the fireworks displays. And I am pretty sure that there are some people living in Detroit who will get their water shut off even on the 4th. Ain’t no moratorium been declared on water shut offs. Hell! They’ll pay overtime if need be for that shit.

      Oh and as for keeping up the good work. Ima doing muh best! Thank you so much! I’m just a big ole ray of sunshine I am! And by now, people who are bordering on depression should know not to come all up in here and expect rainbows, pleasantries and all things nice and cozy. The uplifting blog is down the hall, to your right and the first door on the left. Enjoy! LOL!


  2. I’ve noticed a lot of folks making grumbles about not wanting to celebrate because local laws suck now and there is no freedom left here. Seriously…THAT is ALL that bothers people? To hell with the rest of the world, we’re getting our little toes squished and that’s all that matters, right?
    Blagh :-p

    Excellent post – as always!


    1. Misbehaved, thank you for your kind comment! Yeah, you know we’re great at sweating the little stuff ’cause we just got it so baaaaad. We don’t know bad yet. We’re gonna, but we ain’t there yet and so if the pissing and moaning, whining and bellyaching has already begun, can you just imagine what it’s gonna be like when the shit is hitting the fan, full throttle? When the whining thumb suckers get hit and get hit hard, then and only then will they realize just how great they had it.

      And you know, many of us ain’t never gave a damn about anybody else because many of us are just too self-absorbed, selfish and self-serving to care about anybody else. Ain’t nobody dropping no bombs over here. How many Americans have been drone struck over here? We’re running all around the world fucking people up in horrifying ways but we want to throw ourselves on the floor and screech over the sucking of some local laws. Seriously? For real? And there you have it folks, the reason why Americans ain’t shit!!!

      Thanks again Misbehaved Woman, much appreciated!


    1. God damned Amerikkka to hell Prince!! Amerikkka ain’t shit! Fuck Amerikkka AND Amerikkkans, fucking clueless ass hypnotized, brain dead fucks. They’re somewhere out waving a goddamn blood splattered flag that don’t mean shit and munching on some processed pork belly called hot dogs and laughing over some stupid shit and being all patriotic, the lousy bunch of useless ass fucks! God damn Amerikkka to hell!!!

      Oh and by the way, the above was really a wish for you to have a wonderful fucking helladay!! And yeah, I heard about that and was I surprised? Fuck no! What about ALL the shit that ain’t caught on camera? I mean its bad enough when we hear about multiple suicides in the back seat of a police cruiser and the suspects were handcuffed and somehow managed to shoot themselves in the head AFTER having been searched for a weapon and would ya know? That crazy, whacked out shit is accepted as the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth, so yeah, fuck these divided snakes of Amurderer!!!

      ….and many thanks for your comment Prince! Much appreciated as always!! I’m celebrating dontcha know and of course that’s a load of horseshit and Amerikkkans are so stupid that you could get them to buy horseshit and eat it! Oh, wait! They DO!


      1. I definitely feel where you’re coming from. That video really pissed me off!! This is sick! We are moving closer to a police state every damn day! The 4th is nothing to celebrate! People are having their rights taken away and people want to look at fireworks and eat BBQ chicken?? Are they serious?? They need to wake the HELL up!!! Nothing but a bunch of spineless cowards in this country! Or too brain dead to realize what’s going on!!


  3. “FUCK 4TH OF JULY” …….. FUCK ALL OF THEM! Pre-drone, post-drone.

    Great work, Shelby! Now Tubularsock is going to go out and blow something up to celebrate how free I am “in this great land” to blow something up! “Our” country has always been great at blowing things up ……… collateral damage only exists because those damn people just happen to live where “we” drop our bombs! What is WRONG with them? Fucking foreigners.

    God Mess America.


    1. Dear Tube, just make sure that you don’t blow yourself up in the process! Get carried away, but not ‘carried’ away if ya know what I mean! With your keen, witty sense of humor, you always bring a smile to my face when you say things like, “those damn people just happen to live where “we” drop our bombs!” <—THAT was priceless and SO fucking true, it's ridiculous!

      And you are SO right again, Godless 'mess' it is! Ain't no 'god' nowhere in sight in these murdering snakes, oh not at all!!! Hell! I'd even take Zeus right about now if he could stop the goddamn madness!! Yeah, let's ALL fucking celebrate bringing death, destruction, calamity and chaos to the world!! And let the fireworks begin, the pretty kind, not the deadly bomb type fireworks that are killing innocent people. We don't want THAT kind. We're 'exceptional' dontcha know!!!

      Thanks Tube! Great comment!


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