Let’s Celebrate….!

We’ve got so much to celebrate. The people who live in Detroit are not in America, they are living in a 3rd world country with no running water and a lack of sanitation. Homeless people are living in tunnels in Las Vegas. Vagrancy laws are flying on the books left and right to lock people up because they have no home. Food stamps have been cut so many times that even Wal-Mart is crying the blues. Income inequality is at an all-time high with no signs of abating. Inflation has reared its ugly head. The price of gas is on the rise. We are back in Iraq even after our piece of shit emperor said, “No American troops in Iraq!” So, still the lying continues. The Ukraine mess is getting worse that WE fucking started. But we’re getting ready to celebrate all of these momentous and wonderful occasions because we are Americans and we are filled with that great American ‘exceptionalism’ and so let the fireworks begin!


"Mother of Exiles?"  “Mother of Exiles?”

Those of us who live in the United States of America have much to celebrate this July 4th, Independence Day. We should all proudly display the American flag because it represents our independence from British rule and hence a nation founded on freedom was born. We wake up each and every day in the land of the ‘free and the home of the brave’. There can be no complaints that we lack freedom because even our ‘money is free speech'(Citizens United) and by golly it spoke to the tune of over $5billion in the 2012 elections. Another great example of money over people, a bankroll over principles, hidden offshore accounts over paying taxes and yes, indeed that is most definitely something to celebrate.

We Americans have come a long way in ensuring that all citizens of this country are treated equally. We demand that the Indigenous Peoples…

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