Don’t Come Here!


Don’t come here tired and don’t come here poor!
You’re not to huddle beside the golden door.

It is not meant for you and it never will be
no matter how hard you try or how much plea.

You’re bringing pestilence into this land
and we’ve got more than we can stand.

Just ask the Indians why the white man won’t go.
He’s got it too good, their mortal foe.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

8 thoughts on “Don’t Come Here!

    1. You are right! I’ve heard that facilities are prepared to receive them and after that, who the hell knows? According to some, we are next! I ain’t going down without a fight and they can take THAT to the goddamn bank!

      Thanks Skulz!


  1. Shelby, Damn it, I hate feeling ashamed of so many people in my country. One more time. Sure, it’s unrealistic to expect decency from most of us on a regular basis. But I know we can be better than this. You almost get the feeling many of us enjoy being hateful heartless shits. Then again, people do like to emulate the rich and powerful, so maybe such disgraceful behavior should be no surprise.

    I also love it that so many of our unabashed xenophobes are the same self-righteous fundamentalists who are so determined to share their good news of a loving god with all the heathens via uninvited missionaries and relentless bible-thumping broadcasts. Thanks for your most temperate response, and for letting me be slightly less temperate here, one more time. – Linda


    1. Linda, goddamn it! I am right along with you! I am consumed with shame. I don’t even call myself an “American.” I refuse to because I have had it with this shit.

      We are so fucking busy yelling and screaming about Jesus, God and the crucifixion of Jesus that we don’t even have a goddamn clue about what Jesus stood for, about the love of God for his children and about why and how Jesus got crucified. If we were really into all of that, we’d not be hell bent on crucifying others who just don’t happen to have a certain ‘pedigree’. And somehow, the Black and Brown folk are the constant recipients of rejection by those who’ve made it their business to go all around the world, preaching the gospel of lies, hate, enslavement, confiscation of property, natural resources and starting goddamn wars all over the place and mostly against said Black and Brown folk, how utterly ‘christian’ of them. And heavy on the goddamn ‘christian’ sarcasm because it’s all bullshit! They’re not ‘christians’, they’re heathens and hypocrites and lowlife motherfuckers!

      …and I wish those motherfuckers would have the nerve to step on up in here on some ‘christian’ bullshit, I fucking wish they would!

      Linda, you are free to be temperate or let loose. You see, I just let loose! I don’t fucking care because like I always say, “it is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!”

      Thank you for your comment Linda. I appreciate you taking the time to stop in. Take care!


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