Of Humans, There Ain’t A Goddamn Trace!


You say that you are human and I must disagree.
Not a grain of love or mercy is inherent in you or me.

There are mammals in the oceans that display more humanity
than the shits that walk upright and who engage in venality.

Better sit your dumb ass down and think twice on what you are.
You’re a heartless, bloodless vessel, you’re an empty reservoir.

You can kill and never blink and you will take whatever you want.
No conscience do you have, you’ve no soul for your deeds to haunt.

When you close your cold dead eyes, why should we weep for you?
How can you claim that you are human with all the evil that you do?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
Β©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

On another blog, I made a comment about how we have the nerve to consider ourselves to be, ‘human’ and I begged to differ and someone copped a goddamn attitude over that. Well, in here the only acceptable attitude is mine and I restate, we ain’t fucking human! Now, I am as welcome to my opinion as the next person and of course, based on MY observations, we so fucking ain’t human, it’s ridiculous! Have you taken a look around at what so-called ‘humans’ are doing to each other? Have you asked yourself, “What am I doing about it, human that I am?”

What other mammals bomb each other? What other mammals brutally rape, sodomize and then kill each other? What other mammals commit genocide? What other mammals start wars and more wars? Tell lies? Fuck over each other? Are hell bent on destroying this entire goddamn planet?

And no, I’m not leaving myself out as I am just an empty, walking, talking automaton who is doing not a goddamn thing about all the fucked up shit that’s being done. I simply stand on the sidelines and observe and comment and then I am off to get my own gratification. Being human is not just about blood, muscles, tissue and cells. It is WAY more than that and we are empty of what it takes to make us truly HUMAN because if we were really filled with humane qualities, would our world be in the shape that it is in?

You want to think that you are a ‘good person’ because you can notice something and shed a tear over it and then five seconds later, it’s ALL about YOU and don’t you fucking know it. But you want to walk around like you’ve done something because you recognized that someone is getting fucked up elsewhere and that absolved you from lifting a goddamn finger to do more, not because there was nothing more that you could do, but because there was nothing more that you really cared to do because YOUR gratification comes first, empty ass vessel that you are.

So, come on up in here and crap a goddamn attitude over this ’cause I’m just spoiling for a fight since I already know I ain’t really ‘human’, I’m just an empty ass vessel totally on some ME shit and don’t I know it!

11 thoughts on “Of Humans, There Ain’t A Goddamn Trace!

  1. I wouldn’t want to fight and I’m come up in here. I’d want to take you in my arms and envelope you. I’d stoke your hair with my rather large hands and remind you that we are none of us what we seem to be. But we are not defined by cause and effect. Oh no. We are defined or parenthetically sub-refined or hyper-extensively redesigned to individually perceive all that’s lays before us. Or rolls caustically across a floor.
    Unfold the wings of your perception and fly
    fly away
    fly away
    with me


    1. “Oh come here darling and sweep me off my feet.
      Ply me with strawberries and other good things to eat.
      Turn me over your knee but only when I’m bad.
      Tell me I’m the best that you have ever had.
      Take me in your arms and never let me go.
      I feel a certain sensation stirring down below.
      Only you can assuage it, of this I am quite sure.
      You know you hold the key, only you hold the cure.
      And when I must leave you for parts yet unknown,
      I will always remember the scent of your cologne.”

      Skulz, darlin’! We are SO bad!

      Actually I am quite what I seem to be; a totally selfish, self-centered, self-absorbed empty vessel pretending to be ‘human’. And unfortunately, most of us are less than what we claim to be. I do understand that we all have failings and come up short and maybe I am a little hard on the so-called ‘human’ race but I’ve not seen displays of love, love and love, only hate, hate and hate and that is not synonymous with being ‘human’ or ‘humane’.

      …and Skulz, as always, I do so thank you for stopping in. I always leave the light on for you!


      1. One quite important aspect to remember about “man”, the species is animal. Modestly lower on the evolutionary ladder than say dolphins or any cetacean and certainly not as smart as say finches.
        However, it you pause for just a silent moment you’ll be able to feel the heat of breath on the back of your neck…


    1. Tube, I always knew that you weren’t from here. I just somehow knew it! And Tube, I know that you can’t like what you see here and so tell those of your planet to come here and either help us get this shit fixed or KABOOM!!!, it goes! Would ya? Could ya? Once you get that signal back from outerspace, please stop in and let us know what it’s going to be. LOL!!

      Thanks Tube! I so appreciate your comment and you know that! Bless your heart!


    1. Well, let’s put the Orca whales in charge, shall we? I mean they couldn’t fuck things up any worse than we have. I just read where they(the people, not the Orcas) are going the fuck off over in France because of what’s going down with Israel bombing the hell out of Gaza and killing women and children and just not giving a goddamn. How the Israelis can come to terms with what they are doing to the Palestinian people when they themselves are always busy reminding everyone of ‘THE HOLOCAUST’ is beyond me. They are doing the same thing to the Palestinian people and not even blinking a goddamn eye over it and the U.S. is complicit in that shit as usual.

      That shit right there is why I am always wondering how the fuck we came to be in charge of keeping this planet intact when we are hell bent on destroying each other and the planet. If we weren’t taking other species out with us, fine, but the problem is, we are and they’ve got no fucking say on that!

      …and Dr. Bramhall, we damn sure ain’t as intelligent as we think we are because we are such fools when we deliberately set out to destroy the only home we have. For the love of …!!!!

      Thank you so much for your comment and as I always say, “you are ever so spot on, as usual!”


  2. @Skulz, we are so low that we should be crawling. I mean, when we take a good look around, what do we see? We see hurting, suffering, poverty, homelessness, sickness, maiming, destruction, pillage, bombing, kidnapping, extortion, bribery, corruption, hypocrisy, wars, wars and damn wars, goddamn it! It’s enough to make a body just SCREAM!!!!

    …oh, and was that you? Do it again!!!! You scoundrel, you! LOL!


    1. LOL!! Dr. Bramhall, you are something else!!! If only they could really escape this shithole before fucking doomsday gets here. Like I wrote previously, if we would only be destroying ourselves, fine, but the sad fact is that innocent dolphins and whales that we call ‘creatures’ are just as doomed as we’ve doomed ourselves and what’s more, we are the creatures. And I say, the mammals of the sea are human and we are not. Hell! I’d take a snake over us because at least they don’t strike unless disturbed. That ain’t our way, not at all!

      …and thanks for the link. It was fun watching them. I loved it! They are so beautiful and friendly and innocent, unlike us! Geeze, we’re disgusting!


  3. Humanity is sadly a naturally selfish species. I’m certainly guilty of being self-centered even in ways I didn’t realize. I’m certainly not a machine even though some people in college said I acted like a robot at times when they didn’t know I held back a lot of strong emotions. If I may add some levity to the post, the dolphin pictures reminded me of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where the dolphins warn the humans by singing “So long, thanks for the fish!” before the world was destroyed in the book and movie. Back to being serious here, I’m concerned about how humans are. I’m glad at least some people own up to their selfish pretensions and want to do something positive.


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