Man Was Meant To Fly

plane and bird

United Airlines is defending the poisoning of birds at Houston’s biggest airport, saying it was done for health and safety reasons.

The contractor laid out corn kernels laced with a bird-killing nerve agent at Bush Intercontinental Airport. People who work around the airport reported seeing grackles and pigeons fall to the ground and spin around as they died.

The bait manufacturer, Avitrol Corp., says a lethal dosage causes birds to show distress — including alarm cries and trembling — that frightens away other birds. It usually causes death within an hour, the company says.

Airports commonly take steps to shoo away birds, which can be sucked into jet engines and cause a loss of power.

A Malaysia Airlines jet carrying 295 people has crashed in east Ukraine on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

There are no signs of survivors at the scene of the crash near the village of Grabovo.


Flight MH370 disappeared en route from Malaysia to China in March and still has not been found.


Man was meant to fly

and so you have to die.

Your wings just got you killed.

And now my fate is sealed.


For man, I shed no tears.

And among the souvenirs

are passports in the wreckage,

burnt limbs and unclaimed baggage.


When next they call my flight,

I will board that plane tonight

without a care or concern at all,

that from the sky, my plane might fall.


Oh, the creatures of the sky,

they can’t even question why

their poisoned bodies shake,

for to fly, their lives we take.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

The laws of nature will even the score, one way or another.. Man should not reign supreme and have “dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” And if according to Genesis 1:26, God made the beasts, then the beasts are to include man for what is man doing to man and to every other creature on this godforsaken planet? It pains me to even read the goddamn news. Over 5,000 more killed in Iraq. Women and children killed in Gaza by Israel. The fighting in Ukraine, human rights violations in America, children fleeing violence in Central America are met with threats from American citizens and on and on, it goes. SIGH!!!!! To hell with it all!





13 thoughts on “Man Was Meant To Fly

    1. We end up just as dead as those birds we kill when karma kicks in. I will shed no more tears for man for man is this world’s mortal enemy. I’ll save my tears for the actual innocents, those birds that were killed simply because they were doing what birds do, fly.


  1. But obviously we were always meant to fly, or we wouldn’t have wings and feathers. Right? If we were birds, we’d be vultures. (And yes, I know the comparison wrongs the vulture, but … for destructiveness, I’m not sure we have peers among the other life forms on this planet.) Nice post, but of a piece with a sad week. – Linda


    1. Linda, at least, with vultures, they wait until it is a carcass before feeding off it. We torture women and children and kill and then take what was theirs and go back for more. And as if that isn’t bad enough, read this!

      A Connecticut state trooper has pleaded guilty to charges he stole cash and jewelry from a dying accident victim.

      Prosecutors say Huntsman, a 19-year veteran of the state police, was caught on video from his cruiser’s dashboard camera stealing a gold chain and $3,700 from 49-year-old John Scalesse as the motorcyclist lay dying on Sept. 22, 2012.

      I don’t believe even vultures are THAT bad! …and yeah, it was a sad week, a sad week for birds!


  2. The problem is not men flying, but men landing. This planet is on fire and the flames get closer to home every day. Something is gonna have to give and I got a feeling us here the state are gonna be feeling some pain the rest of the world is feeling.


    1. You are right HLJ, the flames are getting closer to home every day and the poor Black people in Detroit have no water to put them out.

      The problem may very well be that man has to land, but in order to land man must first fly and “how dare those birds with real wings get in the fucking way of my flight taking off and landing. I mean, just who do they think they are, birds or something? Don’t they know they’re supposed to walk when around planes and for heaven’s sake, not fly?! You’d think they’d know better!”

      Thanks for your comment HLJ.


  3. Paul Craig Roberts posted a really excellent article today (Sanctions and Airliners) that talks about Obama’s “hubris, arrogance and corruption” and how his sanctions against Russia are backfiring and driving companies and countries out the dollar payments system on which the US economy and political power are base. It’s like he’s deliberately trying to collapse the US economy.


    1. It is my opinion Dr. Bramhall that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia have given the shits that are at the helm of this sinking, stinking shithole barge, too much leeway. Putin should know by now that these shits play filthy and dirty and have no fucking problem hitting below the belt. That is what these evil shits are famous for. They are to be given no quarter and Putin has been playing too soft with them. These shits need a major fucking stomp-down to end all stomp downs. These Amerikkkan shits have never had the gloves on, the gloves have always been off and Putin needs to up his game and watch his back like never before.

      As for Obama “deliberately trying to collapse the US economy,” I don’t have a problem with that. Why should I? Black people have been in a state of economic collapse since being dragged over here to this sinking, stinking shithole and I’ve been saying all along that now it is everyone else’s turn to have their ass handed to them and “find a box and locate a bridge and head to the soup kitchen for your daily meal!” This fucking country is in free-fall mode. We’ve got a massive drought going down in the western part of the country, we’ve got earthquakes caused by fracking shaking up the middle of the country and we’ve got bankrupt cities with mass water shut-offs. We’ve got homeless tent cities. We’ve got thousands of people in Atlantic City about to join the unemployed due to major casinos shuttering their doors. Of course things are grim and going to get even more grim. Why, I recall stating on another blog post of how prices are soaring at grocery stores and that the U.S. economy contracted 3 percent. And it’s only going to get worse as people have no fucking money to spend and credit has long since dried up. When retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s, Kmart, J.C. Penney, Sears and so forth and so on are crying the “where are our customer,” blues, things ain’t looking so great!

      Yes, we are going to collapse and I for one am quite fine with that. In fact, it’s not been unexpected because I’ve had nothing to distract me from what was coming unlike so many dumbass Amerikkkans and so what they do about it when the shit hits a fan near them ain’t hardly a concern of mine.

      Cheerio and all that, ya know!!!, ’cause it’s gonna be a jolly good show!! So, whitey can just fucking find that goddamn box and pull it along side some other poor homeless schmuck whose been homeless for decades. Abject poverty was going to work its way around to nearly everyone eventually. So, let’s blame it ALL on Obama ’cause his strings just couldn’t be pulled by his handlers, now could they? Obama and Obama alone ain’t the only one behind the “collapsing of the US economy.” This shit already has one foot in the grave and the other one on a goddamn banana peel, sliding to the edge of the grave!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. Always good to see you! I’m enjoying a nice flute of the bubbly. My champagne pipeline is secure! I toast my pipeline. “To Champcanerica! It is totally earth friendly and free the goddamn grape! Cheers!”

      Oh, and that link was ever so spot on! Thanks for posting it! Dude knows what he’s talking about, would be my guess.


  4. “Damn them birds. They need to count their blessing they ain’t gotta fly over Ukraine.”

    Well HLJ, some people can’t figure out why Malaysia Airlines was still flying over a war zone. Seems to me to be asking for trouble no matter how many thousands of feet the plane was in the air. Who the hell knows what the fucks going down? Some say it blew up and others say it was a ground to air missile strike. Either way, they’re all just as dead and of course the warmongers in Amerikkka are all for blaming it on Putin when some folks are even saying that his plane was the target. Could have been. Again, who the hell knows. These are strange and horrible times we live in and all is not what it may seem, sleight of hand or missile and all that, ya know! But unfortunately, the birds couldn’t fly in any direction since they were poisoned and died in Houston and wouldn’t you know it, even upon distress, they couldn’t call on “Houston, we have a problem!,” and get assistance. They just got dead!

    Thanks again for your comment HLJ!


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