Vladimir Putin, Watch Your Back!



Vladimir Putin, watch your back! The West has got it in for you. I don’t know why you expected the shits here in Amerikkka to play all fair and square like when they’ve never done so before. You’re up against psychotic, rabid criminals otherwise known as demons, if you will and the only way to control the bastards is to vaporize them and you should have long since commenced to getting it done. Now, these demons are in a position to blame you for some more shit that they’ve engineered to cause your downfall. It was only a few months ago that I beseeched you to blow this shithole deeper into the pits of the christian’s hell. I have no idea why you have wasted time on attempting diplomacy with these psychotic demons. This shit over here ain’t human. You mean, you don’t know that by now? Have you taken a good look around at what these psychotic demonic shits have caused? Look at the carnage in Iraq and Gaza and Afghanistan and Libya and Syria and in Central America and anywhere else that trouble, strife, and brutal dying is in progress.


Don’t continue to wait for Yellowstone to blow. It will, but you don’t have time for that show to get started. You don’t have time for the final earthquake that will shake this shit up and turn it into a hot ass lava milkshake. They’re gunning for you because chances are, it was YOUR presidential plane that these psychotic demonic shits were after. You had a lucky escape THIS time but don’t think that your luck will hold out. And you know only too well why they have it in for you. You and Russia and the rest of the BRICS are about to put paid to the petrodollar and that puts paid to the demonic shits that hold their devil worshipping rituals and dance around naked holding their limp dicks in one hand and some Viagra in the other with a whore standing on each side of their worthless demonic ass. They know this shit is toast over here. Hell! Wal-Mart is crying the goddamn, “Where are my motherfucking poor ass customers with their foodstamps?.” blues. It’s that damn bad! It ain’t just Wal-Mart’s sales that are suffering, the rest of the retailers have joined in with their wailing and screeching and Target has even fired an executive over poor sales performance and let us not forget that Target is still reeling from that massive data breach over this past holiday season. And even Macy’s sales are plummeting. Go figure! The only thing that’s getting funding over here in this shithole is the military and that’s so we can continue funding the Israeli war machine and genocide on the Palestinian people because only Israel can claim the HOLOCAUST, you know, exactly what Israel is perpetrating on the innocent people in Gaza.


You see, Mr. Putin, Amerikkka has priorities and stealing and killing and plundering and pillaging and raping and enslaving are at the very top of the list of priorities and don’t forget while we’re engaging in all of that, we’re calling it humitarian intervention. We’re calling it bringing democracy. We’re calling it policing the world. We’re fucking hypocrites, always have been and always will be.


Mr. Putin, you are well aware of how this country was founded. The Indians were killed off, the slaves were stolen from Africa and a declaration of independence was finalized and can you believe it? In this declaration, it was written that, “All men are created equal,” and guess what? These demonic shits were slaveholders, now don’t that beat all? We’re fucking hypocrites. So that means, you can’t play nice with this shit. This demonic shit is having none of it. You better act like you know, get with the fucking program that this mess ain’t hardly playing with you. They are not sane. They are not even human. You’re ex KGB, surely you know some of this already.


I’ll let you in on a little secret, unless you destroy this shithole before it destroys Russia and every other country and nation on this planet, you will never get a moments peace from these demons and the reason why I am fearless in posting this is because I am Black and I was damned by these demons before I was even born and it only gets worse. So, it wouldn’t hardly fuck up my motherfucking day if you vaporized the hell out of this shithole. So get to it as there ain’t a goddamn ‘human’ in sight! If you really love Russia, you’ll do what needs to be done and stop tiptoeing around these worthless fucks. We’re already done for. We’re already dead here, they’ve seen to that. We have no representation. Hell! Look at our infrastructure, it’s already on the verge of complete collapse. A goddamn drought in California. Las Vegas is running out of water and that ain’t hardly a problem for me, a fucking ‘sin city’ should run out of water. Roads end in sinkholes. Bridges collapsing into rivers and lakes. Trains derailing crude oil into our drinking water. Hydraulic fracturing is polluting our drinking water. Mass shut offs of water is happening in a city that is right by the Great Lakes. The taking over of our water supply has commenced. Even goddamn China is syphoning water from the Great Lakes and buying up property by the neighborhood in Detroit, getting set for gentrification once they run the few remaining Black people up out of there. And if you seriously think I care what happens to this shithole, by all means, I ask you to please think again. If you can’t see that we’re already done for, then I don’t know what else to say.


I’ve stated this before and I state it again, unlike the demonic shits here in Amerikkka, you love your country and it shows. Unlike the demonic shits here, you practice restraint and have attempted to play fair and square with these demonic shits but you must understand, you’re going about it all wrong. I hope to hell that someone in Russia can wake you up to what you’re actually up against over here. It damn sure ain’t playing fair. It damn sure is out to ruin you and your country and it damn sure as hell ain’t fucking human!


18 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin, Watch Your Back!

  1. “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

    Shelby, My Adventist neighbor persists in foisting “The Truth” on us, including some book that started out claiming the United States is the only country in the world evver established “without conflict”. Seriously. My partner laughed his butt off for a week. And read no farther — me, I grew up with fundamentalist pathology and just leave the fucking room when the guy starts preaching. But he’s just one of millions who’ve swallowed the American exceptionalism kool-aid.

    Had to spend quality time with family yesterday (and yes I know I’ve vowed not to, but shit happens), and my loudly opinionated half-sister was yammering on about Ukraine – “What can we expect when Obama sucks up to terrorists?” And so on. I’d agree. But probably not in the way she meant, Fox News lover that she is. I’m bad, I didn’t bother challenging her — she wasn’t speaking to me anyway. And so it goes.

    It’s damn difficult (maybe impossible) to get people to see what’s going on when they would rather, much rather, keep believing flagrant lame-ass lies. And kill us for doubting them. I do what I can. But that does not for the moment include questioning my siblings’ vehement ignorance and hatred. I’m a coward, but I see no way to force the unwilling to listen to reason, or remotely question what they’ve been told. Anyway, thanks for another fine post. Hadn’t heard they might have been after Putin’s plane. But it makes as much sense as anything else. That’s the hell of knowing we face shameless bastards who will cheerfully destroy the planet and more to win by their twisted standards. Just because something is unthinkably evil, monstrous and stupid, we can’t dismiss the possibility. – Linda


    1. Linda, send your Adventist neighbor on up in here. Send your family members on up in here, I’ll educate ’em. I’ll open their eyes for them because I don’t believe in dancing around an issue, I come straight out with it and don’t care who gets knocked sideways. This shit is playing for keeps and so am I.

      The people who want to remain clueless do so because they are attempting to remain blissfully ignorant of what is going down. They see the shit but it ain’t pretty and so they ignore it, pretend it ain’t what it is because then that absolves them from actually thinking that they should do something about the horrors that they see perpetrated against innocent people every single goddamn day. Ain’t no goddamn body in this day and age that clueless that they don’t know that Amerikkka ain’t shit and that Amerikkka is the world’s worst enemy and will always be the world’s worst enemy.

      Of course I don’t know for sure if the Satanists were indeed after Vladimir Putin’s plane but to paraphrase your words, it ain’t so farfetched from anything else we’ve heard. And the rabid shits in Washington have already started jumping up and down in glee and screeching about how that plane crash is ALL Putin’s fault. They initiated that shit, that’s a given because Amerikkka is behind the fighting in Ukraine and that has been proven. But no one is running around reminding people of THAT shit. No, that is supposed to be forgotten. These Satanists, demons or whatever the hell they are would claim their goddamn grandma caused that plane to crash if it aided their agenda and we all should know that. The history of this shithole alone, tells me that they are capable of any heinous and vile act that could ever be carried out and they don’t hesitate to do so, godless, soulless fucks that they are!

      ….and I thank your for your comment Linda, much appreciated.


      1. Shelby, Thanks for the kind offer! But I won’t do that to you — how much stupidity can even YOU face at once? You can’t imagine how pig-headed these folks can be … or maybe you can. I’m not totally gutless, I DO tell people things they don’t want to hear. But once they’ve made it clear they would gnaw an arm off (mine or even their own!) rather than listen to anything outside their belief system, I don’t push. Life is short, and others MIGHT be more receptive. As you say, this shit isn’t exactly well concealed if we are paying attention. Again, I do what I can. – Linda


  2. F**kin’ A Shelby, keep the straight talk coming! Like I said, those who are awakened to actual reality (i.e. got our asses off the couch and actually stepped outside) will realize that something is not quite right in ‘MuriKKKa. When grandmas, elderly and teenagers routinely get beat downs/ killed by cops for being black ($bodies$ to fulfill their quota), then something is amiss! Wake up America, land of the free home of the brave (yeah right) YOU’RE NEXT!
    Putin will surely survive whatever is being thrown at him, there’s no choice, the world needs a hero and the dude’s stepping up big time. BTW, time is on his side, he can afford to wait while the West implodes from within. America is the modern day Sodomy and Gonorrhea 😦


    1. Thank you for that glowing comment 1EarthUnited.

      You mean home of the hypnotized, brain dead and afraid because that is what we have for the most part here in this sinking, stinking shithole barge that’s fucking lopsided.

      Why do people think that congress refuses to approve the money for major infrastructure projects? Why is it that Amerikkka’s military budget is more than all the world’s combined? Why is it that no one in Washington blinks with cutting food stamp benefits even for people in the military and their families? Why is it that higher education is mostly unattainable for an entire ethnic group and for those who do go on to get a higher education, they damn near spend the rest of their lives paying on student loans that cannot even be written off by declaring bankruptcy? Why are there millions of houses sitting empty and falling down while banks owe back taxes on them and refuse to even cut the goddamn grass but if everyday average Americans were to do the same, the city would confiscate the property for back taxes owed?

      I just recently read that Walgreen’s among other businesses in the U.S. are being pressured to ‘leave’ the U.S. on paper only for tax purposes. There’ll still be Walgreen stores here, they’ll accept our money, but won’t pay any taxes on the profits they make but they’ll still be able to influence U.S. elections with said profits.


      The writing is all over the goddamn wall and nobody should be clueless as to what is going down. We’re going down and not a worthless piece of shit in Washington is doing a damn thing to stop it because they’re not going to take money from the military to fix up a shithole that’s too far gone. We don’t have proper funding for shit else besides the military because that’s what Amerikkka uses to try and keep the rest of the world in line but the fact is the rest of the world is tired of this western whore and no matter what the shits over here attempt to do to Vladimir Putin, the wheels are already set in motion to put the final nail in this fucking coffin called, Amerikkka!

      …and again, thank you so much for your comment!

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      1. Thanks for the link Shelby, AmeriKKKa has always sold out to big business, gov’t practically encourages business to go multinational so they get corporate welfare, ie zero taxes and gov’t kickbacks. The system is broken and a sham to tax paying law abiding citizens. Putin is winning the propaganda war, the Malaysian airline false flag is not working, and actually backfiring on the US as Russia calmly provides satellite evidence that Kiev took down the plane. Washington can’t say shit about it lol.


      1. Ain’t it though? As you can see, I don’t play. Why they haven’t carted my ass off to a FEMA camp is a complete and utter mystery to me. LOL! But I refuse to be silenced!


      2. Shelby, I think you know they are hell bent on starting a revolution there. What better voice then excuse me for saying this, and it’s not meant to offend, but a black woman who knows her shit? Obama ain’t stupid, just the opposite he’s smarter than a fox and he will use his own people to get what he wants. He wants change, the ability to change what he believes is truly wrong with America, and I think you know what I mean. Don’t stop being a voice, just don’t be used by the man. Fema camps are there once it all gets started, he’s got to destroy America first before he deploys his real agenda. Emperor of the World.

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      3. Oh some of us are well aware of that. I have been screaming and yelling against that #BlackLivesMatter group because it is funded by George Soros and the organizers of #BlackLivesMatter work for him.

        I am advocating for the Negro in Amerikkka to get up off their knees and stop allowing some group with a hidden agenda to come in and tell them to continue to march to the same shit that’s been killing them for centuries. I have been beseeching the Negro to take the $1.1 trillion dollars that flows through our hands and instead of spending it outside of our communities or spending it on those who have come into our communities and opened carry-outs and liquor stores, to instead, take that money and open co-ops, credit unions, local grocery marts. But we don’t do that.

        You may think that I am the fuel that is fueling Obama’s agenda, but we all know that he is just a puppet and I am also speaking from my heart. I am tired of what has been going down for us for centuries.

        We know why this shithole has been militarized. We know why when Freddie Gray was murdered in Baltimore, MD that the mayor told the police to “Stand down!” They want a revolution. They are begging us to get it going but the fact is there are too many drug addicts here. There are too many people who are tired and who are simply not up to a revolution.

        You cannot keep knocking people down and then expect them to be able to rise up and attempt to fight the system.

        Have you never looked up the statistics on the drug use and addictions of people here in Amerikkka. It is astronomical. People hate their life but they see no alternative but to tune it out with mind altering drugs. Even if we wanted to start a revolution, we’ve simply got nothing to work with.

        So, whatever Obama and Co. are attempting, Amerikkkans for the most part have already given in and given up. Many of us are awake, but like I said, there is simply nothing to work with. We’re already dead here. That should be quite obvious to see. And that is the reason why I am fearless in my writing because what is there left for me to lose??? My life? I am just not afraid!

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  3. I just watched an excellent video in 2 parts describing how Putin got rid of the lying, scheming oligarchs that had Russia by the throat when he first became president. If anyone can, that guy surely has it upstairs to deal with the idiots who run the US and the EU.

    I sure wouldn’t want to be playing chess with him.

    One thing that really stuck out from the documentaries was how short he is. All his enemies tower over him. I Googled it and was astounded to learn he’s only five seven.


    1. Thank you for the videos and for your comment Dr. Bramhall. Vladimir Putin can be 3 feet tall and I would still back him over the nasty, vile and foul shits that we have here in this shithole that is going to hell in a hand basket.

      I am pretty sure that Putin knows what he is doing. I am just sick and fucking tired of our asshole leaders screaming to all and sundry about what is Putin’s fault when the very last thing that Putin and Russia would have done is to have shot down that plane. What the hell would they stand to gain? And anybody who ain’t got their goddamn head stuck up their ass should know this. Only the ones who want to condemn Putin simply because it is convenient for their agenda would do so.

      I know that Putin ain’t a saint. I know what he’s said about minorities but that does not concern me right now because I know what mostly all whites think about minorities. So, let it be known that I am not blind to Putin’s faults and shortcomings but at the same time, he is the devil that I would rather deal with than the devil I know to be representative of this shithole called Amerikkka.

      And I truly hope that he is playing a damn excellent game of chess with the EU shits and the worthless snakes we have crawling all over Washington! And I will most definitely check out the videos and again, I thank you for posting them!

      Take care Dr. Bramhall!


    2. Putin is the Russian answer to Teddy Roosevelt, round them up and seat them straight. The two planets have converged past one another, the smart people moved to the other planet.


      1. And the rest of us are left to sink ’cause we damn sure ain’t swimming.

        In another poem of mine titled, “Behold The Face Of Evil!” there is an excerpt that fits in here.

        “What’s left is barren land and the poor are all but dead.
        Those who could not lose, put a bullet through their head.

        The serfs are drudging painfully as they keep the rich afloat.
        They’re scared to make a sound; they dare not rock the boat.

        Their fate would be just like the rest; that’s not to be endured.
        The Black man lent his face and the white man was assured,
        that all would be as he declared; no detail left to chance.
        The white man pulls the strings of the Black man in the manse.”


      2. That, quite actually, goes without saying, I would think. We know that the majority of us are not rich. We are not in the 1% category and so we all lose. But if TPTB can continue to keep us fighting over gay rights, immigration, kill the ‘Black criminals because that’s why your neighborhoods are filled with military equipment’, then they can just sit back and hope that we all kill each other.

        They know this shit is finished over here and their hope is that we murder one another and they’ve got a plan for the eventuality that it does not occur.

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