Free At Last?




A giant of a man

felled by

a choke of hate.

I wonder

before his eyes

glazed over,

did he know

he was free

at last.



Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2014 Shelby I. Courtland



22 thoughts on “Free At Last?

  1. Free at last, free at last, Great God Almighty I can’t breath at last.

    Breath deep the gathering doom
    police state murder rumbles every room
    the pigs can kill
    the young will feel
    a full metal pounding and
    impunity’s squeal
    to die the ignominious undeserved death
    while pigs stand impatient
    waiting for doughnuts

    Free at last, free at last, for WHAT?!?


    • Not free at last FOR, but free at last FROM, from hate, from police brutality, from racism, from violence against his person by racist ass cops, free from persecution, free from slavery, free from prison, free from a nation that hated him because of the color of his skin. That is what he is free FROM!


  2. This is awful. I don’t know what the circumstances were that prompted this, but this man seems to be quite outnumbered and unarmed. Could this perhaps be another case of police using excessive force? Just maybe there was a better option than choking him out. Keep it up Shelby.


    • Dom, he was killed because he was suspected of selling contraband cigarettes. He didn’t murder anybody. He didn’t rob anyone. He didn’t drive drunk and mow people down. He didn’t rape, sodomize or brutalize anyone. He was killed because racist ass cops do this every single day to Black people, especially Black men and they get away with it and so it continues because white America, for the most part, feel just as these racist ass cops did that killed this man for no damn reason at all.

      This is what happened:

      Eric Garner was a 43-year-old father of six and grandfather of two

      …was approached Thursday outside a New York City store by a group of NYPD officers who accused him of selling contraband cigarettes. “I didn’t do shit!” Garner can be seen telling cops in a video of the incident. “I was just minding my own business.”

      an officer can be seen in the video putting Garner — who suffered from chronic asthma, sleep apnea and diabetes — into a tight, illegal chokehold. Garner falls to the ground, where, numerous times, he tells officers he can’t breathe.

      Then, his body goes limp…and he dies!


      • Wow, if that isn’t police brutality I don’t know what is. There is no excuse for that kind of treatment, especially for such a petty thing as selling contraband cigarettes and choking the man to death is absolutely inexcusable. Sadly, like the other cases mentioned in the article,aren’t likely to be punished for their actions, of course no punishment would be sufficient for the taking of another’s life. In reading the article, I remember many the cases from 2000 as I lived in New Jersey at the time and these stories were all over the news. They were horrible then, but they are even more horrible to me now that I am older. Thank you for providing the information about this case and reminding me of the other young men that were taken from their families way too soon. Such a sad and tragic thing from those that are supposed to protect us. What a joke.


  3. Damn Shelby, that was a powerful poem. For a man to be liberated by the same hate that took his life is a contradiction on so many levels but I think you’re right. The end result is that the man was set free by the hate of another. This speaks to to the power of the man who was killed not his tormentor. It also speaks to the silence and complicity of those of us (myself included) who stand by on the sidelines waiting for someone else to stand up or speak up.


    • Jeff, people are wondering why with so many people standing around, did no one DO anything. And those very same people who are wondering this, would themselves do exactly what those people standing around Eric Garner did, absolutely nothing. Such is the society in which we live. We are all waiting on someone else to DO something. Who that person is that is supposed to DO something, I do not know. But while we wait, the Eric Garners of this world are made free the only other way they can be when no one can be bothered, they are freed by death.

      So much for ‘solidarity’.

      I thank you for your comment.


    • There will always be a need for it, not that it does any good. It certainly didn’t do any good for Eric Garner as he’s still dead and the same racist shit that killed him is off to kill others because they look just like him.


    • Well Prince, that was an easy prediction to make as it has been happening in this shithole ever since our ancestors were dragged here. I mean, how many Afrikans willingly got into a boat and rowed up to the shores of Amerikkka demanding to become slaves? Do they really think we believe their ‘whitewashed’ version of history? Seriously? They want us to believe that Afrikans sold other Afrikans into slavery because it absolves them from the horrors perpetrated against a race of people by putting it out there that they were sold off by their own kind. Even if this was so, like I’ve stated many times before, if there was no one to BUY them, how could they have been SOLD? And just what were the whites doing in Afrika to begin with if not looking for free labor to build this goddamn shithole? They can spin it any way they want to, but if it makes no sense at all and all the lies they tell won’t make it sound any more plausible.

      They did the same with the Indians. They claimed they had to subject the Indians to the horrors inflicted upon them because they were just such savages and their children were better off being indoctrinated into the whites way of life. Not to mention, they absolve themselves of any wrong doing to the Indians by claiming that the Indians were warring with each other. SO? Even if they were, they were not crossing oceans to brutally rape, kill and enslave others. That’s on some white shit and don’t they fucking know it, nasty ass filthy motherfuckers. I don’t care who don’t fucking like it. They can all kiss my ass and that’s a fact!

      …and you are right, some things never change and what happened to Mr. Garner is certainly one of them, more’s the goddamn pity!

      Thank you for your comment!


      • You’re 100% correct on all points! And you have every reason to be angry. I’m pissed off too! I’m getting tired of seeing my people murdered without just cause. They kill us like we’re just dogs! I take that back,dogs get more respect than we do!


    • Thanks for posting the video Shaun, but I am just too pissed off to even attempt to look at it. I have attended so many protest rallies due to police brutality and killings perpetrated against young Black men that it is ridiculous and yet, we continue to march and to protest and our people continue to be brutalized and killed and there is no end in sight! I fucking hate this goddamn foul ass fucked up country! And I am pretty sure that that fact is quite well known by now!

      Thank you for stopping in.


      • Good on you. Please keep it up. We all need to fight this.
        I am in Scotland, or Police wouldn’t dare…In reality they just wouldn’t

        Not all cops are bad..But the bad ones are just criminals..


  4. “I take that back,dogs get more respect than we do!”

    That is oh so true! They have fucking hotels for pets. Ain’t that some shit?!!! While we’re being murdered on the streets because we ain’t fucking white, their goddamn pet Fido is shitting through some cashmere while lying on a satin pillow being served the choicest meats and premium bottled water. And you think I’m going to worry about who fucking gets upset with what I post? They can come on up in here and grumble about it if they want to, but I really don’t think they fucking want to even go there! I really don’t!


  5. Shelby, I’m not sure you even want to see this. Not that we’re surprised by it, just sickened and enraged all over again. Apparently, in the Fox News universe, Eric Garner was NOT a victim of racism, hatred, indifference or police brutality. No, how could we even suggest it. He was a cigarette tax martyr. Nothing is ever the cops’ fault, that’s a given. This senseless tragedy was all caused by New York’s abominable evil no-good socialist cigarette tax, creating a huge black market which our noble cops must waste their time on.

    I’m sorry, I shouldn’t inflict this poisonous shit on anyone, but it’s so maddening I can’t restrain myself. – Linda


    • I’m not looking at that and I damn sure as hell don’t look at a goddamn thing on Fox. Fox ain’t about shit and I’m fed up past my eyeballs in listening to some stupid shit from some racist white piece of filth on some Fox bullshit! To hell with that shit!


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