A Battleground!


I want to thank you all for coming onto my blog.
The reason I write is to try and cut through the fog.

Our American representatives are straight up whores.
Their only interest is to embroil us in more wars.

We bear so many scars from wounds that have yet to heal.
Veterans are denied access to health care and that shit is for real.

Stupid Americans always believe everything they are told.
They never question the government and it’s getting so old.

How can we wake up the dead when they refuse to open their eyes?
What is the point when they are hell bent on believing all the lies?

When we hear of the shit that is going down in Libya, what do we do?
We don’t do a goddamn thing even when we know what they tell us isn’t true.

The Israelis are killing the Palestinians and yes, we are complicit in that shit.
Our tax dollars fund a goddamn genocide on the Gaza strip and here we sit.

Iraq is in turmoil, civil war has broken out and who the fuck do you think is to blame?
What does it matter because we always find a patsy, a scapegoat to frame.

Is it ISIS or ISIL or al-Qaeda or some yet unheard of made up group?
We are so fucking trusting, so stupid and so goddamn easy to dupe!

They don’t even bother to pretend we matter or that we are important.
When that lying Obama speaks to us, he is pedantic and oh so mordant.

What is the use in trying to get through to you when you don’t even listen?
You’d rather get propaganda from the Washington Post, the lame stream edition.

Wake the fuck up and recognize that America is killing this goddamn world.
Our very existence could soon end and life as we know it is imperiled.

Those who run this country are hell bent on keeping the status quo alive.
They would take us all down and not hesitate as they mean to survive.

The rules are written by them and we are mere chess pieces on a board.
Power, they refuse to relinquish and immense wealth they must hoard.

Look to the East and see the hell that has been unleashed.
Then get your calculator out and start counting the bodies of the deceased.

And don’t bother to stop, just hand the calculator over to some other fool.
They keep a running tab of the dead and the dying as a rule.

You thought to look to the future because you think that you have one.
Little do you know that your life will soon be over, finished and done.

Think on that shit, let it sizzle and simmer and then put in on your plate.
Maybe then, the fog will clear and the fact that you’ve being played will penetrate.

Why do you think we outspend every other country in the world on our military?
Well, I got news for you, it ain’t because the expenditure is necessary.

Why the fuck don’t you stop playing with your toys and take a look around
long enough to realize that America has turned the whole goddamn world into a battleground?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
Β©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

As I read different blogs, I am just astounded by the sheer cluelessness and outright stupidity of Americans who believe that Vladimir Putin and Russia is actually responsible for downing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. The outpouring of anger at Vladimir Putin is amazing given what we know about what is behind that mess in Ukraine. I just have to shake my head over it all because many Americans are truly insane. What other explanation is there? To be that brainwashed, I did not think was possible, but apparently, it is. The unquestionable acceptance of whatever is shoved down the throats of people who refuse to think for themselves and to just believe utter tripe is just mind blowing. I am ashamed to call myself, American when many in other countries are not blind, nor are they willing to believe the blatant and outrageous lies that the American representative shits are spouting without any credible evidence to back up their tall tales and overblown lies. But I forget, the rest of the world has not been blessed with that great American ‘exceptionalism’, so how can they possibly understand that America can do NO wrong because Americans are ‘exceptional’. The only problem with that is Americans are exceptionally stupid, arrogant, hypocritical, brain dead, comatose, ignorant and full of shit!

So Americans, bring your clueless, stupid ass on up in here with some foolish shit, I fucking dare ya!


10 thoughts on “A Battleground!

      1. Not brag Ma’am, just a fact. I can’t be a helping the where’s I’s born. However, I can point out the obvious flaws and oh damn, there’s a mountain of that…


  1. I am speaking of myself as well Skulz. I can’t help being American, however, I can state with a certainty that if I had had a choice, it would NOT be so! Hell NO! It would NOT be so!


  2. So far today, every single visitor to this blog has been ‘American’ and so I say, “Keep coming, you clueless fuckers and get your stupid ass clued in! You need it!”

    P.S. Linda and Skulz, I ain’t talking about you!

    The stupid Americans who are reading this to try and get a fucking clue know this is meant for them! And read it over and over again, clueless shits and let it marinate long enough to sink in ’cause I know you’re on some brain dead shit or been lobotomized, either one! So fucking keep at it ’til ya get it, useless ass motherfuckers!


  3. You know, back in the 80s when my son was young they referred to retarded children as ‘exceptional’ — when someone speaks of ‘American Exceptionalism’ nowadays they couldn’t be more right, many of our fellow peons and certainly our elected terrorists seriously embody the type of exceptionalism that my son was ‘blessed’ with!

    Pwr 2 the UNEXCEPTIONAL peons!


    1. Wolfess, these shits over here have indeed turned, ‘exceptional’ into a dirty word. Especially when Obama came right out and stated how ‘exceptional’ Americans are and I’m trying to figure out in what way? And the only thing I can come up with is that Americans are exceptionally, hypocritical, stupid, clueless, foolish, insane, vile, callous, dumb as hell and full of shit. Now, that’s some ‘exceptional’ shit right there! And I must say, that right there, fits AmeriKKKans to a ‘T’!

      …and thank you for your comment Wolfess! Good to see ya!


      1. Well I will say that you and I are NOT exceptional but we most definitely ARE OUTSTANDING! πŸ™‚

        We have a new puppy at our house and has taken up way too much of my time in the last few weeks; but I do love her, and now all 4 of the schnauzers have accepted her, but she and Musket are good buddies! πŸ™‚ She is an Old English Sheepdog, and her name is Chaco, Wolfess of the Beltane (b/c she was born on May 1). She and I have learned a new command: LEAVE IT! and she does, and she loves going for walks and ‘truck trips’ (we take both her and Musket b/c when we got Musket I decided I was going to ‘socialize’ him so he wouldn’t be as militant as our other 3 schnauzers). She will be 3 months old this Friday and I think she weighs somewhere between 20/25 pounds (she’s getting pretty hard to pick up :-)); when we got her she weighed 8. We have a fenced-in backyard so it’s easy to let her out, but she still hasn’t gotten the idea that you do NOT do your ‘business’ in the house — I make a concerted effort to take her out every hour but sometimes she gets excited and doesn’t wait; yesterday I swatted her for doing that! She and Musket went out after breakfast and played ‘chase me’ all over the backyard so now she’s asleep on the tile in front of the door … a sleepy dog is a good dog. πŸ™‚


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