Expect No Mercy!


As I look down at the scorch marks on my skin,
I realize that I’ve been to hell again.

The blood stains on my hands won’t wash away.
And when I go to sleep at night, I cannot pray.

On whom could I place the blame for what I’ve done?
From the horrors in my mind, where can I run?

My sins will be judged from high above.
And why from God should I expect undying love?

For I gave no love to enemies I never knew.
So, follow not in my footsteps, for if you do,
expect no mercy from the demons that pursue
your very soul for the innocent that you slew.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

I get so damn tired of the hypocrites who claim to be christian and who are the most blood thirsty warmongering filth that ever crawled on this earth. They are a most intolerant bunch of heathens and who preach about God and love but only when it fits in with their agenda. When it comes right down to it, christians are the epitome of hypocrisy. How do you reconcile with yourself when you pick up a weapon and kill? How do you reconcile with yourself over how badly you treat others, those who are not of your faith or who are not of your complexion? How do you get to pick and choose who lives and who dies? Who made you gods? One of the ten commandments is THOU SHALL NOT KILL! So, since you believe in God, hell and the ten commandments, when you kill someone for whatever reason, where are you going? And if you say, “Why, through the pearly gates, for sure!” That makes you not only a flaming hypocrite, but a damn liar as well!

You’d better get all the enjoyment you can out of this life because after they plant your ass, scorched skin’ll be the least of your worries, that is, if you truly BELIEVE in your heaven, hell and god!

13 thoughts on “Expect No Mercy!

  1. I visited the slave master’s workshop briefly . My own personal preview of one alternate fate at this open house tour of Hell consisted of a steel scaffolding that twisted skyward and disappeared into the acrid acid fog that misted me with cat piss odors and an occasional scalding droplet that burned into my skin. This scaffolding supported a white hot steel shoot, like that which extendss from the back of a cement truck and is used to direct the flow of concrete. The shoot was covered in tar. I was dressed onlyin a filthy loincloth .I was perched off balance on my bloody,blistered knees. I had a small rag in one hand and a can of turpentine in the other. My job was to scrub off the tar and to hold on lest I fall to the bottom and start over. I inched up the hot tar covered shoot inch by inch, leaving chunchs of flesh sticking to the steel as I cclimbed


    1. Sorry damn cell phone cant edit post. Anyway The smell of tar or turpentine always reminds me of that horrible night terror which has persuaded me to avoid the pitfalls of Hell by fighting the evil within and without. Thanks shelby for your contributions to enlightenment. To Dick Cheney, The.Bush Dynasty and all the royal corporate banksters- straight to Hell mutherfuckers !


      1. jtremaine, you’ve said a mouthful! To a round of applause!! Hear! Hear!! And to BushCo, straight to hell, may they go!!! Make it the deepest pit, by all means and with no means of escape but in Cheney’s case, the gates of hell will hesitate before opening to let such depravity and evil in as he possesses, but eventually open, it will!!! If hell exists, of its gates opening to admit Cheney, I have NO doubts!!!

        Thank you for stopping in jtremaine!


    1. It makes sense because of intense brainwashing of those who need to be told that there is something to look forward to other than what they have now. Some people just cannot fathom that this is it. They must hold onto some sort of ‘faith’ that they are not being lied to by those who tantalize them with THE rapture and the luxuries of ‘heaven’. They must have something to believe in otherwise they feel their little seemingly worthless lives are for what? To be born, only to die? Bahhh!!! That is not what they want to believe and so let the snake oil salesmen sell them a doubtful bill of goods, when they’re dead, they most certainly cannot come back and file a lawsuit to get back all the money they’ve been bilked out of. A win-win for the christian’s game of ‘religion and all things holy and needing money, money and money.

      Thanks Dr. Bramhall. Good to see you, as always!


  2. Yeppers, this would be why I tell people I gave up religion for Lent one year and never went back! 🙂

    Pwr 2 the WITCHY WICCAN peons!


    1. Give it up, turn it loose and let it go! LOL!! That’s the way ta do it Wolfess! Good on you!

      Yeah, and guillotine that shit!!

      Thanks for stopping in! Hope all is well with you and yours!


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