We Still Live!

strong and Black

You seek to shame me for the color of my skin,
but I am here to tell you, it’s not that thin.

You seek to cause me to fear your hate,
but I am the master of my own fate.

You seek to profit from the fruits of my labor,
but you don’t want me to be your neighbor.

You seek to lock me up inside your cage,
to keep from paying me a decent wage.

You seek to subdue me and make me tame,
but you cannot control this eternal flame.

You seek to keep me poor and needy,
but I am not like you, cold and greedy.

You seek to kill me any way you can,
but we still live; the Black woman, child and man.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

10 thoughts on “We Still Live!

    1. Thank you Skulz! I truly wish there was peace all across our shared planet earth, but alas, we ‘humans’ must eternally fight and then fight some more in a never ending battle for control? Dominance? Land? Resources? And the list goes on and on.

      Thank you again for your comment!


    1. Dr. Bramhall, I may be steadfast in resisting genocide, but damn if I’ve been all dignified about it! I’ve done everything but get arrested.

      Part of the problem with regards to the situation in Gaza is due to how confined the people of Gaza are. Although many Black people are confined in ghettos, prison and such, there are those of us who are not as restricted. And notice I stated, ‘as’ restricted because even many Black people are restricted from living among whites due impart to gated communities and communities that are affluent and out of reach of many Black people. As we all know, gentrification is in progress and Black communities all over this country are getting fucked up and fucked over.

      We are still the last to get hired and the first to get fired when an economic shit storm thunders in. We’ve still got a double digit unemployment rate and that ain’t going down. Hell! It’s been in the double digits since the end of slavery. Yeah, the whites have been hell bent on killing us and they’ve killed many of us and that is one reason why police brutality ain’t going no damn where since the racist ass cops are killing mostly Black people. But I don’t think we’re going down without a fight and we have been fighting in one way or another in this shithole since the beginning of our history here and we shall continue!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall and for stopping in.


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