While You Live A Life Of Privilege…

lavish spending

While you sleep the sleep of the dead,
a child in Africa has no bed.

While you buy your Starbucks coffee,
a mother in Gaza holds her child’s dead body.

While you tweet about Miley’s twerk,
a stressed out soldier just went berserk.

While you gas up the SUV,
fuel tanks burn in Tripoli.

While you head to lunch at noon,
the CIA trains another goon.

While you shop with your credit card,
in Iraq, live the battle scarred.

While you take your dog for a walk,
at a homeless vet, you merely gawk.

While you live a life of privilege,
your whole world is a distorted image.

While you shy away from life,
into our world, evil twists the knife.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

18 thoughts on “While You Live A Life Of Privilege…

  1. I am telepathic! I posted a picture on one of my FB pages, an image from my side mirror. A beggar wheeling his mother, with me in the air-conditioned comfort of my car.
    And then, I see this.
    Brilliant writing.


    1. Well Rajiv, I can’t talk, I’ve got some expensive champagne already on ice, getting ready for tonight and here I write about people living a life of privilege and so don’t I have some goddamn nerve while others are busy getting fucked up, fucked over and some more shit, hypocrite that I am. But what the hell! It comes and I must let it out even when I’m damn near kicking my own ass!

      Thank you for your comment. I absolutely love the compliments on my writing. Bless your heart!


    1. Thank you for that most enthusiastic comment Tube! You see what the hell we unleashed in Libya? Libya is in chaos, turmoil and every goddamn thing else and every embassy is removing their personnel! What the hell for? I mean, with the murder of Muammar al-Gaddafi by the U.S. backed NATO, didn’t that solve ALL problems in Libya? That was the intent, wasn’t it? Now every goddamn body is a rebel, fighting another rebel and the main airport was closed due to bombings and like I stated, embassies are closed and foreign workers are being taken out of there because it’s just SO bad. Unbelievable! The U.S. and NATO to the rescue…uh…destruction AGAIN!!! We just simply fuck up and keep fucking up and taking absolutely NO responsibility for what we cause! Iraq is fucked up and look at what our shit stirring has caused in Ukraine and don’t even get me started over what’s going down in Gaza!!! Jeeeezus Christ!!!!

      Somebody needs to bring these wars closer to home so that we can see up close and personal just what it means to ALWAYS live in a war zone that is created by the sick ass evil shits in these Divided Snakes of Amurderer! I am just so fucking sick of people dying, the world over because of some vile and horrible atrocity that this nasty ass hellhole unleashes and yet, we get to ride around and enjoy ourselves and gas up the SUVs while others in foreign lands are getting unholy hell tore all up in them!

      But I do thank you again, for your comment! As you can see, I’m not calm ’cause it ain’t ‘happy hour’ yet! For the love of ….!!!!!


  2. While others live the life of privilege the vet in my house gets billed $825 for calling the rescue squad! Damn right black nazicare is good — good for everyone but those peons who need it the most!


    1. ‘Black nazicare’!!! Now, I’m sorry, but I had to laugh at that! I’d never seen that before!

      But on a serious note, that is some messed up shit right there Wolfess, to be sure, that is! We don’t take care of our own and that is one sad fact. And another sad fact is that we ain’t even concerned about the lack of adequate care that our veterans receive. If we did, there wouldn’t be scandal after scandal all over some shit going down at the VA. That is what our servicemen and women can look forward to IF they make it back home from almost endless deployments; a lackluster health care system designed to kill them because they’re no longer of any use, so what’s the point? That’s how we play it! It’s a game to the government shits that run that system, but it’s not a game to those who were fucked up by, again, endless deployments. We’ll never do what’s right, but we’ll always do what’s wrong.

      You take care Wolfes,, you and yours! …and I thank you most sincerely for your comment!


      1. Yeah, my newest name for the obadrone is ‘that black nazi in the WH’ so it was just a natural thing to call ‘obamacare’ black nazicare! 🙂
        And hasn’t the VA always been plagued by problems with their level of care for our veterans? Back in 1996 Mike was getting his blood pressure meds from them and in 2006 we found out that they had known all those 10 years that he had diabetes but they never said a word! I think that’s why we didn’t have to fight at all to get disability from them — they knew if they didn’t give it to him we would damn well sue them all the way back to 1996! 🙂 it is my considered opinion that if we can’t take care of our veterans at a level commensurate with their dedication then we should STOP FIGHTING THESE FUCKING WARS!

        Pwr 2 the VETERAN peons!


  3. What I find really sad is the large number of Americans who are totally unaware the outside world exists. They can’t even find France on a map, much less Iraq. Only 30% of Americans even have passports. Nearly all Kiwis have them.


    1. I have a shower curtain with a map of the world on it — does that count??? 🙂

      Actually, I’ve been to France twice, England (twice); Belgium (I arrived there on my birthday and the customs agent was the first one to wish me a happy b’day), and Sweden. The first time i was in Paris we stayed in a hotel just down the street from a corner a ‘woman of the evening’ stood on and the entire week we were there she would never look at me … until the last night when she actually looked at me and smiled; maybe she figured we aren’t really all that different! 🙂


    2. Can’t find France on a map? These stupid shits in AmeriKKKa can’t find Nebraska on a map. What the fuck do they need with a passport? What fucking country wants any of this nasty shit visiting them? They’re getting ’em the hell out of Libya, but then of course, that place has become too hot to handle. Hell! These nasty AmeriKKKan shits hate the French, so why the hell would they even need to locate France on a map and I’ll tell ya something, if I was French, I’d tell these AmeriKKKans where to shove it, shove it right up their ass!

      Seriously, what country wants to listen to how ‘exceptional’ AmeriKKKans are? They’d run that arrogant shit clean on out of town or they should! I know, I’d attempt to do it because I wouldn’t want ’em bringing PESTILENCE to MY country, if’n I lived elsewhere other than in this here shithole!

      Of course, Kiwis should have passports, they should be welcome ANYWHERE because they ain’t been hell bent on going all around the world fucking people up, destroying their economy and confiscating their natural resources, that’s some AmeriKKKan shit right there and don’t the whole goddamn world now know it!! Fuck this shithole and fuck AmeriKKKans!

      …oh but I do thank you SO much for your comment Dr. Bramhall. It usually encourages me to be nice and all, ya know!



    Hear! Hear! My sentiments exactly! If only we could get them to understand that what they are fighting for does not exist; bringing freedom and democracy and an end to suffering. That ain’t what they’re fighting for. They’re fighting to expand capitalism and they’re fighting for the confiscation of another country’s natural resources and for more power for the powerbrokers and it ain’t the military grunts who come out on top, not by a long shot. It’s past time that they understood this. Sigh!!! I can only keep hope alive that they’ll finally awaken to what’s really going down, US!


    1. Yesterday I came out of the grocery store while a couple of soldiers were walking to their cars, they smiled and said ‘Hi Ma’am.” I said “Where’s my mother????” We all laughed and then I told them I would like to thank them for their service, but I think that damned phrase is just so condescending that I refuse to say it to soldiers who are willing to give so much for their country, so instead I will just ask you to be careful.
      We’re making a difference Shelby — one person at a time …


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