The Bombs Of Billionaires


You tried to shield her from the bombs
when you cradled her in your arms.

And now both of you are dead.
Is Israel’s thirst for blood now fed?

You loved her ’til the end
that poor child that never sinned.

Innocent blood must be avenged
and I don’t care who I offend.

The cries of the dying all went ignored
while we prayed unto the Lord.

What good are all our prayers
against the bombs of billionaires?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

12 thoughts on “The Bombs Of Billionaires

  1. Excellent Shelby, I have been on a rant about this one myself and now I see that we have agreed to provide more missiles so that even more civilians can be slaughtered…this cycle of death and destruction never seems to end. Ridiculous and tragic all so the rich can get even richer on the mutilated bodies of the innocent.

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    1. Thank you Dom and I hear you! I am railing against this and I am tired of the U.S. funding genocide against the Palestinian people alongside Israel. Our ‘elected’ shits are throwing fits about what is going down in Ukraine while giving Netanyahu a free pass to kill every Palestinian in Gaza. And how can Israel jump up and down and scream about the Holocaust and then turn right around and Holocaust all over the people of Gaza? The Israelis don’t get any sympathy from me anymore because when they takeover where the Nazis left off, they’ve lost any credibility in MY book!

      Thank you again for your comment Dom! Much appreciated!


    1. Skulz, I don’t think that ANYONE is unaware that that lying, filthy, hypocritical, piece of shit Obama is culpable in what is going down in Gaza and that he is indeed an enabler of Netanyahu’s insane determination to rid Gaza of all Palestinians. Unless someone has been living on a deserted island without access to electricity, they should be aware that Obama’s hands are drenched with the blood of innocent Palestinian people!

      He only said he was ‘concerned’ because most of the world is in an uproar that Israel has the backing of the U.S. government in its unrelenting bombing of Gaza. That nasty, vile and inhuman fucktard Obama ain’t about shit!

      …and thank you for your comment! I am so pissed off, I’m spitting bricks!


    1. Unfortunately, that is true and it would seem that we cannot do a damn thing about it! Millions are protesting, the world over, including the closest big city to me, had a massive protest, and yes, I joined in the protest but just like all the other protests and marches that I have joined in, we get no fucking where! We’re just all filled with despair and gnashing our teeth over the senseless deaths of innocent HUMAN beings who’ve done not a goddamn thing wrong to those murdering cowards in Israel!

      There will be a steep price to be paid by both Israel and America because both are complicit in what is going down in Gaza!


  2. As Swen Lindqvist writes in the History of Bombing, it’s always the brown-skinned peoples the billionaires bombs – the effect is meant to be psychological, as if to indelibly imprint them with their inferiority. It doesn’t seem to be working on the Palestinians. They seem to be the most politically knowledgeable people in the world.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, by now, everyone should be aware of what is going on. The Black and Brown people have always been scapegoated, enslaved, oppressed, bombed in attempts to wipe us off the planet, not to mention add to that the confiscation of natural resources and fertile lands by the white billionaires who got rich off the Black and Brown people. What I cannot understand is that since we outnumber those bastards, why we have not killed them off is a mystery to me. But of course, the Black and Brown people are not vile, psychopathic homicidal maniacs. They’re just accused of being such when they have the nerve to fight back against those psychotic criminals that have unleashed hell on this earth!

      …and as usual, thank you for that most insightful comment, Dr. Bramhall. Much appreciated.


  3. Luv ya Courtney, we should start up a duet…here are two verses from one of my songs NATION OF SHEEP…

    Trillionaires enslave mankind with usury
    The water we drink
    The air we breath in…

    Puppet masters howling proud
    Piss on the bleeding city
    Shear our wool
    Slaughter our meat
    To fuel their fortunes
    and our poverty…


    Nation of sheep
    Get off your knees

    never surrender katniss


    1. If that ain’t the goddamn truth, then I ain’t never seen it! That right there says it ALL!!!

      You know, several of us need to get together and collaborate because we’ve all got our talents and I just read a blog post that is also ever so spot on!

      I just don’t know why we haven’t come together and collectively wiped the shits off the face of this planet that’s hell bent on subjugating us all! I just don’t fucking understand why we’re continuing to tow the goddamn line when it’s crystal clear that we ain’t fucking stupid!

      …and yeah! We need to get up off our fucking knees, like yesterday!


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