“It’s All Humanitarian!”


While the champagne’s chillin’
and the steaks are grillin’,
thought I’d type for a spell
and oh, what the hell!

We’re bombing in Iraq
’cause we got it like that.
It’s all humanitarian
we’re such a good Samaritan!

As Gaza gets shelled
Netanyahu ain’t jailed
for genocide and all
’cause Hamas just won’t play ball.

Nor will ISIS or ISIL, trained by the CIA
and Iraq’s security forces all went MIA.

Obama said to Martha, “It’s my vacation time!”
“That shit in Iraq, it’s such a fucking crime!”
“And Palestine, you go to hell and take the Gaza Strip”
“Israel, see to it and don’t let up or slip!”
“We’ve invested American dollars to help you out, my friend!”
“So hop to getting it done and as with Gaza, here’s the end!”

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

While we here in America are attending a baseball game and gearing up for football and wining and dining, ‘exceptional’ shits that we are, people all over the world are getting fucked up by some shit that we started and either just can’t leave the hell alone or are busy instigating it by gifting millions to Israel to genocide all over the Palestinian people while we bomb Iraq for humanitarian reasons as stated by our piece of shit hypocritical, self-appointed, Emperor despot Obadrone, himself! Hail to the Chief! Emperor ’cause bombing IS the humanitarian thing to do!

“The extremists’ “campaign of terror against the innocent, including the Yazidi and Christian minorities, and its grotesque and targeted acts of violence bear all the warning signs and hallmarks of genocide,” said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. “For anyone who needed a wake-up call, this is it.”

Wow! That’s some deep shit right there! John Kerry is against genocide! Can you believe it? Uh…NO! Can you say, “GAZA!!!!????, ANYONE?! And as if what John Kerry, our Secretary of State said wasn’t bad enough, Obama had this to say,

Obama authorizes air strikes to prevent Iraq ‘genocide’

President Barack Obama says he has authorized US air strikes on Iraq to prevent a “genocide” by Islamist extremists against minorities.


So, Obama authorized bombs to prevent genocide in Iraq while giving Israel’s Netanyahu a free pass in bombing and COMMITTING genocide against the Palestinian people! The hypocrisy of the Obama Administration knows no bounds! Unbefuckingbelievable!!!!!! Apparently, there’s ‘good’ genocide and ‘bad’ genocide and the U.S. government gets to pick which is which and ain’t that a bitch!!! Fucking gag me with a goddamn bomb, why doncha!!!!!

Bombing people over and over has always solved SO goddamn much and if you can name one goddamn thing GOOD that a bomb has achieved, then leave your comment and don’t even bother commenting on how bombing the Japanese ended World War II because I’ve read time and time again, that Japan was defeated before they got hell unleashed on them by means of two atomic bombs. Goddamn it!

For nearly seven decades, the American public has accepted one version of the events that led to Japan’s surrender. By the middle of 1945, the war in Europe was over, and it was clear that the Japanese could hold no reasonable hope of victory. After years of grueling battle, fighting island to island across the Pacific, Japan’s Navy and Air Force were all but destroyed. The production of materiel was faltering, completely overmatched by American industry, and the Japanese people were starving. A full-scale invasion of Japan itself would mean hundreds of thousands of dead GIs, and, still, the Japanese leadership refused to surrender.

But in early August 66 years ago, America unveiled a terrifying new weapon, dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In a matter of days, the Japanese submitted, bringing the fighting, finally, to a close.

On Aug. 6, the United States marks the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing’s mixed legacy.


…and so, bomb’s away! Here’s to genocide, destruction, chaos, pandemonium and some more shit!!!

17 thoughts on ““It’s All Humanitarian!”

  1. It’s always a humanitarian effort right? They’re just there to help the people because they can’t help themselves. Yeah right! Freedom fighters my ASS!! It’s the same old line they use every time. And people just keep falling for it! *throws hands in the air*


    1. Prince, you know that everything and I mean EVERYTHING that America does TO another country is humanitarian in nature. We drop food and bombs and call it ‘humanitarian’ intervention. Never mind that the civilians who are supposed to eat the food that we’ve dropped along with the bombs, get killed by the bombs. It’s just too bad that they were in the way. Collateral damage and all, ya know!

      …and the military grunts continue to OBEY orders!! Oh, well! I “throw my fucking hands up in the air,” too!

      Thanks for your comment Prince!


      1. Shelby. We drop food and bombs together to keep the food warm. A humanitarian would never allow the people to eat cold food! We aren’t primitive you know!


  2. Makes me think of the not-funny joke — If vegetarians eat vegetables … what do humanitarians eat? Come to think of it, the joke seems to be on all of us. Thanks for another fine piece! – Linda


    1. “what do humanitarians eat?”

      You got me on that one Linda because from where I sit, ain’t a goddamn ‘human’ in sight! …and yeah, we’re a joke but unfortunately, the rest of the world ain’t fucking laughing, it’s fucking dying!

      Thank you for your comment Linda!


    1. But..but…but…not on Christ for Christ’s sakes! JEEEZUS Christ, say they wouldn’t!! We’re a fucking ‘CHRISTIAN’ nation, doncha know.

      HLJ, you didn’t get the memo! Jesus Christ came back and we bombed him. That’s old news man! Where ya been? We bombed the hell out of Christ! He came and said, “whoa motherfuckers! What the fuck is going on all up in here? I ain’t about no capitalism and maiming and bombing and killing and destruction and hypocrisy. I bring you peace!”

      ..and AmeriKKKA said, “Peace THIS shit! And they fucking dropped THE bomb on Christ! I tellya HLJ, it was a sad day, yes it was and not one goddamn ‘christian’ spoke up on Christ’s behalf. Now ain’t that some shit? They, the christians, that is, killed Christ AGAIN! And I hear tell that they’re wailing and screeching in church awaiting the third coming of Christ. Hmmmm…I wonder what they’ll have planned for him the third time around. That’s supposed to be the charm, ain’t it?

      Thanks for your comment man!


  3. There must be good and bad humanitarianism because the bad fuckers define what’s good – for their bottom line! I doubt politicians even realize they’ve lost their humanity, more than likely they’re not human. Another fine commentary Shelby!


    1. 1EarthUnited, I been sayun’ for some time that the shit that’s running this here show ain’t ‘human’ at all! I mean, I’m usually NOT one for conspiracies and such, but that shit ain’t nowhere near ‘human’, can’t be.

      When you think about it, what ‘human’ would be hell bent on destroying its own home, the earth? What ‘human’ would insist that bombing others IS the way to peace? What ‘human’ would relentlessly foster hate, globally and commence to taking over the entire global financial market rendering entire countries, bankrupt and demanding payment to the point that it breaks said country and its people? What ‘human’ would wipe out entire rainforests that harbor natural antidotes to every disease known and as yet unknown to man? What ‘human’ would deliberately set out to destroy the Great Barrier Reef, an entire ecosystem?

      …and the “bottom line,” is gonna eventually be the demise of us all, fuck that corporate ‘bottom line’ bullshit that is the very basis for all the bombing humanitarianism on display, the world over! Bomb for profit, that’s always been the way to go and thus it will continue until we’re all dust.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. “These people will drop bombs on Christ if he existed.”

    Unless he looked like the wimpy blonde christs in those Renaissance paintings … oh yeah, he’d just be another terrorist, obviously. Fair game for our righteous humanitarian murders.


    1. But, but, but LINDA! Chances are if Christ exists and comes BAUK, he will not look like the poster child for white bread AmeriKKKa, The Christ that I read about walked around in an old robe with a rope tied around his waist. Now tell me, what rich ass christian is gonna accept a man that prefers to walk around over driving a Cadillac Escalade? What rich ass christian is gonna accept a man with an unkempt beard because he ain’t got no grand mansion or Ritz Carlton hotel room lined up and therefore, can’t get himself all fancied up? What rich ass christian is gonna accept a man that tells them to give up ALL their worldly possessions and follow him? Are you kiddin’ me? They’d denounce him as a charlatan quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry and commence to killing him good and proper like before THAT shit catches on! Oh, wait! They did! My bad! …and if they did it once, they’d sure as hell not have a problem doing it again and again and again until Christ actually comes back and gets it RIGHT!!!! Now that’s the goddamn gospel truth!! “Amen and Hallefuckinglujah!!!!”

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  5. “We drop food and bombs together to keep the food warm. A humanitarian would never allow the people to eat cold food! We aren’t primitive you know!”

    Your fucking comment is priceless!! I am literally laughing until the tears flow! Keeping the goddamn food warm by way of the bomb in our humanitarian aid mission? We find a way around every goddamn thing and make the vile shit we doo-doo come out smelling like a fucking rose!!! LMAO!!

    Tube, you DA man!!! LOL!!! Hilarious! Fucking hilarious!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The contrast in Britain is quite striking. Yesterday tens of thousands marched in protest of the Israeli massacre in Gaza and an emergency appealed raised 4.5 million pounds (around $7 million) in aid in 24 hours. Hard to see that happening in the US.


    1. Wow! That is truly wonderful of the Brits! The problem is that although we are marching in protest, since our media is controlled by Jews, it ain’t getting no coverage. In fact, the closet big city to me has held several big protests at the offices of our congressional members and on the steps of our daily newspaper’s office. There’ve even been arrests. We ain’t exactly been silent about the Israel/Gaza conflict. I don’t know if any money has been raised, but I do know that protest marches have been going on all over this country, but like I said, they’re not getting press coverage because of who owns the press.

      And every goddamn member of congress is owned by the Jews as is the media and every goddamn thing else. It is unbefuckingbelievable what the Jews control and ain’t no ICC gonna do a goddamn thing about Israel’s war crimes against the people of Gaza.

      Nor is Obama, a major Jew dick sucker gonna do a goddamn thing about the genocide being waged against Gaza by the holocaust crowers that are holocausting all over Gaza. But, he’s bombing Iraq over the genocide there, the two-faced lying, bought and paid for by Jews, sell-out bastard!

      …and thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. Much appreciated!


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