Do You Think I Give A Shit?

obama's back as he boards airforce one

Bomb the hell out of Iraq.
Now, y’all just watch my back,
as I board new Air Force One
and the grunts will get it done.

They don’t think, they just do
whatever I tell them to.
I can’t ask for more than that.
They’re just a bug for me to splat.

Oh, I wax and wane real good,
about all the things I should
and then I turn around and spit.
Do you think I give a shit?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

As Obama boards Air Force One for his uh hum… much needed vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, the U.S. is bombing Iraq, yet again and the only reason, I said, the only reason that we are again, bombing Iraq is over some shit that we initially unleashed there by starting a war in Iraq based on a WMDs LIE!! There was no ISIS, ISIL or al-Qaeda in Iraq before we initially bombed the hell out of Iraq. The Iraqi people had done not a goddamn thing to the U.S. and the U.S. stands for Useless Shithole as we ain’t fucking united in this shithole.

And what the fuck has been settled between Israel and the Palestinian people? Not a goddamn thing, but it’s ALL good ’cause it’s VACATION TIME!

10 thoughts on “Do You Think I Give A Shit?

    1. ..and we won’t because then there would have to be accountability for war crimes AND warmongers from decades past, but it’ll never come to pass because war crimes is what America is all about. We can’t have the biggest, most expensive military in the world for nothing. If war crimes were given the respect they’re due, why that would have to put paid to America’s military AND government because that is the very foundation of America, engaging in war crimes started by the warmongers.

      Thank you for your comment fearlessanalyst!

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  1. Yeah and the photags hit the wire on this fine Sunday morn showing His Eminence playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard. Gaza burns, play golf. Iraq burns, play golf. Bomb Israel and THEN play golf. Obama is oh so cavalier regarding human life.


    1. ..and off he goes while thousands have been protesting outside the White House. It doesn’t matter what we do. I castigate the American people for not doing anything but when we at least march, protest, get arrested, place phone calls and some more shit, it is just WAR, WAR and more WAR as usual. It doesn’t matter what we do. We are insignificant and that is why for the first time, I am refusing to fucking vote this year! Vote for what? More of the same lies, lies and damn lies?? I am already an unwilling party to genocide, murder, destruction, chaos and all things vile and obscene! I refuse to back that shit anymore with a goddamn worthless ass vote!!

      Thank you Skulz!


  2. Ms. Shelby you haven’t been paying close enough attention. Okay, listen, war is peace. One more time; war is peace and just to drive the point home, war is peace. When the world is on fire unfurl your beach blanket and soak up some rays. If it ain’t your problem, then it ain’t your problem. Yet.


    1. Seriously, HLJ, somebody needs to bomb the hell out of us. Maybe then, we wouldn’t have such a cavalier attitude about war. Since wars have been far removed from us, we can sit on the sidelines and listen intently to all the lies that are being spread about who is perceived to be guilty when if there is any guilt to go around, it lies squarely at the feet of the shits that are behind the scenes that run this shithole and who have bought and paid for all of our politicians!

      And for all the good that I’m doling, I might as well lie on a goddamn beach and soak up the sun. Even if it becomes my problem, I don’t know what the hell I can do about it, that is what is SO goddamn gallingly frustrating!

      Thanks for your comment HLJ!


    1. You know, I used to wonder just how could the evil and the corrupt sleep at night knowing that their actions are killing people and destroying this planet and I guess I should just not even bother wondering and be glad that I’m not like that. But the problem is that that shit is going to be the downfall of us all. And frankly, like you stated Dr. Bramhall, they simply don’t give a FUCK!!!


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