I Watch From The Sidelines!


I watch from the sidelines,
too helpless to do a thing
as a world writhes in agony
and no sparrow deigns to sing.

I watch from the sidelines,
not knowing what to do
as bombs fall on innocence
and the snake strikes right on cue.

I watch from the sidelines,
what is my purpose here
to die by the hands of humans
from which all creatures flee in fear?

I watch from the sidelines
as man destroys this paradise
laying waste to a bounty of blessings
and we shall all be the sacrifice.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

18 thoughts on “I Watch From The Sidelines!

  1. I know this feeling of helplessness and powerlessness you speak of, Shelby. At least you’re speaking up from the sidelines, it’s more than I can say for too many of us.


    1. How Rajiv?

      I write AFTER the fact! I write after Eric Garner was murdered by racist ass cops. I write AFTER Israel has bombed Gaza umpteen times. I write AFTER a homeless man dies on the streets. I write AFTER a sleeping child is killed by a ‘stray’ bullet. I write about these things AFTER they have occurred and there is nothing that I can do to stop another horror from being perpetrated against innocent people. I cannot stop wars. I cannot stop peoples hatred of each other. All I do is write useless poems and essays and they get not a goddamn thing changed or done. Oh what the hell!

      But I do thank you most kindly for your comment.


      1. But, your voice adds to those who seek sanity in this world. It helps. If it helps to prevent the next atrocity, then that is wonderful


  2. But but Ms. Shelby? “God” granted ‘man’ dominion over all the earth. Really. It says so in that book thingy that gets the “jews” all apartheid and genocidal. Ergo, man destroys Earth and it must be “god’s” will.
    Hmmm, after ‘man’ fucks it all up where might we go then?
    Did you know that I know the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything? Well I do. I know the answer alright, I just don’t understand the question.
    I love you…


    1. Well, “God” didn’t know what the hell he/she/it was doing because if “God” was all knowing, then why the hell would he/she/it allow some goddamn ‘humans’ to destroy a paradise created by he/she/it and if “God” controls ALL things, living and otherwise, why hasn’t “God” stepped in to reign in man’s dominion? Something needs to and people actually still believe in “God”. Seriously?, whatever built what is now a shithole, would sit back and watch his/her/it’s creation get destroyed by his/her/its creation? Really? That shit doesn’t even make any fucking sense.

      But man pays plenty to hear about that stupid shit in palaces of worship every goddamn week and for what? To head right out the door and commence to hating and destroying. What the hell is it all for? Oh, that’s right! Money, money, money, MONEY! Power and greed reigns supreme!

      But thanks Skulz!


  3. wow shelby, you are so correct. Tubularsock can only afford the bleacher tickets. But if I climb the tree of American success I’ll be able to afford Box Seats THEN I’ll be able to “see” nothing!


    1. Well Tube, you got me beat! I can only afford a thrift store pair of binoculars and try and bring the shit into focus! I may just as well see nothing, seeing as how I can DO nothing about what I DO see!

      Thanks man!


    1. Tell me about it Dr. Bramhall! That is some right foul ass shit going down and we hand over to Israel the weapons and say, ” Now Kill!” As far as I am concerned, the Israelis can just shut the hell up about the holocaust. I mean, seriously? They still even want to go there with all the shit they’ve been up to?

      As always, thank you for stopping in!


  4. Shelby, If we played the odds, sure it’s overwhelmingly likely that our efforts will have no effect. But then if we played the odds, we’d never get out of bed, because what’s the point when we’re just going to die some fine day? Hell, we’re here, and there’s a shitload that needs to change, so we might as well raise hell about what’s wrong in the world. No extra charge! Beats collecting bottle caps for a hobby, if nothing else. You know as well as I do that NOT acting won’t help. It’s natural to feel discouraged and helpless — BECAUSE WE DO realize the relentless greed and indifference confronting us. But what the hell, who wants to die without havving lived a little? Not me! And I’ll be most surprised if you just sit back and go brain-dead watching Duck Dynasty or some such shit! Not your style! Or mine, I hope. Thanks for making us think a bit about the world we see, and the world we want, and for reminding us that mere wishing and hoping will never be enough.

    Okay, end of lecture cum pep rally. Next time, you may need to cheer ME up, if you’re up to the challenge! – Linda


    1. Linda, I’m off to collect bottle caps. It will be more relaxing than watching the world implode due to man’s inhumanity to man. Hell I may even go out and purchase a TV and if Duck Dynasty hasn’t been cancelled, I may even watch it. Apparently, for some it does pay to remain clueless and become like sheep, easily led and without a single thought of my own. Being brain dead could have its advantages. If people want to awaken from a deep and clueless slumber, I feel that I have written more than enough to give them a good head start in here. They can ‘archive’ to their heart’s content!

      …and yes, I’m having a frustrating moment in time because once again, I’ve been sidelined by injuries and I’m not one for pain medicine. They’ll not shoot me up full of poisons and so pain begets anger and frustration. I ask my readers to quietly exit the building and only return after receiving the “ALL CLEAR!”

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    1. Thank you very much for your enthusiastic comment on what flows from my poetic pen. What ever will come, I just write it down. It ain’t hardly ever good, but what the hell? We’re creating hell everywhere I look and my writing reflects that!

      Again, I thank you Caleb and I must say, your blog is out of this world, right on time! I’ll surely stop by more often!

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      1. Why thank you so much for the compliment. Trust me when I say that what flows from your pen is articulated in a way that is uniquely clever. Like I get what you’re saying, but if I were to try and write it in the form of a poem it wouldn’t have the same intense feeling or impact. That’s how you know you have an incredible talent. (-;


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