Give A Badge To A Skinhead!

st louis

Michael Brown and Eric Garner

Give a badge to a skinhead,
and you’ll find a Black man, dead!
If the Klan is wearing a sheet,
it’s because they’re off the beat.

Supremacy’s found a way
to save the white man’s day
with lawful killing sprees
as Black men fall to their knees.

What’s more dangerous than hate?
How about a license to annihilate
the ones it fears the most
and with each kill, it brags and boasts
of how the days never seem to change,
it’s like shooting animals on an open range.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Once again, another unarmed young Black man is dead and why does this keep happening? It keeps happening because skinheads, the Klan and other white supremacy groups have found a way to kill Black people, legally and get away with it. The days of lynching might be over, but that doesn’t mean that hate groups have ceased to find ways to murder Black people. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And since this is the sordid history of this shithole, why should anything change? It hasn’t. Whites know what’s up and Black people, you need to know what you’re up against.

The same evil that drafted the Declaration of Independence while enslaving your ancestors is still at work in this shithole. Make no mistake, this shithole was built on the backs of Black slaves and now whites have the unmitigated gall to hate and kill us for what they did. They are why descendants of slaves are in this shithole. Not one slave threw themselves into a boat and rowed to this shithole and now we must pay the price for what? For something that we have done? No! Not on your life! We are paying the price because whites are diseased, inhuman, vile and depraved. Just take a look around at what they are doing to the world. Are you in any doubt? I’m not! Kiss my ass white motherfuckers, but only from a goddamn distance!

Police murder unarmed, fleeing Michael Brown, 18, in St. Louis suburb

Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed Saturday afternoon near his grandmother’s house by a Ferguson police officer. St. Louis County police have not given a reason for the shooting, which happened in a predominantly Black suburb a few miles north of downtown St. Louis.

Police murder unarmed, fleeing Michael Brown, 18, in St. Louis suburb

16 thoughts on “Give A Badge To A Skinhead!

    1. Prince, it was the least that I could do and I wish that there was MORE that I could do! If I could, I would save every single one of MY brothers! And they say there is a “God!” Well, if there is, we could certainly use some intervention right about now! But alas, getting the haters off our ass will never come to pass!

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  1. This SUCKS! So much for supposed “Christian” values, what happened to “Thou Shalt Not KILL”? Never did qualify that in the Bible… “except for minorities, women and children”. What a farce this country has become!


    1. For the Black man, this shithole has always been a farce. This is NO christian nation. This is an abombi’nation’! When hate sits up in a goddamn church, the same hate that will then turn around and gun down unarmed Black people because it can, than there is NO such thing as a goddamn ‘christian’. When hate preaches from the pulpit and then turns around and dons a white sheet, there is NO such thing as a goddamn ‘christian’. Fucking hypocrites parade around pretending to worship some god of love and compassion when not a thimble’s worth of either can be found. That shit is sick, twisted, evil, vile and filthy, but ‘christian’ fuck no!

      Thank you for your comment.


    2. Well, Dear, you see, the core of the problem is ,as often happens, in the “Terms” definitions.

      If you appeal even to highly “edited” and falsified, but afterall official world history for the last maybe 5-9 centuries you can figure out that Catholicism and Protestantism have very little in common with so-called “Christian values”. In fact many books could be written on this subject.

      Really just analyse even few well known things begining from bloodbathly Crusades and The “holy” Inquisition and ending by church weddings of pederasts…pardon – gays with other “fruits” and the disaster of priest-paed0philes nowadays(about pedo-priest s trends – google if don’t know).

      Catholicism and Protestantism are just ancient forms of modern “Democracy” and “Freedom”.
      The same substance in different form\design\wrapper.

      So the farce was never absent – all going on by plan! 😉


  2. This kind of white terrorism against African Americans started during Reconstruction, owing to a fear that full citizenship for former slaves would disadvantage white privilege. As far as I can see, it never stopped. It’s correctly called terrorism because it’s deliberately designed to psychologically terrorize African Americans in order to keep them in their place (to get them agree to work for poverty level wages and not demand decent schools, health care etc).

    When I lived in Seattle, I saw how this kind of terrorism, the illicit drugs with which the CIA and Freeway Rick blanketed the inner city and the Reagan-Bush Weed and Seed program was used to drive black families out of homes their families had owned for decades.

    As Derrick Jensen mentions in Endgame, this type of state sanctioned violence always serves some economic purpose. When designated groups refuse to give up the land, labor and resources voluntarily, capitalism uses violence to take it from them.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, with all due respect, white terrorism of Black people started with their lily white asses heading over to Africa in search of slave labor and attempting to justify that shit by claiming that the Africans sold other Africans into slavery. As I have said, time and time again, how in unholy hell could I sell a person or anything at all, if there were no market for them or it? Whites have always been pure evil, vile, depraved and twisted and yet will still make up shit that it’s somebody else’s fault that Black people were dragged to this shithole to become slaves. Whites NEVER take responsibility for their reprehensible behavior. Well, they’re not going to get away with blaming the slave for slavery, not on MY motherfucking watch!

      …and terrorism of Black people by the white motherfuckers never let up! It is in full throttle because their problem with us is that unlike what the whites have managed to do to the Indians, what with reducing their ranks to about 45 or so and those 45 are living like refugees on fucking reservations when this entire goddamn country was theirs, more of us have managed to survive. And how badly the whites fucked the Indians up? Why that’s some foul ass shit right there and ain’t no African or slave responsible for THAT shit either and yet, the whites answer for that foul ass shit is that the Indians were warring with each other. So fucking what? They weren’t fucking everybody else’s goddamn day up by running all over this planet raping, enslaving, decimating and outright stealing natural resources that belonged to others and they are(whites, that is) still at it to this very goddamn day, filthy ass fucking savages!

      Thank you for your comment!


  3. Great and important post Shelby. I will keep my comment brief as I don’t really even know what to say about the ongoing injustices aimed at African Americans that appear in the news far too frequently. Sadly it seems that no matter how much attention is brought to it nothing ever really seems to change. Absolutely disgusting, I am so sad for his family and the community. Keep writing these kinds of pieces and maybe, just maybe they will change some peoples hearts and minds.


    1. I can write until I’m 300 years old and nothing will change Dom. Wish upon a star, send up a prayer or two, get on bended knee and still, nothing will change ’cause we can’t change the color of our skin. And that’s supposed to be OUR problem. I’m not over here because I immigrated. I am over here because my ancestors were dragged here. Whites need to fucking recognize!! For us being over here, they have only themselves to blame and most definitely NOT my Black ass! But, we’re getting killed like dogs because of something that whites did!

      Thank you for your comment.


  4. This poem and your analysis are so on point! As each day passes the whole myth of America’s “progress” into “colorblindness” or so-called “post-racialism” is being more and more exposed for the facade it’s always been. The entire world’s gaze is turning towards America and seeing it exposed as a nation exceptional among nations only for its profound hypocrisy.


    1. Caleb, you hit the nail squarely on its head. A BIG THANK YOU for that! The ONLY reason I keep writing is because so many different people from countries all over the world read this blog and I want them to know the truth, the ugly truth, the vile and filthy truth of what goes down in this shithole called, America. And how millions of people would not be here if not for the fact of slavery are getting hell unleashed on them, daily and for no other reason than the color of their skin and the sad fact that Black descendants of slaves are here because whites dragged African people here.

      Once again, to the motherfuckers that’s slow out there, Africans did NOT row to America, get off at Ellis Island and demand to work for free and get their backs lashed, whipped, get raped, sodomized and some more shit! That’s on some white motherfuckers and it is also on the goddamn piece of shit so-called, ‘founding fathers’, nasty ass slave owning bastards they were all the while screaming and yelling about how “all men are created equal” while brandishing a whip over their slaves!

      You are so right! This shithole was founded on hypocrisy and has been on that very same road ever since!

      I truly thank you so much for your comment!

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      1. Yes! It is very important for people all around the world to hear voices against U.S. imperialism who actually live right in the heart of the beast itself.
        You have the a great understanding of history that is often, in fact always, left out of the narrative of this country’s so-called “founding” – even by those “progressives” who should know better. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say, “This country is losing its liberties” or “We’re losing our moral conscious to lead in the world”, or one line I used to hear a lot when the Abu Ghraib and GITMO torture practices were coming to light, “This is not what America is about!”
        No, that is actually PRECISELY what America is about. It was quite literally a nation founded by a group of white supremacists. Everything from the incarceration system, voting laws, the electoral college, etc. were all structured with the ultimate goal of preserving stolen capital for wealthy white men alone. In my opinion no “reform” is ever going to make it right; the whole system must be abolished and rebuilt anew with equality as a main focus. Sounds like I’m living in utopia fantasy-land doesn’t it? Lol
        I’m probably just preaching to the choir but once I start ranting it gets hard to stop. But I will be sure to be checking out your blog often!


  5. Caleb, beast is RIGHT and LEFT and somewhere in between, progressives, democrats, republicans, conservatives, tea party shits, independent, underdependent and every goddamn thing else.

    Again, you are SO RIGHT! How the hell can this shithole called AmeriKKKa lose something, it never had? That’s why the military shits had no problem torturing the prisoners in Abu Ghraib, AmeriKKKa was founded on torture. What was done to the Indians didn’t constitute as torture? Lashing the backs of slaves didn’t constitute as torture? Letting dogs loose on peaceful protestors didn’t constitute as torture? Aiming high powered water hoses on innocent peaceful protestors didn’t constitute as torture? Lynching people because they were Black didn’t constitute as torture? This supremacy shit ain’t never had a problem with torturing people. They make up the police force, the military and they are correctional ‘officers’. They’re in the ‘health care’ field because we all know about the medical experiments that have been conducted on people with a permanent tan of some sort from decades past and that was torture. We’ve mastered the art of torture and yet, we want to point the finger at others and exclaim over what they’re doing! Seriously? We actually have the goddamn nerve to go there, but then again, that goes back to that hypocrisy thing!

    Funny thing about Utopia, I wrote a poem about that too. Wishful thinking and all, ya know! And don’t worry about preaching to the choir, I often do that because those who comment here or ‘like’ my blog posts are ‘likeminded’ souls. But like I stated previously, my readership extends well beyond those who ‘like’ or comment and I do so appreciate my most faithful fan base even when I’m at my most ‘foul fingered’ and as you can see, I could put a sailor to the blush.

    So, feel free to stop in and rant anytime. This is a rant friendly zone as you can tell. And it was great seeing you here. Don’t be a stranger and I shall not be one to YOUR blog. You can count on that!


  6. Shelby, your poetry is spot on!

    This is exactly what the elite pigs want, they want those of us they consider to be inferior, “the common people” (whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Arabs and Jews), at war with and hating each other. And they are using their storm-troopers, at the moment, to further this evil, despotic cause, just like they have used politics and religion to keep us divided! DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!

    Their ultimate goal is chaos among we “the common peoples of this world,” all of us, not just one race, so they can justify their ultimate goal, which is our complete enslavement and extermination.

    I hate what happened in Ferguson and other cities around this country. I hate this police state piece of shit. And like you, I know this piece of shit was meant to be this way, it was built to be this way, by the inbred European royals and Zionist banking-cartel (Rothschilds, etcl.

    But if all of we the disenfranchised peoples of this world turn on each other, then we are simply playing right into these elite pig’s plans for us.

    But something needs to be done, and it needs to be a collective effort on our part (humanity). But I’m not sure exactly what it is or how to go about it? I know that peaceful protest is worthless! But I also know that small pockets of violent rebellion are worthless, too. If it’s going to be rebellion, then it must be worldwide rebellion, involving all of the peoples. And this time we must do away with system/order for good, and then build a world for the people, the way I believe the world was intended to be!

    If we sit still long enough, we will be exterminated, of this I am more than certain.

    Keep writing the truth!



    1. But the fact is, whites ain’t getting shot dead every single day in this shithole by racist ass cops. Oh, yeah, we hear of a few whites that get caught up in some shit. But on average, Black people are the recipients of that shit! And this shit ain’t just started happening. It’s been going on all the time in this shithole. Only now, with everyone whipping out iPhones and other video recorders, more of that shit is in our face, unlike back in the day when Black people knew what was up, but who the fuck listened when many told about what had been done to them, that is, those that were still alive to say any damn thing?

      So, some white folks are joining the marching and the protesting of Michael Brown’s death at the hands of yet another racist ass white supremacist, now let’s all come together and sing, “Kumbaya” and yeah, that shit looks good in pictures and all, but when all is said and done, where is the REAL solidarity from those who know that that white supremacist shit is their neighbors, their friends that they have over for backyard barbeques.

      One day, I was out walking, taking my daily constitutional, when a white woman got off a bus, came up to me and grabbed me by the shoulder and stated, “I’m NOT racist!” According to her, a meeting had been held at a school about how badly Black students were being treated and that some of that shit was coming from being taught at home. She was offended. She then went on to tell me that her family is friends with a cop that lives in some exclusive suburb and that when they get invited to his house for barbecues, he goes on and on about how many ‘niggers’ he intends to lock up for just being a ‘nigger’ and that if any ‘niggers’ even got lost in HIS neighborhood, he’d find a reason, ANY reason to arrest them. And she had the audacity to wonder why she got bombed out along with other whites at a school meeting when that shit that children are taught, they learned from adults?

      So, regardless of whether or not TPTB are pitting us against each other, they don’t have to work too hard at it because many are extremely willing participants. No one can make me do a goddamn thing that I don’t want to do in the first place. We can blame Santa Claus if we want for what’s going down today, but it will not change the fact that what’s going down is because hate walks around, cuddled and cocooned in melanin free skin looking at every body else as if it’s their problem that they’re not so ‘privileged’.

      I am not going to be an ‘apologist’ for the white motherfuckers. I know better than that. There’s never going to be a united stand between those who are ‘privileged’ and those who are not because the ‘privileged’ want to keep their status and by doing so, they must keep the status quo alive! It doesn’t matter if this fits in with some ‘grand scheme’ or not, the truth of the matter is that this shit has been playing this same song for centuries and it will continue. I’m not the problem. I’m just a messenger and I tell it like I see it! And this particular message is sending my stats booming. So, yes, white motherfuckers, read this truth about yourselves, you shitty, filthy, nasty ass fuckers!

      Again, thank you for stopping in! I do love your blog!


  7. They are just the real source not only of rasism, but of nazism and fascism also.

    What many don’t know is that even Adolf Hitler and NSP in Germany after world war one ( WWI ) was created with big help of american and british capital. Even Bush ‘s grandfathers company ” Standart Oil ” was involved.

    [i]And the Bolshevist revolution in Russia in 1917 year was also orginized by them by American puppet Lenin (using american money proxyfied by germans) and British propagandists Marx and Trotskiy from UK.
    And then Stalin started cleaning of the coutry from all these nasty US , UK, German agenda shit and ,as usual, became a “bloody dictator” by western media. The same way as Putin now. [/i]

    They do this all around the wolrd for centuries. And continue today on all continents.
    Some small part of what is going on in Africa:

    Blood Coltan

    Krev v mobilech – Blood in the Mobile (CZ dab)


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