Michael Brown Didn’t Own Any Cattle!

This is the reaction by the cops when people protest the murder of an unarmed Black teenager.
This is the reaction by the cops when people protest the murder of an unarmed Black teenager.
This is what happens when whites defy a court order requiring them to pay grazing fees for grazing their cattle on public land for decades. The FEDERAL MARSHALLS turned tail and ran on home!

Cliven Bundy and his militia
faced down some well armed Feds.
No tear gas did they breathe.
Were their arms raised over their heads?

Michael Brown didn’t own any cattle
if he had, he wouldn’t have been shot.
Make a note of the hypocrisy
at the root of America’s rot.

If a white man points his gun
at Federal Marshalls who turn away
and when cops shoot a Black man dead
to you, what does that say?

When they set their dogs on you
and the tear gas stings your eyes
while your hands are in the air
you can’t say that you’re surprised.

There’s no need to look too far
to find that nothing’s changed.
if you’re a descendant of a slave
you’re now shot, instead of hanged.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

When Cliven Bundy and militia groups faced down Federal Marshalls in Nevada over Bundy’s failure to pay over a million dollars in grazing fees, the Federal Marshalls backed the fuck down and went home. No tear gas or rubber bullets was used and afterwards, the militia groups made their presence felt by setting up checkpoints and stopping people and demanded IDs. Are any of them dead? Arrested? Awaiting trial? Fuck no! You see, they’re just being ‘good ole boys’. What’s the problem? Nothing to see here folks, move along!


And now, we have another unarmed Black teenager gunned down and left to lie in the street without even the decency of a cover over his dead body, a sight his parents will never forget and people who are beyond fed up and fucking tired of police brutality against Black people, who are fucking tired of police vilifying the murdered, who are fucking tired of the simple ass explanations for why another Black teenager is dead, had the effrontery to protest that shit and fucking WOW! The police donned military gear, drove military vehicles and commenced to firing tear gas and rubber bullets at the Black protesters who were not protesting cattle grazing fees but who were protesting the murder of yet another young Black man and now, of course the police are as usual vindicating the murder of this young man because it has been alleged that he stole a box of cigars and walked in the middle of the street.

Don’t forget, the police did the same to Trayvon Martin, justified his murderers actions because the murderer allegedly had some cuts and scrapes on the back of his head and therefore was within his rights to stand his ground and murder Trayvon Martin after having gotten out of his vehicle and stalked Trayvon. Of course, it was Trayvon’s fault for attempting to defend himself against an unknown stalker with a gun.

Isn’t it always the Black man’s fault for getting himself murdered by the cops or vigilantes?

“Black men, you’re not to go outside. You’re to remain inside your homes forever. Do not wear a hoodie. Do not steal a box of cigars because that’s an offense worth dying for. The one thing you can do is owe over a million dollars to the Feds in grazing fees and see if the ‘ALL WHITE MILITIA’ will back you up on it! If so! You’re good to go! And if not, is there ever a good day to die?”

6 thoughts on “Michael Brown Didn’t Own Any Cattle!

    1. Of course Bundy and his militia aka skin head cops get a pass. They gave it to themselves. The Feds fucking recognized some of their own when facing down the goddamn militia. They’re certainly NOT going to kill shoot their own. They’re on the same team.


  1. You are so correction with this one sis, and it’s a good thing he didn’t. Because if he did and his friends and well wishers would have came around to help keep the state out it would have looked like Rosewood around there. We are still haven’t fully understood that being Black means your life is worth much less than almost anything on this planet. Ask Michael Vike.

    I sit here at this very moment listening to a talk show and they way these white people are twisting themselves into pretzels justifying a person being shot in the back is just amazing.


    1. With his hands up for Christ’s sake! That is the trouble with white people …… they have no color, they are fucking bland! No, really! When a white person is murdered by the cops usually in a wheelchair they all are the same way. “Oh gosh, the police must be right ….. law and order, law and order.”

      At least black people have the emotional response to go to the streets and burn down the town!
      Tubularsock respects that kind of awareness!


      1. Well, Tube! I wouldn’t continue to stand around and wave my hands in the air like I just don’t care! I’d fucking get down and dirty with it since they bring it dirty!


    2. @HLJ

      Ain’t that some shit! Whites murdered innocent Black people in Rosewood and then burned it almost to the ground and only in 1994 did nine survivors receive $150,000 in compensation. Fucking big ass deal for a goddamn massacre!

      Yeah, and now Michael Vick knows that dogs are worth more than his Black ass no matter how much money he has. Black people are gunned down for no reason but we better not have dogs injured in dog fights. Those dogs are much more innocent than ANY Black person will ever be, including a newborn Black baby, dontcha know!

      …and I do not listen to that talk show shit because flames would be coming from my mouth, nose and ass, I’d get that goddamn hot under the collar over listening to that stupid shit. You know whites ALWAYS have justification for what they do especially when its vile, depraved, sick, twisted and deadly! What the fuck ever changes? The Black victim ALWAYS gets the blame for his murder.

      Thank you for your comment HLJ!


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