This War Will Never Be Over!

Is that Iraq? Afghanistan? Libya? Uh...NO! It's Ferguson, MO USA!
Is that Iraq? Afghanistan? Libya? Uh…NO! It’s Ferguson, MO!

Put the city on lockdown.
Call out the national guard.
The people are in an uproar.
Hoist the cops on their own petard!

This war will never be over.
There’s too many of us to kill.
And the battle rages on,
so many graves yet to fill.

Don’t get tired, get mad.
You can’t bargain with the devil,
for he has naught to lose
and the killing field’s not level.

You’re on your own with this one,
just as you’ve always been.
They shoot you in the back,
and on you, their crime they pin.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew Saturday in a St. Louis suburb where police and protesters have clashed in the week since a black teenager was shot to death by a white police officer.

State of emergency? Damn straight! Fuck IT Up!!!

4 thoughts on “This War Will Never Be Over!

  1. I’m so old I can remember … ice cream trucks in the streets, not artillery and armored transports. But now, if it weren’t for the signs, how could we tell where in hell we are. In hell, regardless. Is that what we have GPS for, maybe, so we (and the cops/soldiers) know what language to scream in? This doesn’t seem much like progress. – Linda


    1. Linda, I am right there with you. When I would go to visit my grandmother in Connecticut, I remember hearing the tinkling bells of the ice cream truck and my grandmother would give us some money and we’d go out and get in the queue and then have sticky fingers when the ice cream melted down before we could finish it.

      ..and no, we have not made any progress and we won’t if we keep at this pace, which we will. I see no hope for the future and when I see a baby, I just want to cry because who knows how bad things will be when that baby becomes aware of the horrid world in which he/she lives?

      When we take innocence from the innocent, all that’s left is what we have. And no GPS can find a pathway out of this mess. We must have the desire, collectively, to walk hand-in-hand into the light. We do not have to die to go to hell, we are already there!

      Thank you Linda for again, taking the time to comment!


  2. It’s really startling how different the coverage is here in New Zealand compared to the US. New Zealand can’t afford to send correspondents to very many places, but it so happened a former NZ journalist has relocated to St Louis and is covering the incident for Radio NZ. According to her report, all the violence is coming from the police. She reports a contingent of black clergy has come from all over the US to line the streets and guard Ferguson residents overnight.

    She describes Ferguson has a very sleepy friendly suburb, typical of many rural NZ towns, where everyone walks in the street – making the point that there’s no way Brown could have been obstructing traffic.

    She also describes two deliberate police attacks (with tear gas followed by arrest) on journalists.

    She was also appalled about the police leaving Brown’s body uncovered in the street for 4 hours after the shooting. In NZ this would have been construed as profound lack of respect for both the deceased and the family.


    1. Of course the violence is coming from the police, the militarized police. And yes, I’ve read about the attacks on journalists and I’m sure that they have come up with a suitable lie to worm their way out of that one also. The police are chronic, vicious, habitual liars. That fact should be quite well-known.

      And of course, now the situation in Ferguson has captured a worldwide audience, the DOJ and the FBI are all over it and the Obama is even wondering whether or not it was a good idea to ‘militarize’ the police force. Really? Now? What? Is it fucking heating up because of the outpouring of outrage over the scenes of peaceful protesters getting shot with rubber bullets and tear gassed by skinheads in full military getup? Oh, yeah, it is now time to reconsider the wisdom of that shit after a decade of handing over military equipment to every police force that wanted it. The purpose was for that shit to end up on every street in America to subdue us and make us terrified of the cops. And now, the call is for calm from the protesters when the police were hell bent on agitating and shit stirring with itchy fingers just ready to do more damage to Black bodies. That has always been their ONLY objective!

      If you listen to this shit that reports from the lame stream media, you wouldn’t at all think that Ferguson was a ‘sleepy friendly suburb’, you’d think it was filled with animals that needed to be put down, them being rabid and all. We fucking know who’s rabid and needs to be put down and it sure as hell ain’t the protesters.

      Yes, it was quite appalling that that young man’s body was allowed to lie in the street without even the decency of a sheet over him for hours. I have commented on that in a previous post and it still rankles. But like I said, he was less than a dog to those skinheads that gunned him down and I feel for his parents who will always be subjected to the image of their son stretched out on a street with his lifeblood seeping out.

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. Much appreciated.


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