“But…but…This Ain’t The Hood!”


New Davis police vehicle revs up militarization concerns

The Davis Police Department has acquired a 20-ton armored military vehicle for use in active-shooter and other dangerous situations, though some are questioning the appropriateness of deploying it in a community setting.
The only cost to the city was $6,000 to ship the vehicle from Colorado to Davis, and the Police Department has eliminated an existing fleet vehicle to fund the MRAP’s maintenance, Assistant Police Chief Darren Pytel said.
Designed for battlefield use — primarily to deploy troops in Afghanistan — MRAPs are imposing, to say the least, with heavily armored exteriors equipped to withstand explosive devices and high-caliber weaponry.

The demographics for Davis, CA:

White – 70.07% or in other words 42,256
Asian – 17.54% or in other words 10576
Black or African American – 2.35% or in other words, 1,417 LMAO!

Anybody see anything, ANYTHING at all wrong with this? Does it really look as if only the Black and Brown people are going to get their ass handed to them? Did whites really think that they were going to be immune to facing down a 20-ton armored military vehicle designed for battle use? Raise your hands! Let me see! 1,2,3,4,5,6 42,256+10,576=52,832 whites and Asians in Davis, CA didn’t think you’d face down military vehicles like those Black protestors in Ferguson, MO did, eh? Well, I got news for you. It’s coming to a white bread world near you and real soon too.

Do you remember the Indians? Probably not because there’s only about 45 or so of them left. Well, they happened to be in the way and so therefore, their extermination was justified by settlers to the New and Improved World, dontcha know! Now, along comes this New and Improved World that’s killed off most of the original inhabitants and then this New and Improved World looks around and says, “gosh, it’s such a shame they refused to build this New and Improved World for us ain’t it?” So, the New and Improved World cruises around the world and lo and behold, there’s some unsuspecting Black products for sale. In fact, there was a sign right along the shores of Africa, “Black products for sale! Extremely helpful in building a New and Improved World, Come and Buy ‘Em!” Of course, this was deemed too good to be true as it was just what the New and Improved World needed, laborers that wouldn’t need to be paid and would have nowhere to run to if”n they got tired of lashed backs, whippings, rapes, shackles, hangings and some more shit. So, these willing laborers boarded the boats of their own free will and set sail to the New and Improved World and when they got there, they tried to leave and the rest is history.

Fast forward to today and descendants of said laborers aka slaves are either enslaved in ‘for profit prisons or are being shot dead on any street in this New and Improved World. Now, while all of this was going on, the whites that took over this New and Improved World just sat back, a’smiling and a’grinning over the plight of the Indians and the slaves and thought, “so nice NOT to be them, ain’t it Cleotis?” That dar is so right Clarabelle, now help me hang dis heah confederate flag!” All is right in our hillbilly New and Improved World.”

Clarabelle’s and Cleotis’s relatives, the ones who clawed their way up in the world, moved to Davis, CA. Donna and David were having a nice relaxing after dinner drink and David was reading the local news.

“Donna! Those thugs in Ferguson, MO are protesting another thug getting shot in the streets and the police are using rubber bullets, tear gas, dogs and military vehicles to restrain the protestors. I declare, it’s a good thing the police force is equipped with all that military might because we’d be dead in our beds if that lawless riffraff was allowed to run amok. Whatever it takes to stop that mess, I’m all for it. What about you honey?”

“I concur wholeheartedly, dear! More cognac?”

“Donna! Donna!”

“Yes dear, what is it?”

“You’ll never guess! It is all so ghastly appalling! This is not Ferguson, MO! We don’t have but 1,417 no-account Blacks here in our great and peaceful upper class city and the police department has just had delivered to it a 20-ton armored military vehicle designed for battle and straight from Iraq and Afghanistan. What is the meaning of this? I am outraged! I am calling my council representative right now!”

“Councilman Stan GoMilitary! What the hell is happening? Why do we have a $689,000 Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle? This is not a hood! We’re not a G-H-E-T-T-O!”

“Calm down David, ‘Its intended use is for certain SWAT team callouts that pose significant threats to officer and civilian safety’, not that we have to worry about that, but it’s only a for ‘just in case’ scenario. It’s nothing for you and Donna to concern yourselves with. Safety, safety, safety, that’s what it’s all about! Now, go back to enjoying your cognac, do not leave your home until it is time for work in the morning and check in with us before you have a garage sale, you’ll need a permit. And don’t forget that you still haven’t come in to get your National ID card. Wouldn’t want to have to send the guys out in the Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle to bring you in. Ha! Ha! Just a little joke, but see that you come in! Remember to vote for me in November! Goodbye!”

Seriously, white folks, ROTFLMAO! “What you gonna do when they come for YOU?”


5 thoughts on ““But…but…This Ain’t The Hood!”

  1. You have got to be kidding me!! A 20 ton armoured vehicle? What would they do if they moved your police to a genuinely violent country like India? They would have the whole US Army patrolling the streets. Wow….


    • Nope, LMAO! Not kidding at all. The writing is on the goddamn wall and it ain’t just for the Black and Brown population in this shithole. I have been saying for some time now that the whites thought that the shit that’s going down would have no impact on their ass. Well, I’m just sorry to not be the first one to let that ‘armored military vehicle’ cat out of the bag, but out it is and not just in Davis, CA or Ferguson, MO. Police departments all across this shithole have lined up to grab all that military surplus. Small towns, big cities, upper crust communities, inner cities ’cause we’re all fucking terrorists.

      This is what happens when people turn away when other people are getting slaughtered left and right and never think that that shit is ever gonna come staring them down. Yep, 20 tons of fun is now all up in Davis, CA and they ain’t hardly happy about that. But they better get used to it ’cause more’s coming from where that one came from.

      The US Army is patrolling the streets, the ones that ain’t blowing their brains out, that is!

      An enraged soldier barricaded herself inside a major command’s headquarters and shot herself in the head Monday after throwing objects around the office as law enforcement officials tried to negotiate with her, the Army said. She died later in the day.


      Thank you for your comment Rajiv!


  2. People who were paying attention should have noticed that it was mainly white people affected by the Boston lockdown (following the marathon bombing in 2012). It was mainly white people ordered out of their homes at the barrel of an automatic weapon. My daughter lived in Boston at the time and I am still freaked out by the story one of her friends told about opening opening his front door to find a GI dressed in riot gear pointing a machine gun at his chest.

    Wake up and pay attention, people!


    • That’s the problem Dr. Bramhall, they ain’t paying attention because if they were, they would have been screeching and wailing from every single dilapidated bridge and in front of every single federal, state and local building paid for by our tax dollars, about how that shit was so fucking wrong as to be unbelievable but as you can see, that is not the case. We have been pointed to a common enemy and it is of course NOT our own fucked up government, but at the Muslims and the Blacks and anybody with a permanent tan of some sort.

      The whites have been bombarded with video footage of ISIS, ISIL and Black thugs supposedly committing crimes that warrant getting killed for and that is why we need this military state, this military equipment to keep Americans safe from enemies both foreign and domestic. Never mind that the greatest threat to America is her own government via military. That fact should just be ignored and the military state that we have descended into is because we NEED protection from all the world’s people that we have fucked over, fucked up and some more shit. And the finger is often pointed to people with a permanent tan as the culprit. Never mind the fact that we initially armed them(ISIS, ISIL, al-Qaeda), trained them and let them loose on innocent populations across this planet. The American public must now pay the price and so we shall.


  3. even if you do live in a “ghetto”, there is no reason to have armored vehicles deployed in civilian areas. It’s about martial law, not race, as I’m sure you know…


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