“I’m Off To Kill Another One!”


I’ve got blood soaked hands and I don’t care.
There are bullet riddled bodies lying everywhere.

The blood of the Black man, I know is inferior.
I am still his master and therefore, superior.

When I shoot, I aim to kill and I’ll stand for nothing less.
Now, send in forensics to clean up the mess.

I leave them lying on the street like a dog that’s put down.
They’re not people like me; the Black and the Brown.

“I feared for my life,” that old adage, I use.
It works every time and my badge I never lose.

When their bodies jerk and twitch, I foam at the mouth.
I get a call from the skinheads that are way down south.

They thank me profusely for a job well done.
If the suspect is Black, I’m off to kill another one.

You are fine with what I do because I get away with killing.
From the whites there is no uproar because it’s Black blood that I’m spilling.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

12 thoughts on ““I’m Off To Kill Another One!”

    1. Yeah, we’re so sad, Rajiv! We’re so extremely sad over all of this and yet as I type this, another young Black man is getting himself killed by racist ass cops because we’re just all so very sad about all of this. We just haven’t gotten around to doing anything to stop it, except be sad over it, of course! We’re some real sad ass shits here, yes indeed we are!

      Thank you for your comment.


    1. You are right again Dr. Bramhall. It is indeed, genocide. To call it by any other name would be to diminish what is going down. But just where can Black people go to escape this genocide that has been perpetrated against us for centuries? Africa has been flooded with the white man’s guns, diseases, apartheid and genocide. And then the finger pointing begins. “Oh look at what the Africans are doing to each other?” Where the hell did they get the firepower? How did they get the tools of destruction that they have? No one is falling all over themselves in reporting on that!

      We’re fucking refugees over here in this shithole and we’re just as stuck in a warzone as the people in the Gaza Strip are! Hopefully, we’ll remain as strong as the Palestinian people!


      1. I’ve found some really interesting BBC documentaries about how Europeans instigated genocide and so-called revolutions in Africa (and a few assassinations) in order to get at the Coltran and other valuable minerals. I plan to post one in the next few days.


  1. Hi, update on Ferguson, MO. Last night PBS gave scheduling time for a sort of local Town Hall meeting about Ferguson hosted by Gwen Ifill.


    Okay, I think this was an effort made in good faith. But it didn’t get very far. Sure they can feel good about saying everyone needs to talk about the issues and get involved in their community’s politics–but beyond one man saying everyone needed to respect each other as the basis for talking (which I do agree is fundamental) no practical advice was suggested except to replace those in power in the next elections. I kept waiting to hear something really useful for people to do with each other on a daily basis in order to bridge the social divides but I never did. I found this very disappointing. Something didn’t quite seem to come together in that program. Or maybe it’s just me? I could say a great deal more on this subject, but I think that belongs at my blogcasa–I’ll give it some more thought before I decide to post or not. I will say that I think the issues go far beyond the race card in any direction. I also think it’s a mistake to think this is only a white and black issue—that view leaves out a lot of other reasons people face discrimination and people of other colors. Oh and whites have a long history of discriminating against other whiles based on class, religion and country of origin–and that mentality can provide useful insights into dealing with discrimination based on race.
    At the core of such human behavior is personal insecurity, lack of self worth, and fear of other people. At least that’s my perspective.
    I’m still thinking about all of this, considering my own experiences, and wondering how to communicate effectively concerning how to get a positive change ball rolling.

    Ferguson made the national scene—a lot of similar incidents in the Kansas City metro area so seldom do.


    1. The problem is that the murder of an unarmed young Black man and the resulting protests of the actions by the militarized police made national headlines is why there was even a discussion about ‘what was learned from Ferguson’. Really nothing is ever learned because while people were protesting in Ferguson, another Black man was getting shot not too far from where Michael Brown was murdered and just recently another Black man was shot 4 times for merely complying with the orders of a cop who pulled him over for failure to wear a seat belt. So, what is changing? Nothing! This is the sordid history of this shithole and nothing anybody says or does is going to change a damn thing. It is deeply entrenched and since for the most part, people are still segregated into Black communities over here, white communities over there, how in unholy hell are we to ever get past our hatred for one another to realize that we are all supposedly ‘human’ and not each others mortal enemy? It’s just not going to happen when skinheads and other white supremacy groups make up police departments all across this country. When hate and supremacy wear a badge, this is the result.

      And as you say, Ferguson made the scene, but what played out in Ferguson is happening in every town and city and state in America on a daily basis and like I’ve stated, it is most definitely going to continue.

      I had just finished a poem about the murder of Eric Garner at the hands of the NYPD when they put him in a killing chokehold and then lo and behold, the murder of Michael Brown is in the news. The Black homeless woman who was beaten by a white California highway patrol cop just received a $1.5 million dollar settlement and still, the beat goes on. They know that they are recorded and yet, they continue to unmercifully beat the hell out of people and kill them because they get away with it.


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