Life Is Just Too Short!

man was on death row

For thirty long years, I was a prisoner of the state.
Some, I spent on death row in contemplation of my fate.

I knew that I was innocent and that my brother was too.
But who listens to a Black man and I repeat the question, “Who?”

Can you imagine thirty years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit,
all the nightmares of my murder and the needle in me, they’d stick?

My family did what they could but their pleas were just not heard.
I thought I never would be free and now they say, my sentence’s served.

We were two scared teenage boys, wide-eyed and not real smart.
And then the white men screamed at us and they tore us both apart.

So, today there’s some technology that proved we did no wrong.
There’ll be no tears from those who kept me from where I did belong.

My family’s glad to see me and my brother hugged me tight.
I’m off to tell the kids today to always do what’s right.

I know I did no wrong but prison is no resort.
And I must steer the young away because life is just too short.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

NC half brothers freed after 3 decades in prison

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina’s longest-serving death row inmate and his younger half brother walked out as free men Wednesday, three decades after they were convicted of raping and murdering an 11-year-old girl who DNA evidence shows may have been killed by another man.

“I knew one day I was going to be blessed to get out of prison, I just didn’t know when that time was going to be,” McCollum said. “I just thank God that I am out of this place. There’s no anger in my heart. I forgive those people and stuff. But I don’t like what they done to me and my brother because they took 30 years away from me for no reason. But I don’t hate them. I don’t hate them one bit.”

What a big heart you have Mr. McCollum to forgive the taking of 30 years from you that you’ll never be able to get back and they know who did the crime but because you are Black and that automatically makes you guilty no matter how much you plead that you did no wrong, you were found guilty nevertheless, even after the person who allegedly committed the crime told the white officers that you and your brother were innocent. You were on death row, Mr. McCollum and you could so easily have been put to death and it is no thanks to the criminal justice system, no thanks at all. I am not as forgiving Mr. McCollum and so maybe, I have not learned one blessed thing from your big hearted forgiveness and your lack of anger because I am consumed with rage for what was done to you. And not just to you, but to so many, many others who are just like you, innocent and yet guilty because they are Black!

7 thoughts on “Life Is Just Too Short!

  1. Makes me sick. Almost unbearable. Is it something about places like Raleigh? We used to have a friend from there, but as he became increasingly (what we in Canada call) right wing, we just couldn’t take it any more, and haven’t spoken to him in decades. It’s just beyond comprehension. And to think many Canadians want us to be more American….. 😦


    1. As rampant as racism is here in AmeriKKKa, racism CENTRAL is in the south and I was born there, so I should know. Nothing has changed since slavery. Everywhere a Black person turns, all they see are signs of how pissed off the redneck racist good ole boys are over the so-called, ‘defeat’ of the south. The feet of the whites are still planted firmly on the necks of the Black people and it will forever be so. There’s no doubt of that, as racism, prejudice and white supremacy is so inherent in whites in the south and in all other areas of this country, that it is quite obvious that it’s not going anywhere.

      The majority of my family still live in the south and wouldn’t move for the world and yet when I have gone back to visit them, their demeanor towards whites makes me sick as they act intimidated. I was always a fighter and never a conformist and I refused to conform to that shit. I’d die first!

      Unfortunately, the left wing ain’t too much better than that right wing shit. They show their true colors quite often and many times, their colors are in line with those whose claim to fame is being conservative right wingers.

      Please! Whatever you guys do in Canada, try never to emulate this shit down here in AmeriKKKa! That is what I do not understand, “how can Canada’s politicians align themselves with those of the political shit that’s hell bent on destroying this entire planet. AmeriKKKans are the most vile, the most disgusting, the most ignorant, the most depraved and the most hypocritical bunch of shits ever to walk this planet. Never put this shit on a pedestal and never become ‘more AmeriKKKan!

      Thank you so much for your comment!


      1. You are so right! Part of the problem is that the majority here keep splitting their vote, so the minority conservatives keep getting in. I fear we may end up being more and more like the U.S. (I do know white Americans who think it’s awful too.) I wonder if there are enough North Americans to actually do something like Ghandi’s ‘passive resistance’ movement in India so long ago. I sometimes wonder if that would be more effective than just more violence …. I wish you luck and courage, and hope your anger becomes strength and creativity in changing things. Great blogging!


  2. Will the injustice never stop. They should have looked at DNA evidence years ago, but the justice system really doesn’t like to be proven wrong especially it seems, when it comes to black men. These are lives at stake and far too often the law would rather kill than admit that it can be flawed. I am so sad for these men that they had to suffer in prison for a crime they never committed. Thanks as always for keeping these injustices at the forefront.


    1. No Dom! It won’t stop, it won’t stop because we cannot change from Black into white. We cannot overcome the white’s sense of supremacy and superiority over us. We cannot stop the criminal slaughtering of Black people no matter how many times we protest yet another senseless murder by a racist skinhead cop or by some vigilante. We are to die because we are AmeriKKKa’s shame and for that we must take the blame. That is why you hear no mention of the Indians because they have been all but wiped out and even though the whites have been hell bent on reducing our numbers to that of the Indians, they’ve not been able to do so and so the war against us continues with the school-to-prison pipeline, with the mass incarceration of the Black male for petty drug offenses or even made-up offenses and of course with the gunning down of unarmed Black men all across AmeriKKKa.

      AmeriKKKa’s ‘hands’ are covered in the blood of innocents from sea to polluted sea. I have no country and this country can go to hell and it wouldn’t fuck up my motherfucking day. This shithole screams of democracy and freedom and ‘christianity’ and in reality, this is the pit of hell! If there is a ‘god’, then may ‘god’ DAMN AmeriKKKa to hell!

      I thank you for your comment Dom!


  3. I think there’s more than racial supremacy at play here – feeling superior to someone else doesn’t necessarily make you want to kill them. The ruling elite deliberately cultivates a fear of black men and Muslims in the media. The European elite have always pursued a policy of stealing what they want and killing any victims who object. They call it civilization, but it’s really a very malicious form of colonialism. It’s an illegitimate policy and they try to conceal what they’re doing by cultivating a philosophy of total self-interest and consumerism in the white masses.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, as usual, you are right on time and on point with your comment. What you say is absolutely true! There is and always has been a cultivating of fear of Black men and now it’s a fear of Muslims and the whites take it and run with it, just as is expected of them. All according to plan because what has always worked continues to work, so why change things? We’re such simple ass creatures, we can’t fucking figure out just who our common enemy is. When the finger pointing is done FOR us, we don’t question, we simply get behind it, again, all according to plan.

      And the whites are totally self-absorbed and consumed with their own interests of buy, buy, buy and the oh so feared Blacks and Muslims must die, die, die as they have been defined as the enemy of the whites.

      How wise you are Dr. Bramhall and I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with us!


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