EU Members Purchasing Oil from ISIS

Talk about the pot calling the kettle Black! Seriously? Gotta have that oil ISIS! What’s a little beheading? The Saudis do it all the time!

The Most Revolutionary Act

oil tanker

WTF? How can the EU call for air strikes against ISIS when they’re backing them financially by buying their oil?

From Press TV :

A senior European Union official has revealed that some EU member states have purchased oil from ISIL Takfiri militants despite their rhetoric against the group.

In a briefing to the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, EU Ambassador to Iraq Jana Hybas-kova said some European countries have purchased crude from the ISIL.

She, however, refused to disclose any names despite pressure by some Parliament members to do so.

The EU official also warned against any support by the West for separatist Kurdish groups who, she said, would destabilize the Middle East.

Earlier reports accused Turkey of buying and transporting oil from both the ISIL and Qaeda-linked Nusra Front. According to the reports, Western intelligence agencies could track ISIL oil shipments as they moved across Iraq and Turkey.

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8 thoughts on “EU Members Purchasing Oil from ISIS

    • Not at all Dr. Bramhall. It was my pleasure!! This is muy importante and therefore, should be in the re-blog hall of fame! Uncovering something of this magnitude should get front page coverage but alas, it never will. More’s the damn pity!!!


  1. “Oh god, Shelby ……… you are soooooo crude!”

    I am as ‘crude’ as I am rude!

    “We can overlook a lot for crude.
    We can even overlook that beheaded dude.
    ISIS has just got a bad attitude.
    Buying their crude puts ’em in a good mood.
    Now let’s get back to this pretense of a feud.
    The EU and the US don’t want to intrude
    We pretend to care so we don’t get booed.
    And Obama takes the cake in ineptitude,
    that peacock of an emperor strutting around in the nude!”

    I am SO ‘crude’!


    • It IS a made up group HLJ! Just like ALL the rest of them and you are right again, it’s to keep the Middle East unstable thereby requiring America’s military presence there to protect U.S. interests. You know, guarding that oil. When one ‘terrorist’ group seems to be on the pall, why we’ll just make up a name and commence to screaming and yelling to all and sundry that we’ve found yet another terror cell. How fucking convenient for U.S. that these ‘terror’ cells just keep popping up and posting beheading videos to make it SO believable and all. Again, how fucking convenient is that? All wrapped up pretty and tied with a neat bow and presented to the American sheeple to run with it and don’t we though!

      Thanks HLJ!


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