ISIS Is On YouTube!

ISIS video

ISIS is on YouTube
and they’ve got a Twitter feed.
The NSA can’t find them,
but they know I’m smoking weed.

When al-CIAda palled last year,
another scapegoat did they need.
So here comes ISIS to the rescue.
They’ll fill the bill indeed.

Who’ll be next, I’m not sure,
but I know they’ll make it good.
They’ve got to fan the flames,
like with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama’s lost his mind,
he and McCain are bat shit nuts.
They’ve got a trigger happy finger.
I wish they’d bang some nasty sluts.

Oh we’ll pay the price, we will
for the criminal minded whores,
when Putin turns off the gas,
the EU won’t toast no s’mores!

So, terror has a new name.
What will they think of next?
Why can’t the NSA find them?
Because with me, they are obsessed!

Oh, I’m flattered, yes I am
but that don’t cut no ice.
The bad guys get away
and someone’s head just paid the price.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

17 thoughts on “ISIS Is On YouTube!

    1. Yeah, Dom! Who will be next? The multi-billion petrodollar question. They’re just making up shit and slinging it and it’s sticking because we’re so easily pointed to a made-up enemy. We’re so willing to believe anything and everything and so we do. It’s the same ole tired script that never seems to get old and meanwhile, the U.S. has been turned into a military warzone complete with excess military equipment from all those wars of ‘naked aggression’ against made-up enemies, keeping everybody toeing the line from here to everywhere.

      …and you are SO right, it’s a really ‘bad rerun’ at that!

      Thank you so much for your comment and for the ‘thumbs up’ on this poem! Much appreciated!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Skulz! It really is ludicrous how easily duped so many of us are. What is wrong with U.S.? Are most of us really that stupid? Because it just makes no sense that we know what Germany’s Chancellor Merkel is doing along with all the other leaders around the world and they found Saddam Hussein with little trouble, but they can’t seem to find some guys dressed in black, riding around in pickup trucks and stopping every 5 minutes to post a YouTube video saying, “don’t mess with us and buy our t-shirts!” Seriously?

      I’m just calling out stupid when I see it!

      Thanks again Skulz! I’m blushing over that dar compliment, I am!!! Bless your heart!!


  1. “The NSA can’t find them,
but they know I’m smoking weed.”
    OMG Shelby you really need to flee

    You’ve got to come to Oakland
    just to get yourself to see

    That NSA is afraid to come here
    and that is straight to see

    We have more guns
    Then Mexico has weed!

    Tubularsock loves your poem ….. you are right on the mark!
    Thank you.


    1. LOL! Thanks Tube! You got into the spirit of thangs! LMAO!!! I tellya, I had fun with this one! We’ve got the most sophisticated satellite systems and other state-of-the-art spy technology and they can locate my ass while I’m on the goddamn toilet and can determine if I’m using Charmin or Angel Soft but they’ve got to bomb Syria and Iraq and probably Yemen and Pakistan and Afghanistan AGAIN to take down some guys who have taken their fight with the U.S. to YouTube. Seriously??!!!! I might be right on the mark but those useless warmongering shits apparently can’t find the side of a goddamn barn without blowing up 5 countries in the process. And the stupid clueless American bobble head shits are lining up to head on back over to Iraq while the easily distracted are saying, “this time, get ’em good Bubba!”

      I fucking despair of U.S.!!

      But thank you kindly for your comment! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!


    1. SIGH! Well if ISIS aka IS aka ISIL aka The Backyard Barbeque Gang aka Beheaders Anonymous have been posting videos claiming to be in NZ, you guys are gonna get bombed too. Run for cover because to take out ’30 beheaders in black’, they’re gonna have to bomb most of NZ. Get some ‘bomb’ insurance Dr. Bramhall and I wish that I was kidding. Don’t this shit beat ALL???!!!

      All I can do is shake my head over it! And we keep buying the bullshit and so long as we do, the warmongers will keep shoveling it in our general direction.

      Thank your so very much for your comment! Batten down the hatches! …and don’t forget, get that ‘bomb’ insurance!


  2. Shelby, It does get pretty damn tiresome, having our intelligence constantly insulted, on top of having our rights and every particle of dearly-won progress shredded, and our entire planet and all its residents raped, murdered and pillaged on a grandiose scale. If that whole PR/spin/propaganda mob are so smart, can’t they at least come up with more creative and convincing lies to beat us over the head with? This is just a thought, but … what if they’re just stupid, heartless and greedy, and NOT all that bright after all? Could be we may have a chance to overcome these bastards, if we’ll ever get off our butts and work together. Sure, it’s a long shot, but what the hell. All the arrogant warmongers have more than earned anything we could ever do to them.

    And if they must keep track of our every breath, why in hell can’t they at least help me find my damn phone when it decides to hide from me? Oh right, that would mean we actually had a government that worked for the people. What a crazy idea — forget I mentioned it! Thanks for your fine poem! – Linda


    1. Linda, your comment is absolutely priceless! Fucking WOW! You’ve hit every nail squarely on its head! Isn’t it tiresome, though? Extremely, from where I’m sitting. I don’t know about other Americans, but most of my pistons are still firing and they are telling me not to buy what the warmongering shits are selling ’cause it ain’t the fucking real deal.

      Either they’re stupid on a grand scale or most of U.S. are. I’m careful to hazard a guess as to which is which. Could be a bit of both since it would seem that many Americans, according to various polls, seem to be buying into the bullshit. And you are so right! They have earned everything that we could throw at ’em if’n we was to ever really throw anything ‘concrete’ at ’em, which I highly doubt but I’ll throw poem after poem at ’em fer sure!

      The idea of the ‘government working for the people’ is indeed one crazy idea that will never catch on and that is an understatement to be sure! And I ain’t braggin’! I’m just sayun!

      Thanks Linda! That was one both barrels loaded comment and much appreciated, you know!!!! Stay strong!


    1. 47whitebuffalo, you’ve brought up an interesting point about the kidnapped schoolgirls. The NSA can’t hone in on them either? I just read that Europe is sick and tired of U.S. spying. The chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel was furious when it was found that her mobile phone was tapped by the NSA. And of course, the claim is that the CIA via the NSA has stopped spying on ‘friendly governments’. The U.S. can SO be trusted, dontcha know?

      And now it seems that the U.S. congress has voted to ‘arm’ some rebels aka ‘terrorists’ because apparently, congress has determined the good ‘terrorists’ from the bad ‘terrorists’ and it’s unlikely to be sure, that any ‘arms’ would fall into the hands of the bad ‘terrorists’. I declare words fail me sometimes in describing how unbelievable all of this stupid shit is. And yet, the U.S. is over 16 trillion dollars in debt and over 46 million Americans are living in extreme poverty, and we can’t DO anything about that but we can find money to ‘arm’ terrorists in Syria and Iraq. SIGH!!

      But thank you so much for sharing this! If only we could knock people upside the head and yell, “Wake up!”

      Take care! …and good to see ya!


      1. OOO yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the NSA’s supposed inability to find the girls. Odd, isn’t it?
        Hmm, I wonder what makes one terrorist good and another bad?
        Gee, how much tax money goes to the military in order to turn decent human beings into killing machines?
        We could go on way too long, couldn’t we?

        Good to see you too. 🙂


      2. Just a quick thought from Tubularsock, ” NSA has stopped spying on ‘friendly governments'” but continue to spy on Amerkkkan citizens? Well, at least it’s clear you can’t trust a citizen.


    1. …and they knew just what to do to get the American sheeple in line with it all! Now, if ISIS aka IS aka ISIL aka ‘insert terror group name here_____’ had beheaded my Black ass, does ANYONE think that a war would be started over it? Hell no! Why the hell don’t people wake the fuck up and realize that they are being led down the goddamn primrose path? Never mind! It’s too goddamn late! The U.S. is already bombing the hell out of Iraq AND Syria and I guess Iran is next and so forth and so on! I’m so sick of this fucked up shit!

      Thanks for your comment Wolfess!


      1. I think they do realize they’re being “led down the primrose path” it’s just that they don’t have time to think about it b/c the NEW iPHONE 6 IS HERE!!!!! It’s just like a dog chasing a ball … oh look, a squirrel!!! The powers-that-I-don’t-want-them-to-be see us as being no more than Robme’s dog — the one he put in a box on top of the station wagon and drove to Canada with. Why take the dog at all if you’re going to treat it like a goddamned possession? That poor dog was nothing more than a pair of skis strapped to the roof of the car, and that’s what we are — we’re here to be used, abused and lied to b/c everybody knows the only thing we’re good for is to be a sounding board for the things our overlords are going to do even if we don’t approve.


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