Don’t Mess With U.S. ISIS!

Question: Which picture 'depicts' Obama? Answer: Both
Question: Which picture ‘depicts’ Obama?
Answer: Both

“ISIS, as President of the United States, I am warning you that it would not be in your groups best interest to mess with the U.S. We don’t take kindly to other people messing around and threatening us. You guys and gals need to realize that the U.S. is capable of handling any threat that should land on our shores but we prefer to handle it in your backyard. And that is why we are going to take the fight to you in your neck of the woods because we know it so well after having invaded Iraq for no reason and bombed the hell out of that country and freed them from the evil dictator, Saddam Hussein. They’ve yet to thank us for that, but as always, we are willing to overlook the fact that no country has ever thanked us for trying to bring our form of democracy to it. We know very well what we are doing because we’ve bombed Iraq three times already and we haven’t been able to get anything done, accomplished, fixed, fixed up, stabilized and democratized. We know how to stabilize that region, we’re just testing the waters. Just ask the people of Afghanistan and Libya. Look at what great strides we have made in both places. Afghanistan is now a peaceful poppy heaven and since we murdered Muammar Gaddafi, things have settled down quite nicely in Libya.

We understand the difficult challenges that come with being the worlds’ police but we are up to the challenges. We are all up on our game and never think any different. We have formed a coalition of the willing to ‘degrade and destroy’ you. We will degrade you by pulling your pants down in public and spank you right in front of your mothers. We are sick and tired of you beheading people who are just reporting on the ongoing issues that we have been trying to get straightened out in the Middle East. You have no cause to behead people. Just because Saudi Arabia beheads people on an almost daily basis, that is no excuse for you to mimic their humanitarian form of punishment. We prefer that you water board them. Strip them naked and hook them up to electrodes and jolt them with say…50,000 volts of electricity. We also would prefer that you gently put them to sleep before murdering them by giving them a lethal injection that sometimes takes two hours from the time we give them a lethal injection to the time they wheeze several hundred times and finally die as that is the humane way to go about it. Just ask Joseph Rudolph Wood III. Oh, that’s right, we can’t as he finally did die after two hours of wheezing in his death throes. We are so humane.

And another thing ISIS, we produce thermo nuclear weapons of mass destruction and so again, you don’t really want to mess with U.S. because we ensure that no one; no terrorist, no group of crazed fanatics is going to ever have the means to infiltrate our superior and advanced high tech security systems that are used to guard any complex that houses our weapons grade uranium that we use in those thermo nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Just ask Sister Megan Rice, an 83 year old nun who, with her Geritol crew posse used some bolt cutters and a hammer and infiltrated the state-of-the-art high grade security at our nuclear weapons complex that was designed to ignore little old lady nuns with box cutters, hammers and human blood. How dare she deface our weapons complex in that fashion. But we showed Sister Rice and posse, oh yes we did. Now they are cooling their heels in one of our ‘for profit prisons’ and they ain’t hardly happy at all about making license plates. That’ll show ’em. You don’t mess with the U.S. because danggone it, we are always up on our game.

So, ISIS, who’s your daddy? We made you and we can break you! When you refused to continue to play by our rules, you signed your death certificate and now that we have shown those videos of you beheading Americans, well…everyone here in America is on board with us bombing the hell out of any country in the Middle East to get back at you because here in America, we are the ‘exceptional’, the few, the proud, the great ones. Feel our wrath as we bomb you into oblivion and to the Syrian people, you were warned before we started bombing you that we were going to bomb you. See how thoughtful we are? We didn’t have to give you guys a heads-up but we’re just so nice and all. But don’t mistake our niceness for weakness. Just ask Joseph Rudolph Wood III. My bad, I keep forgetting that he’s dead. Well in that case, write a letter to Sister Megan Rice. She’ll tell ya. Don’t mess with us ISIS!”

Nun Sentenced to 35 Months for Breaching Weapons Complex, Embarrassing the Feds

4 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With U.S. ISIS!

    1. Dr. Bramhall, I visited the link which directed me to another link and this is what I read:

      Nobel Committee Regrets Obama Peace Prize

      While phony, this has made it into the Washington Post (reported as phony) unlike any serious analysis of the U.S. government’s contempt for peace. You can sign a petition to make this real at

      I still don’t know why the Peace Prize was awarded to Obama in the first place. He had done nothing to deserve it then and his subsequent actions have in no way, shape, form or fashion deemed him worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, if there was to be a decision as to whether or not to award the prize to Bush or to Obama, Bush would be more deserving and as he should have long since been up on war crimes charges, that doesn’t say much for Bush as a recipient. The Peace Prize apparently, has no meaning anymore. From what I understand, the prize cannot be retracted, however, there should be stipulations and one of those stipulations should be that the recipient should not be a potential ‘war crimes’ criminal and quite actually Obama would be if they could drag his criminal ass before a war crimes tribunal.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment Dr. Bramhall. Much appreciated!


    1. Well Tube, it would be personal to me if they dropped a bomb on me. And I think that many of Iraq’s citizens and Afghanistan’s citizens have taken it extremely personal since they have been bombed to smithereens and still are. Not to mention the thousands who have been drone struck, I’m sure they took it personal. I get your meaning. It ain’t personal to those who order the bombs to be dropped and for those who drop the bombs but it’s damn sure personal to the people that those bombs maim and kill. I’d tell them just where to shove it and in no uncertain terms if I was given the order to bomb someone who had done not a goddamn thing to me. But apparently, our stupid, clueless, military shits are fucking warmongers themselves. How else to explain why they are always so willing to obey orders to kill people they’ve never met and who have done them no harm? And I don’t want to hear no goddamn bullshit about how there’s nothing else for them to do other than kill people. I’ve given plenty of people indigestion working my second job in the nightshift convenience store deli back in the day and if I can work two jobs and never sleep, so can others.

      Thanks Tube! And I should be scared of them(TPTB)as they’ve caused my computer to crash and blow up, I’ve been in a multi-vehicle pileup on the freeway and this computer’s memory has been wiped clean. Now, the following message is not for you Tube, so disregard it please!

      “To the spying motherfuckers out there recording my keystrokes, fuck you! I got motherfucking backup motherfuckers and so fuck up this shit and reinforcements are on standby! You don’t fucking like the truth, too goddamn bad! Suck it up ’cause I’m going to keep it coming. I might spend half my day in traction due to some goddamn accident that no one can figure out how it happened, but goddamn it, I can still type with one hand until the other one gets better. So, again! Fuck you, you spying ass filthy, skank, no good, vile and depraved, nasty, worthless motherfuckers!!!!”

      So sorry about that Tube! I want to thank you kindly for your comment and all. My choice of pain meds has kicked in, you know, the bubbly! Cheers!


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