What Makes ‘U.S.’ So Damn Exceptional?


As bombs paid for by me, turn your home into useless rubble,
you wonder why I condone my government’s war with you.
How can you comprehend my willingness to scream, “More war!”
It is because I have been programmed by certain images to hate the things you do.

“thoughts of the brainwashed Americans*

When your western media plasters your entertainment devices with beheadings, you are shocked!
And yet what you refuse to find shocking is that your government’s actions caused those beheadings.

Why should I love you when you’ve destroyed my country over a lie?
What would you do if the same were to happen to your beloved homeland?

When will you realize that I am just as human as you are and my children too deserve to live?
Why can you not understand that when you bomb me, I am going to hate you?
Can you really not conceive of the idea that what you’ve done to me is not going to make me love you?

How foolish of you to sleep in your snug beds, driving around on oil from my country and scream when I retaliate for the victims of your white phosphorus in Fallujah,
when I retaliate for the women who have lost children thanks to your bombs,
when I retaliate for orphans who wander around crying because their family is dead.

What makes you so damn exceptional and so damn more important than we are?
Why do you feel this way? Is it because there is no one bombing your country?

You speak of your 911 as though that gives you the right to kill millions of my people.
Why are your 3,000 American bodies more important than any other bodies on this planet?

We do not find you to be exceptional and we will not kneel at the feet of your war machine.
And you know what America, fuck you and your exceptionalism and your arrogance.

Fuck you in your cells that you call homes and even now you think that you are free.
You are not free as you have only the illusion of freedom and one day even that will end.

I do not have to bring ‘terrorism’ to your country America just because you bring it to mine.
For one day, the seeds that you have planted in my country will grow and they are growing,
and your bombs and your drones will not stop us because when you kill me, there will be others.

And for every one of us that you kill, a thousand more is ready to take up the cause,
the cause of wiping your vileness off the face of this planet and we will America!

Count on it and see what you will reap for all the children that you have killed in foreign lands to get their oil,
and for all the mothers and fathers that you have buried with your lust for what is ours,
we will pay you back and we will be victorious because we are what you wish to destroy.
And though you try, you will never be able to defeat us because we are not afraid to die!

*thoughts of a ‘militant’ fighting back against invaders of his country*


I would like to take this opportunity to say that once again the U.S. and Great Britain lead the charge into Iraq and even though as of yet Great Britain has abstained from bombing Syria, those in Great Britain should be choking over the fact that they and the Americans are the reasons why ‘groups’ are hell bent on ‘terrorizing’ their way across Iraq and Syria and Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East. The destabilization of that region lies squarely with the ‘coalition of the stupid and the oil gluttons’ and the reason why, according to so many polls that point to Americans not having a problem with the continuation of genocide against the people of the Middle East is because of our dependence on foreign oil and because those who are sent into harms way to keep that oil flowing to the U.S. are not the sons and daughters of the rich nor are they the sons and daughters of the upper middle class. The cannon fodder is expendable because of who makes up the cannon fodder; the bodies that return in bags and the wreckage of once whole people who actually make it back end up on the streets, homeless or incarcerated, are the poor.

Everything ISIS aka IS aka ISIL aka al-Qaeda aka who the hell knows what group is next to be announced learned, they learned from the warmongers in the U.S. and Great Britain, the coalition of the wars-are-for-profit bastards that make a killing off war and they learned it well.

From the quagmire that was Vietnam, we learned not a damn thing because if we think that by doing the same thing that we did in Vietnam that we are going to get a different result, we are indeed, insane and quite frankly, we are! With every bomb that we drop, with every drone that we launch and it hits a target, we are fostering resentment, hate and a renewed fervor for revenge by those whom we have bombed to strike back and they will. If we kill one, a hundred more will take up where they left off. It will not end, not unless the U.S. and its coalition of the stupid manage to kill every single man, woman and child in the Middle East and even that won’t stop it because people are joining the ranks of the so-called terrorists as I type this from countries all over the world.

When will there be an understanding that the world’s people are not going to be bombed into the West’s way of thinking? And showing pictures of beheadings will gain sympathy as it was intended to do but that will still not make those who are alleged to have beheaded people to stop doing it. And those of us in the U.S. really have no clue as to who is doing what because we believe everything the media whores shove at us without question and just so long as no one is continuously bombing America, all is good. Well, it’s not because there is not a damn thing exceptional about Americans that is not exceptional about the Iraqi people who have been killed all over a lie. There is nothing at all exceptional about soldiers that killed Afghan civilians and pissed on their dead bodies, chopped off their body parts and emailed the pictures. Where is your outrage America over that? Where is your outrage over the torture of innocent Iraqi people in Abu Ghraib prison? Where is your outrage over America’s use of white phosphorus in Fallujah? Have you even cared to find out what white phosphorus does to the body? No, you haven’t because according to Americans, no one other than Americans are exceptional. Well, America, you are indeed exceptional. You are exceptionally obtuse, stupid, arrogant, brainwashed, hypocritical, depraved and vile and so long as you continue to think that no other people on this planet is worthy of living like you do, you WILL reap what you sow!

10 thoughts on “What Makes ‘U.S.’ So Damn Exceptional?

  1. Another kick ass post, Shelby. Once the beheadings of the American journalists were shown, it was game on. As best as I can calculate, for every 5 Americans dead it’s 5,000 foreign citizens killed. It’s Latin America and the School of the Americas all over again.

    Clearly, you’ve been borrowing Tubular’s Bullshit Removal Extractor…


    1. Thank you Jeff! What created this post is that I posted a comment on a blog posted by an MP from the U.K and he had a picture posted of a small child purportedly in the Middle East and the picture was to gain sympathy and he was going on and on about that we needed to bomb Iraq because of the terrorized children. Seriously? For real? I gave him what for but of course since it did not fit in with his agenda, my comment was not posted and so I figure I’ll take it to my blog because here I’ll post what the hell I want because it fits in with what’s right and not because I need a photo op to encourage the masses to “gather ye behind me.”

      For one thing, we claim to be war weary and at the first picture of a supposedly beheaded individual by a made-up enemy that was indeed created out of thin air by our worthless ass government, we now give said government a ‘free pass’ in continuing a reign of terror that has swept through the Middle East all because they have what we demand and we, at the same time get to pick and choose who will reign so long as they kowtow to our demands. We don’t care what we’ve done to others, it’s not about them. It’s about U.S. because we are just so damn special and ‘exceptional’.

      Thanks again Jeff. Your comment is much appreciated!


    1. Thanks for stopping in whitebuffalo and I do thank you for the thumbs up on this one. It means a great deal to me!

      I read your recent post and as soon as I can condense my comment, I’ll be back to do so!


      1. Hey, no problem. I’m trying to get back into the swing of blog things and find my groove.
        I do think you’d find West of the Revolution a decent read.
        I nearly became physically ill the other night when I caught some news on my local PBS stations–I’ve been avoiding too much exposure to all the media because all the insanity had reached an intolerable saturation point and I needed to detox. Can it get more disheartening? Why yes it can–and it has with this latest ‘war’. My eyes and ears are on red alert for that alternate word for ‘conscription’ —the Draft—in order to field more troops. Getting the idea where my bile is pooling?


  2. Well it is good to see you posting again. I will look for that book as I am an avid reader myself. I simply read everything I can get my hands on. In fact, I need another room to store my books in. I’ve already donated many to the library.

    Sometimes, I get to the point where I just want to yank my hair out over the senselessness of it all and over the fact of how easily duped millions of Americans are. I think they want to remain clueless and brainwashed. It would somehow go a long way in absolving them of any responsibility they have for what is done in their name. I for one, don’t like killing done in my name of people who’ve done nothing to me and I have no problem making that fact well known.

    With conscription, there may come a time that it is reinstated because as many of us know since the U.S. has been embroiled in some war or ‘conflict for the past 13 or more years, how many ‘fit’ and able bodied cannon fodder is left standing? But of course, there will be a way for the rich and the upper middle class to hide behind exemptions and deferments such as what occurred during the Vietnam era. I wish the cannon fodder would refuse the military the use of their bodies to kill someone they’ve never seen much less should have a grudge against enough to kill them over. Sigh! We will never learn, it seems! As I always say, “I despair of ‘U.S.’!!!!

    …and yes, I’ve some idea where your ‘bile is pooling’. Stay strong, my friend!


    1. Rajiv, of course because as I wrote in my poem, “I Die A Thousand Deaths Each Day!,”

      So, kill each and every one of me.
      And when you’re the last me left to stand,
      then the killing will finally end,
      when you die by your own hand.

      When only one is left, will there then be no more war because who will be left to kill except for the one who will then die by his own hand? For wars will never stop until there is no one left to kill.


  3. I’ve come to the conclusion that the goal of the War on Terror is to create more terrorists, not to get rid of them. So long as we keep adding to the supply of terrorists, we can keep the War on Terror going indefinitely. In addition to guaranteeing our oil industry (the Pentagon is the major consumer of fossil fuels) defense contractors (don’t forget we’re arming both sides) billions of dollars of profits, we justify a permanent US military presence in the Middle East.


    1. You are exactly right in your conclusion Dr. Bramhall and as you can see, they have no problem getting the stupid Americans to go along with the never ending war on terror which is just a fabrication to continuously remain at war because America has never had a problem killing to take what America needs or just flat out wants. Human life has never meant anything to the vile shits that control this shithole and those who live here are of no consequence whatsoever especially when we see that other countries and nations are flat out banning Monsanto’s poisons. I just read yesterday that some GMO wheat that was grown in a controlled environment has been located outside of said controlled environment and of course no one knows how that happened. But other countries have jumped on the ‘ban all ‘wheat’ related products from America and do not allow them into their country.

      “Monsanto Co’s experimental genetically engineered wheat, never approved for sale, has been found growing in a second U.S. state, and regulators said on Friday they could not explain how the plants escaped field trials that ended almost a decade ago.”

      …and here we sit, spoon fed poison, lied to, brainwashed, stupid and happily playing with our smartphones because we are without a fucking care in the world. So, yes we’ve got to make out that the BAD guys are the people who are sitting atop those oil deposits that we need. Point the finger at them, show some beheading pictures that were probably made in a studio and voila!, there’s the enemy and fire the missiles already! And it’s gonna take years to bring them to heel. We ain’t got no money but who the fuck cares, we can put it on the ‘credit card’ that’s already been declined but we’ll just cut some more needed programs for those who are jobless, hungry, homeless and fucked up be they veterans or the mentally ill. Fucking lock em up. There’s a job waiting on ’em inside a for profit prison. Oh we’ve got an answer for every goddamn thing, yes we do!

      Thanks you so much for your comment Dr. Bramhall. It was right on time, as usual!


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