It’s All Done By Design!


When white men get beheaded,
it’s off to war we go.
They won’t ever behead Black men.
‘Cause even ISIS ain’t that slow.

Would ISIS behead a Black man?
If so, they’d need a new plan.
They know America wouldn’t go to war.
Are you kidding? What the hell for?

So even ISIS knows the deal,
that’s why no Black man did they kill.
Didn’t a white man’s chopped-off head,
cause hate for Muslims to spread?

To all Black men in the U. S.A.
don’t look at ISIS with dismay.
There’d be no ransom paid for you,
but you know that’s nothing new!

These are made-up enemies,
and for this year’s nominees,
ISIS went to the head of the line,
and it’s all done by design.

The media played its part,
’cause Americans ain’t real smart.
They sent a white man to sell this war,
and it worked just like before.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Black men in America, this is one thing that you don’t have to worry about, getting beheaded by a made-up enemy by your so-called ‘government.’ They know how to get the American sheeple stirred up and there would have been no support for this war on Iraq and Syria if some Black journalists had gone and got themselves beheaded. This shit in America know just how to get people in line and as I’ve said, it works every time ’cause Americans are stupid and that ain’t about to change!

12 thoughts on “It’s All Done By Design!

    1. Thanks for posting that whitebuffalo, although I have been trying to avoid all things of Ferguson lately. Not that I’ve not had Michael Brown’s death on my mind and Eric Garner’s for that matter. It’s just that I am consumed with impotent fury when I think of all the Black men who have been murdered and who will continue to be murdered by skinhead cops.

      I had a hard time watching the video of the woman in California that was beaten so severely by some white assed racist piece of shit. Yeah, they’ve settled $1.5 million on her but look what she had to go through to get it and if not for the fact of someone video taping it, she would have just been another poor homeless Black woman beaten by the cops and arrested on some made up ass charges. This shit will never cease and so as the poems come, I will post them. But sometimes, even I have to take a break from all the madness that I see. Sometimes this crazy shit is just too goddamn much even for me.

      But thank you for continuing to shine the light on the tragedy in Ferguson, MO.


      1. Yes, there is way too much crazy shyte everywhere.
        One of the reasons I shared this news link was because of the recent PBS venture to the area for the ‘staged’ town hall meeting moderated by a well respected Black woman—oh the irony of that effort. I think I have found the adjective that eluded me earlier — contrived. I don’t have to try to imagine what a real open town hall meeting would have been like without all the invited guests and prepared quotes. I know it’s NOT clean and neat and well oiled—and it’s not so polite either. Clearly the latest news reveals that nothing is going anywhere positive –yet. So much for the warm fuzzies on the PBS site about having opened a dialogue.

        You are entitled to take a break from the insanity, Shelby.


    1. Tube, I am humbled and honored to no end! I do SO appreciate the re-blog! This needs all the viewing it can get to maybe clue the clueless in ’cause many just can’t see the forest for the trees and some quite frankly, just don’t want to know just what the hell is going down! Well, I’m here to stomp their rose colored glasses to pieces!


    1. Dr. Bramhall, this I know and that is the reason why there would have been no hue and cry over some Black journalists getting their head chopped off. As you know, I don’t dance around an issue, I come straight out and lay it bare for all to see and I tell it like it is. We know we don’t count for nothing in this shithole called America. We’ve been knowing that. No one has to tell us because we are on the receiving end of that shit day in and day out. We know why the prisons are overflowing with us. And we know that hundreds of thousands of Black people who are imprisoned didn’t get a fair shake and many are in prison and shouldn’t be but when they’re poor and Black, what good attorney can they hire? They’ve got to depend on some overworked public defender who is of the same mindset as those that arrested them on some bullshit ass charges. And nine out of ten times, the public defender that’s assigned to ’em doesn’t even set eyes on ’em until they appear in court. How can some sort of defense be prepared when the file on the defendant is opened for the first time at the actual trial? That’s why so many Black people are rotting in jails and prisons. It’s a set up!

      Thank you as always for your comment!


  1. Boom goes the dynamite. That was on point and something I had never thought of. You right though, they would never even try to capture a Black person. They know it would be like swatting a fly on national tv. Nothing.


    1. Exactly HLJ! It would be a case of “move along, there’s nothing to see here folks!” That shit was staged for the American sheeple to get all stirred up and fucking patriotic, all over some made up bullshit. There was no support for the bombing of Syria this same time last year and so they upped the ante and produced videos of white men getting their fucking heads chopped off. There ain’t no Black journalists? Not that I’m advocating that the fucked up U.S. government commence to chopping off the heads of Black people seeing as how they’re doing every vile thing imaginable to us already, but they knew that that shit would get no backing if Black journalists were to get themselves beheaded. Just like you stated, “it would be like swatting a fly on national tv. Nothing.”

      We know the fucking deal and we ain’t allowed to ever forget what the deal is either! And to think that Black people actually take up ‘arms’ in defense of a country that wouldn’t even spit on them if they were on fire to help put it out, is just beyond the end of enough!

      Thank you for your comment. Always good to see a comment from you!


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