Black soldiers shedding tears

I refuse to pick up a weapon and fight for AmeriKKKa.
Never will I defend a nation of hypocrites.
Call me unpatriotic and it pleases me no end.
Why should I fuel the war machine of plutocrats?

When the world looks to America for leadership
what it gets in return is air strikes and drones.
How can other nations applaud this one,
when America has tapped into all nation’s phones?

Has this nation ever not been at war within itself?
So many mothers are scared for their sons and get worried.
What about the hate that carries a badge and a gun?
That is why so many Black and Brown bodies are buried.

Why do you fight for a country that hates you?
What is the matter with your fucked up thinking?
Do you know your history in this shithole?
Black people, you are not swimming, you are sinking.

You say the past should stay past and be buried.
Tell that to the Black men locked up in prisons.
What say you about the shackles on their feet?
Remember, like you, they too had ambitions.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

What the fuck are you crying about? You fucking signed up to get shipped out to kill for some shit that would just as soon kill you as look at you and you want to fight THEIR wars? What’s that got to do with you? You’re not fighting for democracy and freedom because YOU ain’t got none! Where the fuck is democracy and freedom for Black people in AmeriKKKA? Unless you think that killing Black men and beating the hell out of Black women and raping Black women all across AmeriKKKA is some form of democracy and freedom, and if that’s the case, then you need your head examined. Again, what the fuck are you crying for? You know the goddamn score!

10 thoughts on “Never!

    1. Indeed I do, Rajiv! That hate group and other white supremacy groups founded this nasty nation. The nasty ass ‘founding slave owning ‘fathers'(and btw ‘fathers to so many SLAVE children)were white supremacists and don’t these hypocritical shits over here know this, but they quote that nasty, foul, diseased filth everyday! Like I always say, “I don’t pretty shit up and put a bright shiny red bow on it, I tell it like it is!”

      ..and I do thank you most kindly for your comment Rajiv!


      1. My father was very inspired by Cassius Clay. It intrigued him that a boxer could also be a poet. A poem he wrote in Clay’s honor got published in the Milwaukee Journal. My parents, who frequently discussed politics at the dinner table were silent on Vietnam, Clay’s conversion to Islam and his refusal to serve in Vietnam. They became pretty disillusioned with party politics around this time and I think they sensed they weren’t being told the truth about any of this.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, it is because we have some weak ass, scared ass, stupid motherfuckers over here that can’t even think for themselves. We don’t have the caliber of people these days like there were back in the days of those who were in the Civil Rights Movement and those who were jailed for being in the Black Panthers Party, not to mention we definitely don’t have the likes of Malcolm X. Oh we love to quote Malcolm X, but that is as far as we get. To actually start a movement, we just have a million man march, order the t-shirts and then a few thousand show up and slap each other on the back, go back to their neighborhoods and promptly get arrested for driving while Black, walking while Black, eating while Black, moaning while Black and coughing while Black…..

      As in the case with Ferguson, MO, we came, we saw, we raised our hands in the air, waved ’em like we really did care but we really don’t and now that the media focus is off of Ferguson, MO and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can no longer prance and preen about, it’s back to business as usual. We got nothing to work with and never will there be anything to work with. Massa’s slaves are paid to keep the field motherfuckers under control and so it was written and so it shall be!

      Thanks Dr. Bramhall for your comment and for the link. Extremely educational and enlightening as usual.


  1. Dr. Bramhall, I know that with the ‘sport’ of boxing, it entails getting the brain knocked about quite a bit, but I am sure that at one time, Cassius Clay had all of his wits about him before boxing all but destroyed them so that is probably why your father was astonished to find Mr. Clay to have a way with the pen. And I am sure your father was thrilled to have his poem published. That is the wish of all writers, I’m sure.

    It seems to me that everything about the Vietnam War that came from the mouths of the political shits, was a lie. And I am sure that there were many dinners that were eaten in complete silence or shouted through by those with dissenting opinions. As I’ve stated before, since I can sit from the comfort of home with no threat of conscription hanging over my head, to say that I would have rather been jailed than to fight a war with someone that I had no beef with, even now, would seem to have no value. However, if it came down to that, I would stick to my word and never take up arms in defense of this shithole. I actually feel that I am a ‘person without a country’ because quite frankly, I am.

    …and I do hope that you are enjoying Spring as we are ‘enjoying’ an ‘early’ cold spell. At least we did not get the snow that was forecast.


  2. Did you know that after WWII the German prisoners of war brought to this country were allowed to eat in diners that turned away Black Merikans soldiers? Also, during WWII the Germans broadcasted over the radio waves that Black soldiers were fools for fighting for a country that treated them so poorly?


    1. I surely did know about how the Tuskegee Airmen were treated. This was taken from my poem, “Why America IS Going To Hell!”

      “America is going to hell because America embraced the Nazis but denied the Black Tuskegee Airmen the right to enter officer’s clubs while entertaining German Nazi prisoners of war as ugly ass racism will forever rule the day.”

      The Tuskegee Airmen were dedicated, determined young men who enlisted to become America’s first black military airmen, at a time when there were many people who thought that black men lacked intelligence, skill, courage and patriotism.

      When black officers tried to enter the Freeman Field Officers’ Club, against direct orders for them to stay out, one hundred and three officers were arrested, charged with insubordination and ordered to face court martial.

      The court martial proceedings were quickly dropped against one hundred of the officers; two officers eventually had their charges dropped and one officer, Lt. Roger “Bill” Terry, was convicted.

      LT. COL. PAUL ADAMS and other Black Tuskegee Airmen were treated like they were less than dogs. Read on!

      White and black officers were segregated. Black officers were not allowed in the white officers’ club and were assigned to separate mess halls. And black officers at Fort Shanks and around the country were unhappy.

      “We were saying, ‘German bullets were shooting at us like anyone else.'”

      But in response to protests by black officers at other U.S. bases, military leaders only tightened restrictions.

      Blacks were confined to parts of the base surrounded by barbed wire fences. Although white officers were free to roam, black officers were quarantined.

      And most humiliating of all, Adams said, he and other black officers were placed under the guard of German prisoners of war. The German POWs were allowed freedom of movement on the base and were even treated to nights on the town by United Service Organization workers, Adams said.

      “We were prisoners.”


      So, do you think that there would be ANY chance in or out of hell that I would take up arms in defense of THAT shit? What the hell is wrong with us? Have we collectively taken leave of our senses? That shit wasn’t even trying to hide the goddamn racism. It was IN THEIR FACE!. Those Black men got shot at with the same bullets that white asses got shot at but when all was said and done, the goddamn enemy, some goddamn German Nazi shit was standing over them guarding the Black men that had placed their lives on the line only to have the shit that shot at them, standing guard over them in America!! Seriously???!!! What the fuck?!!!!

      The Nazis were supposed to be the goddamn enemy and yet, they’re walking freely around the base, entering the officer’s club and standing guard over Black soldiers that had thankfully made it back in one piece and yet the Black Airmen who were officers couldn’t even go into the officer’s club and if they did, they fucking got arrested??!!!! If that ain’t the goddamn end of enough then I don’t know what the fuck is!! And I’m supposed to take up arms and fight for this goddamn foul ass fucked up, racist ass, vile than a motherfucker bullshit???!!! Hell to the goddamn NO!!!

      Again, I ask, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH BLACK PEOPLE? And then they want to stand somewhere and shed crocodile tears ’cause they fucking signed up to get shipped out and fight for what? Not a goddamn thing that’s in their motherfucking interest! Bunch of stupid, dumbass fuckers!!

      Thank you for your comment HLJ! But as you can see, I did indeed know about that nasty ass fucked up shit and I ain’t hardly got over it yet!! No wonder Black folks is doing bad than a motherfucker. We’re SO goddamn stupid!!!


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