“I’m Tired Of Hearing About Ebola!”

Scared? Suit up!
Scared? Suit up!

On October 2nd, 2014, this was one of my search engine terms, “im tired of hearing about ebola.” Frankly goddamn it, I am too!! If we take a look through the annals of history, we will find plagues or pandemics that have killed hundreds of millions of people and yet, we mere mortals that survived went on to continue to propagate our species, much to the detriment of all other species. It actually wouldn’t be such a bad idea for the rest of the planet if ‘humans’ became extinct since we’re only going to continue to ‘war’ with each other. But that’s only wishful thinking on my part.

Why is there such a fuss being made over Ebola when the U.S. and its allies have killed over a million Iraqi and Afghan civilians and have maimed hundreds of thousands more? And we are still at it, but a long comes Ebola and all of a sudden, everyone is terrified. I’ll tell you why you are all so fucking scared, it’s because unlike drones and missiles that have intended targets in places other than where you reside, Ebola is flying back and forth across the world and coming to a city where you live. You can’t fucking take that. It’s fine when bombs are being dropped elsewhere, that sort of killing is removed and remote from you, but Ebola just might have your name on its ‘hit’ list and that has you scared shitless. Well, fucking good! Get scared shitless. Know what it feels like to be mortally afraid for your goddamn worthless life. You are not more important than a poor Iraqi child that lost his life. Your life is not worth more than a mother in Afghanistan who lost her life because of bombs dropped by the U.S. and Its allies. You are certainly not as important as any of the millions of dead people that are dead because of U.S. taxpayer paid for missiles. And now that you find yourself to be not all that important, you can’t take it when your mortality is staring you down. Well, in that case, fear Ebola! Never mind the mafia, Ebola’s put a ‘hit’ out on you!

The Black Death killed how many people?

“In a time when the global population was an estimated 450 million, at least 75 million are believed to have perished throughout the pandemic, with some estimates as high as 200 million. As much as half of Europe may have died in a span of only four years. The plague’s name comes from the black skin spots on the sailors who travelled the Silk Road and docked in a Sicilian port, bringing with them from their Asian voyage the devastating disease, now known to be bubonic plague.”

And what about the Spanish Flu of 1918?

The Spanish Flu (despite the fact that it didn’t actually come from Spain). It burned out quickly and suddenly, by 1919, with the explanation still unknown today. But it left the global population decimated—with a mortality rate as high as one in five and an estimated one-third of the world population afflicted, as many as 50 million people are believed to have died. Approximately 25 million of those deaths came in the first 25 weeks of the outbreak.

HIV/AIDS is a pandemic that we are still battling.

“As of 2011 at least 60 million people had been infected by AIDS and 25 million had died. Today its impact varies widely across the world—while in 2008 an estimated 1.2 million Americans had HIV, Sub-Saharan Africa alone was home to 22.9 million cases, with one in five adults infected. About 35.3 million people were believed to have HIV in 2012.”

What about the plague of Justinian?

“In the year 541, rats on Egyptian grain boats brought a pestilence to the Easter Roman Empire that would ultimately leave approximately 25 million people dead. The Plague of Justinian quickly tore through the empire. Even the emperor himself—Justinian I, for whom the plague was named—contracted the disease.”

Let us not forget the Antonine Plague.

“Named for Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, who ruled during the outbreak along with co-regent Lucius Verus, the outbreak began in 165 and lasted until 180. An estimated five million people died from what is now thought to have been smallpox.”

“At one point during the extended pandemic an estimated 2,000 Romans died each day. This isn’t a plague that discriminated—both emperors mentioned above are believed to be among its victims.”

“And according to the article, cholera deserves and honorable mention because this disease has managed to kill millions.”

“The World Health Organization estimates that each year that passes sees between 3 and 5 million new cholera cases, killing as many as 120,000 people. Untreated, it can kill in a matter of hours.”


We’re always hearing about cholera outbreaks in Haiti, but no one seems to be concerned other than the Haitians and since Haiti is dirt poor, hardly anyone, apparently, is vacationing in Haiti. Now, if Ebola were to hit Acapulco, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara and Tequila in Jalisco, oh there’s gonna be hell to pay. Oh how Americans love to hate the Mexicans until it’s Spring Break and vacation time! Then there is a never ending stream of Americans crossing the border. Funny that! Americans don’t want the Mexicans crossing over into their border, which actually WAS their border before it got annexed, but we certainly don’t mind being entertained by the Mexicans in the territory that we graciously allowed them to keep, eh? We’re SO fucking full of it, fucking hypocrites that Americans are! But, oh how I digress!

Oh and, don’t forget that 80%-90% of North American Indians were killed by the Europeans in what amounted to genocide or in other words, a Holocaust, you know like the six million Jews that the Nazis did away with?


Heaven forbid that Ebola has the balls to head to America, home of American ‘exceptionalism’. What’s the matter ‘exceptional’ Americans? Ebola is supposed to know how ‘exceptional’ you are and therefore, dare not set foot on the shores of America? You know what? Maybe this is payback for the ‘exceptional’ Americans sitting mute while other countries around the globe are getting bombed into the dark ages by American bombs. Maybe a little payback was in the cards and now you’re going bat shit nuts over Ebola. Ebola’s going to even the playing field, so to speak. When America’s military is dropping bombs on innocent heads, not so innocent limbs in America will start to show signs of Ebola for every innocent that an American bomb, killed. Think on it! We Americans are no more special than all the millions, the world over, who are dead because we cannot be bothered to get up off our ass and do something about the everlasting wars we wage against others in foreign lands who have done us no harm.

Never think that nature doesn’t have a way of sorting things out and as I’ve already stated, level the playing field. About time, I say! So, yeah, Americans, be afraid! Be very afraid!


17 thoughts on ““I’m Tired Of Hearing About Ebola!”

  1. I have to admit that I am a bit tired of this Ebola scare too. Yes, it is a serious disease, but NO it has not had any widespread implications here in the elitist U.S. We have indiscriminately killed far more people with our weapons of war than this disease has and we don’t show any signs of stopping any time soon…sadly. I wouldn’t go so far as to wish it upon anyone, and my heart does go out to those suffering from it in west Africa, but I think that Americans and the biased media have blown things way out of proportion. Yet another scare tactic unleashed upon us. Maybe it’s time we stop killing people on purpose and focus on being humanitarians without profit motives…yeah right, like that will ever happen. Great post Shelby.


    1. Thank you Dom for that great comment. No, I’m not wishing Ebola on anyone. I am just sick and tired of goddamn wars and wars and more wars. And the innocent species on this planet are getting fucked up, second by second, minute by minute and they’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve it, but we’re killing them simply because we have to have nuclear weapons and we’ve got to bomb people because uh…well.. just because we just spent so much on all those bombs, so we certainly should use them and then we’ve got to frack and we’ve got to pollute the oceans with oil spills and on and on it goes. And then we want to get all bent-out-of-shape when we’re staring down the barrel of a pandemic. We’re going bat shit nuts, but we don’t stop to think how much killing we do, not only to each other but to the animals and plants that live on this planet too.

      I’m just saying, “What comes around, goes around!” And we need to fucking figure it out and get with the program that we’re NOT so exceptional that our ass can’t be struck with some nasty shit. Oh, it’s now time to sit with a box of tissues and bemoan our fate when others don’t even have time to bemoan their fate because they’re too busy trying to escape getting killed by bombs dropped by U.S.! Who is getting a box of tissues out to weep for them?

      Again, thank you for your comment.


      1. I didn’t mean to imply that you wished ebola on people that really wasn’t my intention, if I gave that impression I apologize. The rest of your reply I wholeheartedly agree with…we suck as a nation in so many ways. I find that the older I get (having just crossed the half century mark) the more upset I get about the way we treat the rest of humanity and many of those in our own country, as well as the way we treat our environment. We have no scruples whatsoever when it comes to making a profit. And our government consists of nothing but enablers. It is really disgusting. Thanks for the great post, I for one appreciate them.


  2. Like the kidnapping of the girls in Nigeria by Boku Haram, I fear the ebola crisis is another ploy to garner public support for an increased U.S. military presence in Africa via AFRICOM. The Western powers want full control of the resource rich continent.

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    1. DING! DING! DING! Jeff, go to the head of the class! You’ve hit the nail squarely on its head. Many people are wondering why Obomber is sending military troops over to Africa to fight Ebola. What? They’re going to bomb Ebola into outer space, the next galaxy? You are so right! It is a cover in order to go in and just like the rest of the shit that’s raping the hell out of Africa, the U.S. wants its share of the prize. We can’t be fucking left out. The Chinese, the Russians, the English; every goddamn body else is over there taking what the hell they want and we just can’t have that! The U.S. has got to have its filthy, blood soaked paws in every country and continent’s cookie jar, stealing and absconding with everything it can by hook or by crook and goddamn it, we’ve got the military might to go in and get it done.

      And of course, the stupid military shits just do as they’re told. The poor wife with the kid is sitting somewhere moaning about the paltry amount of food stamps issued while the father is over in Africa “fighting Ebola!” We will NEVER fucking learn and more’s the goddamn pity!

      But I do thank you Jeff for that spot on comment!!! Hear! Hear!


  3. When the corporate media spins out on a single topic like this, there’s usually more going on that meets the eye. It turns out only 30% of the 2,500 patients who allegedly died of ebola in west Africa, tested seropositive for the ebola virus. The others may have died from malaria, typhoid or meningitivis, which are also endemic in west Africa.

    It’s also interesting that maybe a handful of the 4,000 troops Obama is sending into west Africa have training or experience in public health. And that all the countries he’s target have untapped oil resources: http://www.globalresearch.ca/obamas-war-on-ebola-or-war-for-oil-sending-3000-troops-to-african-ebola-areas-that-happen-to-export-oil-to-china/5406142

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    1. Exactly, Dr. Bramhall! Didn’t I say that I was not fucking scared of getting Ebola when I published my first post about Ebola in the form of a poem, “Ebola, Ebola, Ebola!”

      A deluge of shit has been pouring over us to make sure that we don’t concentrate on any SINGLE or ONE event because shit’s been pouring from everywhere. We’ve had no time to keep track of what happened to MH370, the Malaysian international passenger flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. We have yet to hear from the U.S. government just what the hell showed up on satellite images of what happened to Malaysian flight 17 and who shot it down or just what the fuck happened! But I’ve heard nothing further from U.S. officials about anything regarding what precipitated that tragedy. Next up, the beheadings by ISIS aka IS aka ISIL aka the Khorasan Group aka al-Qaeda aka al-Nusra Front aka Jabhat al-Nusra aka The Backyard Barbeque Gang aka Beheaders Anonymous aka insert the next terror group name here—>__________.

      And now, we come to Ebola! Oh, get ‘terror’fied over Ebola everyone! It’s in the U.S. It’s in France. It’s in Spain. It’s in England. It’ll be in Antarctica next. But don’t settle down yet, even with that heaping helping of outrageous shit stirring taking place. Hold onto your hats because something else will be coming down the pike soon. The distractions just keep on piling up! And don’t forget, next month, we’re to head to the polls and vote for Bitch No. 1 or Bitch No. 2 because no matter which side we vote for, we’re getting a goddamn dog! So, what’s the goddamn point? I’m sitting this shit out because I am sick and tired of holding my nose and pretending that I am voting for the lesser of two evils when they’re both fucking neck and neck and up to their necks in filth, depravity, war crimes, hypocrisy, corruption and greed. Fuck that shit!

      Oh and thank you for your comment and for posting the link Dr. Bramhall. It was extremely relevant and informative!


  4. LOL! Dr. Bramhall, I saw that on another blog. And I posted a comment stating that, “I am already in line to get my Ebola vaccine or maybe I’m in the line to get the Apple iPhone 6th generation EVERYTHING. I’ll find out which line I’m in when I get to the head of it!” LMAO!!! Yep, I’m in line!!!

    If this shit ain’t ridiculous!!! I swear, I don’t even know what to take seriously anymore, I fucking don’t! Gotta have a sense of humor these days and that’s for damn sure!

    Thanks for posting the link Dr. Bramhall. It was funny!


  5. “I didn’t mean to imply that you wished ebola on people that really wasn’t my intention.”

    Oh Dom, bless your heart! Think nothing of it. I just know that what I say can seem as though I am uncaring but what really bothers me is the fact that we Americans have been cocooned from the real suffering that has been ‘visited’ on other people, the world over due to our never ending minding of their business. To the detriment of the health of this planet and its people, our war machine must carry on and I think that if we were to really know what it is like to not be the ‘exceptional’ ones which in fact we are because in terms of our country getting continuously bombed to smithereens, we have been ‘exceptionally’ blessed that that hasn’t happened while we’ve been doing the bombing in other peoples’ countries. We sit complacently by, sipping our Starbucks coffee and chatting about our portfolios while fucking other people up and the fucking up of those people forever remain distant from us and therefore, many of us can find no common ground with them because we don’t feel as though we are like them. Like I’ve already stated, we are cocooned. And nothing must ever get in and wreck our goddamn day. As usual, I use this venue to blow off steam over so many issues and for so many reasons.

    I know how caring and thoughtful and kind you are and you have dared to step in here many times when others feared to tread and I thank you for your continued support because I know only too well that I am quite difficult to take and quite a handful.

    Again, thank you for being you! You have a big heart and a beautiful soul!



  6. The thing that gets me is how completely uncaring American people are about the thousands of people who’ve actually died or been infected with Ebola in Liberia, Sierra Leon, and Guinea. They only start to care when somebody comes to Dallas, and what’s worse, one of the first things they start talking about is HOW THEY CAN PROSECUTE THE GUY WHILE HE’S ON HIS FUCKING DEATH BED!! Like Omg the man is dying and people are all, “Oh how dare this man have the nerve to be sick, and then be sick in this wonderful exceptional freedom-loving democracy melting pot of immigrants, etc. etc. He must have done it on purpose. Let’s punish him to the full extent of the law.” As if he wanted to have ebola, or as if this sort of talk was necessary when the poor guy is clearly about to die. America has absolutely no shame.


    1. Exactly Caleb! And that is why I do not hold back when I write about this useless ass shit over here that is found underneath a squashed bug on the sidewalk. Nothing had better dare to cause a ripple in our perfect little selfish, self-centered, self-serving world. Everything is all about us and some sick man should have known better than to come to America to be sick and breathe his last breath. Just who the hell did he think he was? And how dare someone let him enter the golden gates of America bringing his plague, his infectious disease. For god’s sakes, he had the cooties and should never have been allowed near us ‘exceptional’ Americans! I am outraged, I tell you!

      Yes, Americans have NO shame. Never had any and never will have any, bunch of useless, nasty ass hypocrites and I have no problem calling it like I see it. This shit in America is so vile and depraved, it is rotting from within. No one has to ‘bring’ anything here as pestilence is already here, it’s called, Americans.

      Thank you for that great comment Caleb. Good to see you!

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      1. Tell us how you really feel (-= lol and I notice how imperialists have a habit of accusing other people of what they have done themselves. After all, European-Americans brought too many diseases to just about every part of the world they’ve ever been to, like small pox to the indigenous peoples of the Americas, often times even on purpose like putting smallpox in blankets. What kind of sick shit is that?! Diseased brains I tell ya.


  7. Again Caleb, you are spot on! Yeah, those smallpox blankets are just conveniently forgotten, not to mention the fact that slavery should just be overlooked because what’s a little whipping and lashing and raping and maiming and killing and subjugating because after all, if it hadn’t been for those nice African chiefs just handing over those slaves and then having the forethought to construct boats and actually row the slaves over to America while the whites just stood on the shores of America and shook hands with the African chiefs who rowed the slaves over here and thanked them kindly for doing so, why how else would the slaves have gotten to America?

    What a load of horseshit this country has always been about. People talk of the ‘watered down’ version of history? Watered down? Fuck! Most of it never even found its way into a history book to even look cross-eyed at getting watered down. The only thing I fucking remember reading is how George Washington crossed the Delaware and Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer practicing in Illinois and somehow a civil war was fought because of the south wanting to secede from the union. I never read a goddamn thing about slaves and how they came to be in America and how the Indians were given smallpox blankets, and systematically killed off, thus reducing their numbers to the present day, 45 or so.

    The Indians have been all but completely wiped out and the focus has been on Black people. Shoot us, incarcerate us, do experiments on us(Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment)and every goddamn thing else to us, but just get rid of us ’cause we came here WILLINGLY, did we not? My ancestors did NOT fucking immigrate here, get off at Ellis Island, smile and get welcomed to America. They were fucking dragged here and don’t you stupid motherfuckers forget it!

    Uh…Caleb, that last paragraph wasn’t meant for you. I want to thank you for your comment. You know how ‘worked up’ I get! And I guess you say, “that’s a goddamn understatement if ever I’ve heard one!” LOL! But hey! I got reasons aplenty! Thanks Caleb!


  8. Thanks, Shelby for checking out my blog!

    We all ARE tired of reading about ebola but it took a long time before American and the West woke up to the danger that what goes around does eventually come around, if you’ll pardon me. Most Africans believe it’s a virus – like HIV/Aids – that grew out of a bottle in a laboratory but when they finally realized this thing is headed back where it came from, then the running around started.

    But then, again,we must not forget the rudderless leadership that plagues the continent and how this plays into the hands of those that are ever ready to feast off her.


    1. Emotanglobal, it is I who thank you for stopping by.

      Maybe, I shouldn’t have said that “I’m Tired Of Hearing About Ebola!” Because I am pretty sure that those poor souls in Africa did NOT want to get Ebola and suffer so. And I most certainly wouldn’t rule out that this strain of Ebola came from a lab funded by the Americanos, nasty ass bunch of shits that Americans are. Africa has been a lab experiment for every goddamn country and nation on this planet and still is. Africa’s people have been stolen, enslaved, exploited and the riches of Africa are plundered, pillaged and the rape of Africa continues unabated. The Chinese are over there grabbing everything in sight as is the English, the Russians, every goddamn country wants a piece of Africa and that is why the U.S. has had no problem arming different factions and ‘rebels’ to shit stir and fuck up everybody’s goddamn day. Because if the leaders of the African nations are all on the take, it’s easy for the CIA to get weapons through and that AFRICOM bullshit is just that, bullshit! America isn’t trying to offer ‘humanitarian intervention’. That’s just some made up shit that sounds good but in reality is anything but.

      With all the civil wars that are ongoing in Africa, there is no doubt in my mind that much of that is instigated by foreigners. It is easier to grab and take when you’ve pitted people against one another by any means necessary to achieve an agenda. That shit will never leave Africa alone unless the leaders of Africa can somehow get past their egos and penchant for corruption, band together and get that foreign shit out of there. That’s the only hope for Africa. I came across this article and I’ve decided to post the link.


      So, I once again, thank you for checking out my blog and I will certainly continue to check out yours.

      Take care,


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